17 Exciting Final Year Projects Ideas & Topics [2022]

Undergraduate students are imparted with all the fundamental knowledge about their chosen course in the initial years of the course. The final year is the most decisive year for them. This is because the students have to work and submit a final-year project as a part of their curriculum.

The final year projects help students to implement their theoretical knowledge into practical use cases. These projects give them opportunities to enhance their logical, analytical, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and many other skills. Moreover, an in-depth understanding of the final year project can impress potential employers and thus facilitates students with exciting career opportunities.

 Let’s look at some exciting final year project ideas and topics for beginners to improve their skills and enhance their portfolios.

Top Final Year Projects Ideas & Topics 

1) Using data mining to analyze TV show popularity

It is one of the trendiest final year project ideas that students will find fascinating to work on. TV reality shows are currently quite demanding as many people opt to watch reality shows over daily soaps. This project will exhibit viewers’ opinions.

The students need to work on this project such that it can store viewers’ comments to rate the particular show. It is preferable to make Excel sheets containing the entries related to the viewer’s name, location, gender, and comment. The TV show’s popularity will be rated based on all the viewers’ comments.

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2) Personality prediction system for recruitment

This project involves a thorough analysis of candidates’ CVs. It helps recruiters easily choose candidates for the job. In this project, you need to create a database that will register candidates’ names, upload their CV, and allows them to apply for the job. If the candidates are selected, they can attend the relevant examination.

The project also involves creating an online test. After completing the online test, the candidates can check their scores. The recruiters can easily choose the candidates based on their exam scores, skills, and experience.

 3) Online content plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is unacceptable, and therefore, this one is one of the most useful final year project ideas. You can develop a plagiarism checker for working professionals and students to check their content before submission. The corresponding system detects plagiarism by checking each sentence. The initial stage of the project requires users to register. After the account is created, they can log into it, upload their documents, and check for plagiarism.

 4) Smart traffic management system

This project ensures a safe riding experience by minimizing traffic in the town. It also provides data about traffic violators. It uses IoT to implement a cutting-edge vehicle tracking system. This real-time system needs cameras and sensors to be mounted on all the roads.

Once properly mounted, they will sense the number of vehicles and also identify their driving patterns. Moreover, the relevant data is uploaded on the application. Consequently, it becomes easy to recognize clear roads and emergencies. If any traffic violation occurs, the camera captures the image, and the sensor detects the vehicle’s number plate.

5) Library management system

To work on this project, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of Java, MySQL, and Swing. It automates the library’s workings to maintain and administer the data via an automated system. You will have to create a system for admin and staff login. The project will check the number of books issued and returned by the user.

 6) Smart garage door

It serves as an efficient and easy way to open your doors. It uses IoT to develop a smart garage door. You will need a Raspberry Pi that can connect to the Internet. The project involves connecting the system’s output to the relay. The relay will display the outcome via the LED of the remote.

7) Movie ticket booking mechanism

You need to use Java fundamentals to work on this project. The Java program will include details of movies, timings, screens, seats, classes, etc. It involves a system that lets users choose a date for movie ticket booking. The users can choose seat class (Gold/Silver/Platinum) and seat numbers. 

8) Google search engine filter

It is one of the most prevalent final year projects because it provides the most relevant result to the user. It involves creating a search engine that offers necessary information according to the user’s query. The information is presented as a link that the users can choose. You need to create a search engine filter using Java and develop a ranking algorithm that provides the best-matched result to the users.

9) Online product review using data mining

This project uses a data mining algorithm to track customer reviews. The algorithm mines certain keywords specified in the comment with the keywords in the database. The website owners can understand the advantages and limitations of their products based on the customers’ reviews.

10) E-banking log system

This project aims to detect wrong transactions based on the user’s behavior and location. The system stores the user’s data and implements the Sequential Pattern Mining algorithm to test the user’s authentication. If an incorrect user is detected, the system will block it and send an OTP. If the entered OTP turns out to be incorrect consecutively two times, the user is blocked.

11) Workforce Payroll Management System

It is one of the most useful final year project topics for employers. Final-year students can work on this project to understand how employees are paid. The project involves managing all the employees’ payslips and salaries online. HR can add, modify, and delete any details of the employees. The system calculates the employers’ salary based on their leave, attendance, and other information.

12)  Fashion stylist website

This project helps users to communicate with fashion stylists by incorporating two modules -the user and the fashion stylist. You need to create a chatbox which will allow fashion stylists to make their profiles and demonstrate their portfolios on the system. The users can register themselves and check the profile of their preferred fashion stylists.

13) Facial emotion identification

This project uses neural networks to discern physiological gestures. It involves creating a huge set of data to be used for training purposes. An individual’s images are scanned and coordinated with the dataset to forecast the correct emotion and appropriate user feedback.

14) Website assessment using opinion mining

This project idea is one of the most valuable final year project topics for students willing to advance their careers in web development. It rates a website depending on the user’s review. It assesses a website based on aspects like the website’s genuineness, user-friendly interface, customer support, webpage load time, timely supply of products, and payment methods. The project first allows the users to comment on the website. Subsequently, it conducts mining on the keywords and ranks the website.

15) Customer-focused e-commerce platform

It can prove to be one of the fundamental python projects for final year students because e-commerce platforms are quite prevalent currently. The project focuses on providing improved customer service and strives to maintain a decent relationship between customers and companies.

It incorporates two modules, namely, the user and the admin. The admin can check order details, check sales records, and add products. The users need to register on the platform. If they are interested in any product, they can add it to the cart.

16) Crime Rate Prediction

This project creates a system that will detect crimes in the future. The admin needs to enter the existing crime data in the database. The project uses the K-means algorithm to cluster crime offenders, disintegrate crime groups, discern different crime patterns, and perform a statistical examination of crime data. Moreover, the algorithm will extract patterns and information from the database. The effective use of these methods will help you to predict crimes easily.

17) Electricity Bill Payment

This Java project is extensively used in everyday life. It is quite valuable for the electricity department as it automates the billing system. It is a type of mini project that simplifies the electricity bill payment system and minimizes existing irregularities. It maintains the bill records and also provides easy access to the system. So, it assists in decreasing the paperwork and reduces errors.


You can kick-start your career by working on such final year projects that will help you to realize your conceptual and theoretical knowledge in real-life use cases. These projects not only impart practical knowledge but also make your resume impressive in front of potential employers. Working on these projects makes you competent enough to work on more advanced projects that will further hone your skills and knowledge. So, work on any final year projects listed here and begin soon!

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Q1. Can you do a final year project during internships?

A. The final year projects are intended for beginners and students. You can work on them during the internship to submit them as a part of the curriculum and also obtain practical exposure. The internship organization may also provide a certificate confirming that you’ve worked there for the project.

Q2. What is included in the project proposal of a final year project?

A. Students need to submit the project proposal before they begin working on their final-year projects. The project proposal must include the key topic of the project, its application, its scope in the particular industry, and how the project helps them to advance in their career. Since the project proposal may get rejected, preparing 3-4 proposals that match your interest is recommended.

Q3. How does the final year project benefit students?

A. Here are the benefits students acquire by working on final-year projects. (i) Provides practical exposure to theoretical knowledge (ii) Boosts self-confidence (iii) Increases chances of job employment (iv) Improves industry-specific skills (v) Improves professional communication skills and other interpersonal skills

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