17 Exciting Final Year Projects Ideas & Topics [2022]

The final year of a graduation course is one of the most crucial stages of your education and professional grooming. While the initial three years of science stream graduation courses like Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Computer Engineering (CE)/Computer Science (CS), Information Technolgy (IT), and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) focuses on theoretical aspects, in the final year, students get to put their theoretical knowledge to test. This is when students work on practical assignments and projects.

The main goal behind including final year projects in the course curriculum is to encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Working on final year projects allows students to couple their intellectual faculties with practical skills to solving real-world engineering and business problems.

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Students can choose their final year projects in specialized study areas to acquire comprehensive knowledge and build niche skills in that domain. Furthermore, while working on their final year projects, students get a more in-depth insight into real-world functional processes. The objectives of final year projects include:

  • To create a platform for students to demonstrate their practical competence.
  • To encourage students to apply their subject knowledge gained in the degree course.
  • To help students sharpen their intellectual qualities like creative thinking, analytical abilities, teamwork, and communication skills.

Final year projects are designed to help students to expand their creative abilities by building a new system from scratch. Also, these projects push students to develop their communication skills, both verbal and written. While verbal skills develop throughout the project development process when students engage in one-on-one interactions and discussion sessions with their supervisors, written skills develop through detailed report writing. These reports are pivotal to the final evaluation of each student. 

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The bottom line – final year projects prepare students for the professional world. After all, it is easier to catch potential employers’ eyes when your resume highlights your hands-on experiences and projects.  

But what exactly can you do with Python programming? And how does it help accomplish so many projects? Let’s find out before diving into learning college project ideas for college students and final-year engineering projects.

Python Programming to Create Interesting Things

Python, a high-level interpreted language, can support various computation processes through shorter codes. Its easy-to-use syntax and versatile layout make it very popular among developers. Python programming’s implementation has helped create many interesting final-year engineering projects for college students and diploma final year project topics. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Python for Machine Learning and AI

Python is a popular language among developers and data scientists used for creating Machine Learning and AI workflows. Instead of using programming languages with lengthy codes, data scientists prefer Python, which adds precision to ML projects. Thanks to its reliable and flexible nature, data science professionals use Python to develop ML and AI algorithms for deep learning college project ideas. 

  • Python for Web Development

Being an open-source language, Python is a go-to for developers to use throughout the web development process. Python allows extensive access to its vast framework and modules, equipped with relevant code bundles for different use cases. Python also extends various web development frameworks, including Django, Giotto, and Flask. Top companies like Facebook, Spotify, and Mozilla use Python. 

  • Python for Data Visualization

Modern organizations use data visualization to facilitate accurate data representation. Python libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, etc., are excellent tools for data visualization. The libraries contain different features and capabilities for visualizing descriptive data into a more comprehensible format for both tech and non-tech professionals.

  • Python for Programming Applications

Developers can use Python programming to create various software applications, both for mobile and desktop. From video, audio, or picture applications to blockchain apps, Python assists in creating GUIs and APIs for apps and reinforces them with a smooth functioning platform, strengthening practice for diploma final year project topics. 

  • Python for Finance

Python can assist data scientists in creating algorithms to find patterns and make predictions by leveraging the collected data. The quantitative and qualitative analysis in the finance sector can help organizations to make insightful decisions. Python libraries like Theano, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Pandas, etc., help data scientists in manifold ways.

If you are a final year student, this article is just what you need! Today, we’ll talk about a few final year project ideas that will make the choosing process much easier. So, let’s get right into it!

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Final Year Project Ideas Worth Trying

We’ve compiled a list of final year project ideas divided under Python projects, Data Science projects, and Machine Learning projects

Python Final Year Projects

1. Alarm clock

This beginner-level Python project is quite practical since almost everyone uses an alarm clock on a daily basis. The project is a CLI(Command Line Interface) application with a unique twist. Apart from the standard alarm clock features like clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer, this alarm clock has YouTube integration. You can include YouTube links in a text file and code the application to read the file. So, when you set a time for an alarm, the app will choose a random YouTube link stored in the text file and start playing the video.

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2. Address book

The address book project is a pretty simple GUI application wherein users can add multiple contact details, displaying them in a list format. Users can add and store contact details like name, contact number, and address. To add new contact information, a user needs to type the desired information in the text fields and click on the add button to add the record. They can also delete any contact record that they no longer need. The three core components for this Python final year project are,, and

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3. Currency converter

Another GUI application in the list, this project involves building a currency converter that can convert one currency’s value into another currency unit. For instance, you can convert the Indian rupee into dollar or pound and vice versa. The challenge that lies here is that the value of currencies fluctuates daily. However, you can solve this issue by importing an excel spreadsheet containing the updated currency values. To build this project, you must have the basic knowledge of python programming and the Pygame library.

4. Magic 8 ball

This is a super fun project for beginners. A Magic 8 ball is a spherical toy designed for fortune-telling and advice seeking. Just like a toy Magic 8 ball, this application will also provide answers to users’ questions. However, here, you have to allow the users to enter their question, display an “in-progress” message, and finally reveal the answer. For example, if a user asks, “what is my favorite color?” the answer could be the name of any random color or a simple “yes” or “no.” So, you will have to program at least 10 to 20 responses. Also, the app should have the option to let the users continue playing or quit the game. 

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5. Dice rolling simulator

The dice rolling simulator is a Python application that can imitate the functions of a physical rolling dice. It works something like this – when a user rolls the dice in the game, it will generate a random number between 1 to 6 and display the final answer. The user can roll the dice any number of times they want since the program has the option of rolling the dice repeatedly. Essentially, the dice rolling simulator should be able to pick and display a random number each time a user rolls the dice. 

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Data Science Final Year Projects

1. Gender and age detection system

The gender and age detection application is a popular Data Science final year project that helps strengthen your programming skills. For developing the gender and age detection project, you will need Python, Support Vector Machine, and Convolutional Neural Network. Fortunately, you’ll get plenty of datasets for training the model. As the name suggests, the application can predict an individual’s gender and age through image recognition. Thus, once you feed a person’s image into the model, it will display their gender and age. 

2. Emotion recognition software

In this project, you will develop an emotion recognition system with integrated audio input. It is a simple yet practical final year project for students to build their real-world skills. The components required for this project include Python, Support Vector Machine, RNN algorithm, and Convolutional Neural Network. You can use the Vox celebrity dataset having different voice samples for training the model, while the Librosa package can be used to extract and classify audio samples. It is an excellent application for people with a hearing impairment.

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3. Customer Segmentation system

Customer segmentation is a popular method used by brands to get a deeper insight into their target audience via unsupervised learning. Customer segmentation helps segment a brand’s target audience into different buyer personas according to factors like buying behavior, gender, age, location, income, interests, and preferences. The project uses the partition method to split the customers according to these attributes. Other requirements for the customer segmentation project are R, K-mean clustering, Density-based clustering, and Model-based clustering. 

4. Android chatbot

This is a general chatbot for the Android platform. It is designed to understand users’ queries and the intent behind them and provide relevant answers. So, when a user enters their question in the system, the bot will analyze the keywords and generate an appropriate response for the specific query. The chatbot can communicate with humans on a wide range of topics, including sports, health, education, entertainment, etc. Since chatbots are hugely popular now, this project is an excellent choice for final year students. 

5. Movie recommendation system

With online content platforms becoming more and more popular every day, thanks to personalized content suggestions, recommendation engines have become the latest trend in the digital domain. You can create a movie recommendation system using R and Collaborative Filtering. This project’s main goal is to study a user’s browsing and viewing history and recommend movies that match their interests. This final year project is an ideal choice for aspirants who wish to understand the mechanisms of recommendation engines. 

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6. Fraud app detection software

Both Apple Store and PlayStore are replete with fraudulent apps. Malicious apps can not only damage the phone’s normal functioning but also access and misuse sensitive data stored on the phone. Here, you’ll develop software that can process the information, comments, and user review of apps in Apple Store/PlayStore to determine whether or not it is a genuine app. The software can process multiple applications simultaneously. 

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Machine Learning Final Year Projects

1. Stock price prediction system

In this ML project, you will build a stock price predictor that can predict the future prices of stock. The best thing about working with stock market data is that it generally has short feedback cycles, making it easy for data analysts to use new market data to validate stock price predictions. However, stock market data tends to be very granular, varied, and volatile.

You can model this stock price predictor to perform simple calculations like predicting an organization’s six-month price movement based on fundamental indicators from its quarterly report. You can also model it to find and group similar stocks based on their price movements and identify periods when there are significant fluctuations in their prices.

2. Credit scoring system

The credit scoring system determines a user’s credit scoring using Big Data. This ML project combines social network analytics with mobile phone data to evaluate the credibility of users. Since it feeds on colossal amounts of financial data from across different countries and studies a comprehensive range of financial metrics (factors), the ML model features an enhanced decision-making process for determining the credit score. 

3. Online examination and evaluation system

In this ML project, you will build an application that will allow students to give their admission test online. According to the marks obtained in the test, the system will generate a list of colleges fit for a student. This application’s main aim is to offer a quick and hassle-free process of appearing for online exams and access the results almost immediately. The admission test conducted via this platform will have multiple-choice options, and built-in AI verifies the answers. 

4. Fitness activity recognition for smartphone

This ML project uses smartphone data, particularly fitness activity data captured through the phone’s inertial sensors. This fitness activity recognition project’s primary goal is to design a classification model that can identify human fitness activities like running, cycling, speedwalking, etc. If you choose this as one of your final year projects, it will help you understand how to build ML models for solving multi-classification problems.

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5. Handwritten digit classification system

This project is an excellent way to understand Deep Learning and how neural networks function. It is essentially based on image recognition. One of the best datasets for this project is the MNIST dataset because it is both varied and beginner-friendly. In this project, you will learn how to teach a machine (ML model) to understand and classify handwritten digits’ images as ten digits (0–9). The goal is to train the model to recognize numbers from disparate sources like bank cheques, images, emails, and anything else containing a numeric entry.

6. Personality prediction system

This ML project focuses on building an automated personality classification system using advanced ML algorithms and data mining techniques to extract user behavior and characteristics data and find meaningful patterns. It can classify and predict users’ personalities based on past classifications as well. The system studies the observed patterns stored in its vast database and predicts a new user’s personality based on similar patterns. This is a handy tool for brands that offer personalized products to customers based on their personalities.

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Wrapping up

All these projects will be excellent additions to your portfolio as they will showcase your real-world skills and hands-on experience to prospective employers. So, which of these will you choose as your final year project?

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