Embedded Software Engineer Salary in India 2024: Freshers & Experienced

Embedded software engineering is one of the most crucial positions in the world today, especially in advancing global technological infrastructure. Every electronic and computerised gadget you use in your routine has software embedded in the system. The widespread popularity as well as the demand is the foremost reason for the increase in embedded software engineer salary. It thus has become a top career pick for most students in India.

The embedded system can be applied to several segments, such as– home appliances, vending machines, cameras, cell phones, and automobiles– to name a few. Keeping the ubiquitous presence of embedded engineers in mind, let’s now look at global data. It is estimated that the global market size of embedded systems is about to shoot up from 86.5 billion in 2020 to 116.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.1%! 

The rise of embedded software engineers is the future of IT; hence, many students would want to take advantage of the opportunity to become embedded system engineers. Now the question is, what is the future scope of this career, and what are the other parallels associated with it?

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This article will walk you through the essentials of embedded software engineers, future scope, and the salary system for both freshers and experienced engineers. 

What does Embedded Software Engineer Do?

Embedded software engineers control and operate several devices that are distinctive from traditional computers. They use software engineering tools on non-computer devices that further create the embedded system. Typical examples where embedded systems can be found are– aviation, electronics, medical science, automotive technology, and other things. By this, you can draw a bigger picture of embedded engineers and their significance in today’s world. 

However, understanding the role of an embedded system engineer is more challenging than one may have hoped. The engineers need to tailor the system as per the demand from the user end. It must meet the exact expectations so one can easily control and run the system independently.

With that said, a couple of skills and requirements are expected from every aspirant to inhibit in securing their career in their desired embedded engineering. Typically, the embedded system utilises skills such as C, C++, Windows CE, OSE, and many similar things. Let us further understand the expertise that should be handy while opting for embedded software engineering.

Skills required to become an Embedded Software Engineer

The expectation of skills and expertise from an embedded software engineer is relatively high but is plausible. Since they form the foundation of IT and are the backbone of most software, they need to be proficient in various technological areas. Their familiarity with programming languages, RTOS, and devices, make them stand out while working as a deciding factor for embedded software engineer salary in India.

Some of the basic level software engineering essentials that one has to be familiar with are:-

  • Programming languages, C++, and assembly. 
  • Operating systems based on LINUX
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • Instruction set architecture RICS-V
  • Debugging skills
  • Device drivers
  • Ability to work with the codebase
  • Fundamental knowledge of data structures
  • Understanding of device patterns and embedded system design patterns

And the list is countless. One important point to note is that these are entry-level or basic software skills that aspiring embedded software engineers must exhibit. 

Now, a few skills that are required from the embedded system engineers are-

  • General purpose input/output– GPIO
  • Nurses used for interfacing
  • Memory management
  • Protocols of communication
  • GNU project debugger
  • MATLAB programming language
  • Multiprocessor designing

Demanded Qualifications for Embedded Software Engineers

Inheriting the role of an embedded software engineer demands certain qualifications. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Bachelor’s Master’s, or PhD in computer science, embedded systems engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, robotics or any other relevant discipline.
  • Certifications such as CLED, PMP, CAP, SEMC and EIT.
  • Work experience with training, boot camps and internships.

Embedded Software Engineering Career Path: Salary

With the opportunities for embedded engineers expected to increase 25% more by 2031, it is advisable that candidates persistently work on honing their skills and demanded credentials through relevant certifications and work experience towards a higher embedded engineer salary.

Many reputed software companies, such as L&T, Bosch, and Valeo, are more susceptible to hiring embedded engineers with top-tier skills and good experience. The more skills and experience, the higher the embedded engineer salary. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore diverse factors on which embedded engineer salary in India heavily relies. 

Based on Location

Embedded software engineer salary heavily varies based on the location you are working in and its diverse living conditions. Here are some of the various Indian cities and their average salaries offered to embedded engineers. 

Location Average Annual Salary
Delhi INR 393,831
Bangalore INR 498,431
Mumbai INR 327,805
Hyderabad INR 551,653
Chennai INR 497,547
Coimbatore INR 475,000
Ahmedabad INR 294,791
Pune INR 564,138

Based on Skills

Specific embedded engineer skills are more prioritised in the industry over others. Here are a few of the skills and their offered salaries.

Skills Average Annual Salary
C Language INR 475,016
Software Development INR 485,077
C++ Programming Language INR 509,462
Linux INR 469,870
Embedded/ Real Time/ RTOS INR 495,887

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Based on Recruiters

Embedded software engineer salary in India significantly varies following a difference in recruiting companies. Here are the top industry-embedded software recruiters and their offered salaries. 

Top Recruiters Average Annual Salary
Texas Instruments INR 17,02,784
Ciena INR 14,67,376
NXP Semiconductors INR 12,00,000
Capgemini INR 685,844
Tata Consultancy Services INR 5,58,686
Knorr- Bremse INR 6,71,567
HCL Tech INR 5,92,319

Based on Roles and Responsibilities

With a degree in embedded systems engineering, candidates get to reap a multitude of dynamic opportunities. Let’s explore some of them and their offered embedded systems engineer salary in India.  

1. Embedded systems engineer

Roles: Their main job is to develop tests, design the system, and maintain the embedded system. They can fix any issues found in embedded systems and coordinate with product managers, senior engineers, and other teams.

Responsibilities: Monitor and maintain the system after development

  • Collaborate with customers or clients to create their desired product
  • Design and build the system
  • Testing and Debugging

Requirements: Experience in C and C++

  • Experience in the interface, IP, and hardware subsystem
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS 
  • Experience in troubleshooting ad microcontroller peripherals
  • Professional experience in embedded systems

Average salary in India: The average annual embedded systems engineer salary is INR 4.0 LPA. 

2. Embedded software engineer

Roles: The primary role of an embedded software engineer is to design and implement software in embedded devices and systems. The engineers also design, develop, code, test, and debug the system. They monitor and analyse the stability and efficiency of the system. 

Responsibilities: Test and Debug the system’s software 

  • Improve the system’s efficiency and stability after the development
  • Collaborate with customers or clients to create their desired product
  • Test and debug the system’s software

Requirements: Efficiency in C or C++, embedded C, Linux, and embedded software

Average salary in India: The average annual embedded system engineer salary is INR 4.5 LPA.

3. Embedded Applications Engineer

Roles: While embedded systems engineers prioritise the hardware part of any device, embedded applications engineers work on finessing embedded applications software within the system to ensure smooth functioning and a user-friendly framework.

Responsibilities: Utilising multiple programming languages

  • Emphasis on improving user interface design
  • Utilising embedded data services and web servers

Requirements: Understanding of multiple programming languages and software frameworks like .NET CF 

Average salary in India: The average annual embedded applications engineer salary in India is INR 4.0 LPA.

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4. Embedded Networking Engineer

Roles: As the name suggests, embedded networking engineers work on creating and improving network devices. Their work on devices such as routers, firewalls and switches has made them one of the most important types of embedded engineers. 

Responsibilities: Maintaining embedded networks within devices

  • Working with network processors 
  • Strengthening network security protocols

Requirements: Networking, analytics, firewalls and security, understanding of network layers and processors.

Average salary in India: The average annual salary of an embedded networking engineer is INR 3.3 LPA.

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5. Embedded Operating System Engineer

Roles: An embedded operating system engineer plays a significant role in improving embedded systems since the work role requires professionals to configure, test and deploy operating systems within embedded systems.

Responsibilities: Create, test and deploy device drivers

  • Working on OS board support packages
  • Improve overall performance by improving boot time

Requirements: Understanding of system management tools, OS security, and networking basics.

Average salary in India: The average annual for an embedded operating system engineer is around INR 4.8 LPA.

In-Demand Software Development Skills


Embedded software engineering, being one of the chief pillars of IT, has led it to enjoy a lucrative career across the globe. Obtaining the right credentials opens a doorway full of exceptional opportunities for candidates. While the figures mentioned above offer a glance at current salary packages offered to candidates, your skills and experience significantly impact the figure to either go up or down. 

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What are the skills needed for embedded software engineers?

Some common skills required for embedded engineers include– C, C++, microcontrollers, Linux operating systems, device drivers, microprocessors, RTOS, and many other things.

Is embedded software engineering a good job?

Embedded engineers usually receive a high salary package. The combination of skills and experience could land them a secured position in a well-known company. They also get flexible working hours and have the potential to impact the team significantly.

What is the difference between an embedded engineer and a software engineer?

Embedded engineers write codes for embedded software within various devices and know the systematics of hardware, whereas software engineers understand the hardware deeply on the basis on which it operates.

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