Ethical Hacking Certification Cost in India 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, staying updated with the latest developments and skills is imperative. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification is a benchmark for IT professionals in the industry. As the demand for ethical hackers increases, understanding the process of getting CEH certified in India, especially the costs, becomes crucial. This blog will cover the basics of CEH, its cost in India, and the overarching benefits of getting this certification.

Understanding the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification

The digital landscape is rife with vulnerabilities, making cybersecurity an undeniably crucial field. Given this situation, obtaining the CEH is not just a mere achievement; it’s a testament to an individual’s expertise and commitment to a safer digital future. Particularly in India, with its flourishing IT industry, there’s a focus on this ethical hacking certification in 2023.

  • Worldwide Recognition: The CEH is not limited by geographical boundaries; it’s a mark of excellence recognised globally.
  • Skill Validation: It solidifies a professional’s skills in identifying and neutralising potential cyber threats.
  • Career Amplifier: For IT professionals in cybersecurity, this certification can significantly boost career prospects and open doors to specialised roles.
  • Enhanced Earning Potential: Professionals with a CEH often command better salaries, acknowledging their specialised skills.
  • Future-Proofing: In an era where cyber threats are only set to grow, having CEH-certified professionals is an investment in a secure digital future.
  • Trust Builder: Organisations and clients are likelier to trust a professional whose skills have been validated by such a prestigious certification.976

Prerequisites for the CEH Examination

As the digital landscape evolves and threats grow more sophisticated, the need for certified professionals in the cybersecurity arena becomes paramount. If you’re contemplating becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker in 2023, it’s crucial to know the prerequisites. The CEH certification puts little emphasis on formal education. Still, it does ensure that all contenders are grounded with essential knowledge and experience, laying a robust foundation for the challenges ahead.

  • Educational Footing: There isn’t a binding educational criterion. However, a basic grasp of computer systems, networking, and security is indispensable.
  • Experiential Learning: A stint of at least two years in information security, networking, or system administration can position candidates well. This experience nurtures the practical skills crucial for the CEH curriculum.
  • Essential Formalities: Beyond knowledge and experience, there’s a requisite background verification. Also, having a valid email address is non-negotiable, serving as the primary mode of communication for all exam-related details.

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The CEH Certification Cost in India for 2023

Cybersecurity has surged to the forefront of tech vocations, and the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification serves as a golden feather in the cap for professionals. The CEH certification cost, especially in a booming tech hub like India, often becomes a determining factor for many aspirants charting their professional trajectory in cybersecurity for 2023.

  • CEH Exam Cost: The examination is the gateway to the certification. As of 2023, candidates aspiring to sit for the exam, pay the Certified Ethical Hacker exam cost of  INR 87,000 – INR 1,10,000, including the application fees. Although a primary cost, this fee is just one facet of the entire investment and includes the CEH practical exam cost.
  • CEH Training Cost: To ensure success in the exam, thorough training becomes indispensable. While self-study is an option, many opt for official training sessions to equip themselves better. They also sign up for training when they don’t have at least 2 years of work experience as per the CEH eligibility criteria.

The ethical hacking course fees vary and can range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 1,70,000, depending on the depth of coursework, mode of study and examination. The official training from EC Council includes course material, exam and re-test charges.

  • Re-take Fee: The journey to certification can sometimes require more than one attempt. For those needing a second shot at the CEH exam, there’s a re-take fee of INR 8,300 per attempt (limited to 4 such re-takes a year with a minimum gap of 14 days between tests). This ensures that candidates can reassess, prepare, and attempt the exam again without bearing the total exam cost.
Expense Type Cost (INR)
Exam Fee 87,000 – 1,10,000
Training Fee 1,50,000 – 1,70,000
Re-take Fee (per attempt) 8,300

Breakdown of CEH Examination Fees

Diving into the world of ethical hacking in India necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the cost structure for the CEH examination. Beyond the examination fee, several ancillary charges might form the total expense.

  • Primary Exam Fee: The foundational cost associated with the CEH exam is marked at  INR 79,000 – INR 1,00,000 . This component forms the core of the total examination expense.
  • Application Fee: To facilitate the administration and processing of your examination application, an additional charge of INR 8,300 is levied. 
  • Exam Voucher Extension Fee: The CEH exam voucher is valid for a year from the date of purchase. In case you are not willing to take the exam within this time frame, you can extend the voucher for 3 months (one-time only) by paying an additional INR 2,900. However, once expired, a voucher can’t be used. 
Fee Type Amount (INR)
Exam Fee 79,000 – 1,00,000
Application Fee 8,300
Exam Voucher Extension Fee 2,900

Investment in CEH Training Sessions

Preparation is half the battle won, and training sessions emerge as critical pillars in the domain of ethical hacking. In the vibrant tech landscape of India, the pricing spectrum for these sessions fluctuates based on several factors.

Depending on the institution, the course content’s intricacy, and the training’s duration, the Certified Ethical Hacker training cost can swing anywhere between INR 1,50,000 to INR 1,70,000. This range ensures there’s something for every aspirant, regardless of their budgetary constraints.

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Charges for Retaking the CEH Exam

Embarking on the journey to earn the CEH certification involves meticulous preparation. However, there can be instances where an aspirant might not clear the exam in the first attempt. While this does not reflect their potential, it emphasises the challenging nature of the examination. In such scenarios, knowledge about the financial aspects of retaking the exam is advantageous.

  • Reasons for a Re-take: Various factors can contribute to not clearing the exam initially. It could be due to unexpected questions, inadequate time management, or occasional nerves on the examination day. Having the option to re-take ensures aspirants get another chance to showcase their understanding and skills.
  • Re-take Costs: The CEH certification, acknowledging the exam’s complexities, provides candidates with an option to re-take it. For this provision, a fee of INR 8,300 per attempt (limited to 4 attempts in a year) is charged. Considering the high stakes and the value the certification adds to a professional’s credentials, it is considerable.
  • Strategic Re-attempt: While the cost of retaking the examination is nominal, candidates need to utilise the interim period judiciously. Engaging in targeted study sessions, addressing the sections where they previously underperformed, and taking mock tests can augment their chances of success in the subsequent attempt.

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Advantages of Acquiring a CEH Certification

Obtaining the CEH certification establishes professionals as credible and proficient ethical hackers. This globally recognised certification elevates an individual’s professional standing and imparts a deep-rooted understanding of cybersecurity, making them a valuable asset to their employers.

  • Professional Recognition: One of the chief benefits of the CEH certification is the professional credibility it bestows upon its holder. Certified individuals are viewed as experts in ethical hacking, having undergone rigorous training and evaluation to earn this title.
  • Enhanced Career Trajectory: The demand for ethical hackers continuously rises as cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated. Holding the CEH certification sets professionals apart, offering them preferential status in job applications, promotions, and career advancements. It acts as a gateway to specialised roles in cybersecurity.
  • Skillset Augmentation: The rigorous training associated with CEH certification ensures that candidates attain mastery in ethical hacking techniques. This comprehensive knowledge base equips them to anticipate, detect, and thwart potential cyber threats, making them invaluable to their organisations.
  • Financial Upside: With expertise comes better remuneration. CEH-certified professionals often command higher salaries compared to their non-certified peers. Their specialised skills are in high demand, and organisations are willing to compensate them generously for their expertise.
  • Global Applicability: The threats of the cyber world know no borders. The CEH certification, being globally acknowledged, ensures that its holders are recognised for their expertise, irrespective of their geographical location. This offers them opportunities to work on global projects and with international organisations.

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Strategies for CEH Certification Preparation

The journey to attaining the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, one of the most sought-after qualifications in the cybersecurity domain, is not easy. This examination evaluates an individual’s ethical hacking skills in depth and breadth, challenging their ability to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Thus, adopting effective strategies for CEH certification preparation can significantly affect the outcome. These strategies, combined with diligence and dedication, can help aspirants navigate the complex landscape of the examination.

  • Take Practice Exams: One of the most crucial steps in the preparation process is to immerse oneself in practice exams. These mock tests give candidates a sense of the examination format, type of questions, and time management strategies. By simulating the real exam environment, practice exams help identify areas of strength and those that need improvement. They also help in gauging the level of the ethical hacking certification exam, familiarising aspirants with the style and type of questions.
  • Engage in Study Groups: Collaborative learning is often underutilised but highly effective. Joining study groups allows aspirants to tap into diverse perspectives, thus enriching their understanding of complex topics. Such groups foster shared learning, with members elucidating doubts, exchanging resources, and discussing potential scenarios. This collaborative approach not only aids in solidifying concepts but also serves as a source of motivation during the taxing preparation period.
  • Leverage Online Resources: Today, you get a myriad of resources, from online forums to dedicated platforms offering in-depth courses. The possibilities are endless. By leveraging these online resources, candidates can access a vast knowledge repository complementing their primary study material. These resources provide up-to-date information, interactive sessions, and real-world scenarios that instil a practical understanding of ethical hacking skills.
  • Aim for Certification: While the journey might be strenuous, aspirants should keep their eyes on the prize: the CEH certification itself. It’s a testament to one’s knowledge and skills and a globally recognised validation that holds significant weight in the cybersecurity industry. The CEH certification can be a game-changer in a professional’s career, offering them a competitive edge and validating their ethical hacking skills in front of potential employers.

Preparing for the CEH certification exam is an exhaustive process that demands a strategic approach. By adopting these methods, aspirants can streamline their study routine, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the CEH curriculum. Theoretical knowledge, practical application, and unwavering determination pave the way to successfully acquiring the Certified Ethical Hacker certification.

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With its ever-increasing relevance, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is not just an emblem of distinction but also a reflection of one’s commitment to cybersecurity. Though variable, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification cost can be viewed as a worthy investment in one’s professional growth. This guide serves as a comprehensive overview of the CEH certification landscape in India for 2023. Remember, proper training and persistent preparation are the keys to mastering ethical hacking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CEH certification free?

The CEH certification is not free; specific costs like CEH practical exam costs and ethical hacking course fees are associated.

Can I get a Certified Ethical Hacker certification without experience?

While it's possible to attempt the CEH certification, it is highly recommended that candidates have a minimum of two years of experience in relevant fields for optimal preparation and understanding.

How many hours is CEH certification?

The CEH certification exam is structured to be approximately 4 hours long, testing candidates on various aspects of ethical hacking.

How long is the CEH certification valid?

Once obtained, the CEH certification remains valid for a period of three years, after which renewal is necessary.

Is CEH in high demand?

Indeed, the CEH certification is greatly sought after, especially considering the escalating cybersecurity threats in today's digital age.

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