Best Free Machine Learning Online Course With Certification in 2024

Most of the services you use daily – whether the movie recommender on Netflix, or YouTube’s feed algorithm, or even Amazon’s suggestions – are powered by Machine Learning. 

Top Machine Learning and AI Courses Online

Modelled on how humans learn, Machine Learning is the process of teaching machines to learn from experience so that their performance improves over time. You’d have noticed your recommender systems improving over time – it’s because they work on data. The more data you feed, the more it learns, and the better the algorithm performs. As a result, Machine Learning has found a way into industries that need to profile consumers and deliver improved customer experiences. 

From machine learning comes concepts like neural networks and deep learning. These technologies are still very young. However, thanks to continual research and advances, innovators worldwide are leveraging new-age technologies to create pioneering solutions and products. 

Trending Machine Learning Skills

If you, too, are eager to experiment with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, you can join the machine learning bandwagon, thanks to easily accessible online ML courses.

The best part about machine learning online courses is that candidates from any educational or professional background can pursue them. Plus, certification courses boost your confidence and enhance your competency. 

The Best Machine Learning Free Online Courses 

1. upGrad – Free Machine Learning Courses with Certification

upGrad brings you upStart – a portal for you to access free courses amidst your busy professional or academic schedule. Here are some Machine Learning courses offered by upStart: 

Linear Regression – Step by Step Guide

This step-by-step guide course designed by upGrad is perfect for beginners and experienced professionals alike. Spanning over 21 hours, this course takes you through linear regression and teaches you all the nuances behind how one variable impacts the other in the machine learning environment. The course is designed in collaboration with industry experts who have been working on real-world Machine Learning problems and aims to give students a glimpse into the inner workings of Machine Learning concepts. 

Logistic Regression for Beginners

Logistic Regression is an integral part of Machine Learning, particularly for binary classification. This 17-hour course is perfect for beginners looking to get introduced to Machine Learning and binary classification technicalities. Many data science and machine learning experts worldwide recommend that beginners start their journey by understanding the nuances of Logistic Regression, which is what this course aims to do. After completing this 17-hour course, you’ll have much better clarity of different machine learning concepts. 

Unsupervised Learning: Clustering

Unsupervised Learning is a technique wherein you don’t require to supervise the machine learning model. The learning process, in this case, doesn’t happen in the presence of an observer, but it occurs through either clustering or classification. This course by upGrad focuses on the Clustering aspect of Unsupervised Learning. Clustering broadly involves segregating data based on the similarities between data instances. It involves an iterative process where you find cluster centres known as centroids and assign data points to them. In this 11-hour course, you will learn about clustering elements without any predefined labels. 

Best Machine Learning and AI Courses Online

2. California Institute of Technology – Learning from Data (Introductory Machine Learning Course)

Offered by CalTech, this MOOC is a fantastic online machine learning certification course. Taught by Yaser Abu-Mostafa, the course spans through 18+ lectures, ten weeks of assignments, and a final graded assessment for you to clear. 

This course is for you if you’re a beginner looking to build your machine learning career on top of a solid foundation. From theoretical concepts to practical application – this course has everything that a beginner would appreciate in a machine learning course. Further, you can track your learning and progress by participating in tests and performing different tasks. You also get an online forum where you can discuss your queries with peers. The course textbook is also available on Amazon for a nominal charge. 

The course is self-paced. Thus, depending on your availability and other commitments, you can go through the lectures and take the assessment at your convenience. 

Join the Machine Learning Online Course from the World’s top Universities – Masters, Executive Post Graduate Programs, and Advanced Certificate Program in ML & AI to fast-track your career.

3. Google – Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs

Google has developed a comprehensive learning platform to teach students various concepts around AI and machine learning. The interface, curriculum, and tests – everything about this platform is excellent. This machine learning crash course is also a part of one of their offerings. However, to get the most out of this course, you’ll need to have the basic (at least syntactical) knowledge of the Python programming language. 

This free machine learning course is 15 hours long and spans over 20 lessons and 30 practice tasks. Since Google offers the program – the company that’s heavily involved with machine learning – the tasks and case studies are as real as they get, curated and designed by researchers across Google. The major topics covered in this course include machine learning models, engineering machine learning systems, and practical applications of ML systems.

4. MIT – Deep Learning State of the Art

MIT has been one of the pioneers in offering fascinating lectures on topics revolving around machine learning. This course, delivered by Lex Fridman, lasts for 1.5 hours. It gives students an overview of where we are today as a society regarding deep learning research and advances. This lecture is a great place to start if you want to look into some of the more in-depth courses around deep learning and machine learning, such as Deep Learning for self-driving cars.

MIT’s open-source lectures are the ones that are taught on campus as well, and students enrolled on the physical classes can receive credits for completing them. However, the best part is that you don’t need to be an MIT student to gather this wealth of information. Just visit the website, enrol yourself for free, and get going!

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In Conclusion

Machine Learning is a fascinating domain. What’s even more astonishing is the pace at which ML is penetrating different sectors, resulting in innovations and new job roles. Not to forget, ML profiles promise high career growth and above-average salaries. Hence, both students and professionals from different backgrounds are eagerly switching to machine learning, AI, and data science careers.  

If you’re interested to learn more about machine learning, check out IIIT-B & upGrad’s Executive PG Program in Machine Learning & AI which is designed for working professionals and offers 450+ hours of rigorous training, 30+ case studies & assignments, IIIT-B Alumni status, 5+ practical hands-on capstone projects & job assistance with top firms.

You can also check our Machine Learning Program from IIT DelhiIIT Delhi is one the most prestigious institutions in India. With more the 500+ In-house faculty members which are the best in the subject matters.

We hope this article helped you find a starting point for your journey in machine learning. No matter which course you choose, make sure that you club your theoretical knowledge with practical problem-solving through real-world projects. 

If you have any questions regarding the courses listed above, or if you’d like to know more about Machine Learning courses and certifications – please let us know in the comments below!

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