Top 5 Django Open Source Projects in 2023

Django is a high-level Python web framework that can be used to develop websites rapidly. It is an open-source platform that facilitates the development of secure, pragmatic sites with exact designs. Django helps you focus more on the creative and technical aspects of the development, as the framework’s expertise is in handling the basics.

This way, the development speed increases, and you will be able to finish Django open-source projects quicker than the average time. This article will show some Django open-source project ideas, which can help you get started and learn more about how to work with Django.

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Top Django Open Source Projects

1. Wagtail

It is an open-source content management system built on Django, it is highly focused on user experience, flexibility, and it offers designers and developers precise control. A strong community supports Wagtail.

Wagtail is being used by organisations like NASA, Google, Oxfam, the NHS, Mozilla, MIT, the Red Cross, Salesforce, NBC, BMW, and the US and UK governments. 

It features a fast and attractive interface for the authors. Wagtail is multi-site and multi-language ready, and it also provides the users with absolute control over front-end design and structure. It provides the users with excellent support for images and embedded content. Besides, it can scale to millions of pages and thousands of editors, and it also incorporates a powerful, integrated search, using elastic search or PostgreSQL.

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2. Ownphotos

It is a self-hosted alternative to Google Photos with a focus on cool graphs. Own photos development has now moved to LibrePhotos. It is built on Django with a React frontend.

The current version is docker ready and is designed to create custom albums, search photos by location, detect objects in photos, view photos on the map, and much more. You can manually label some faces and train the face classifier system to label the rest. It also allows you to generate event albums with fantastic titles automatically. The current version implements authentication using the JWT along with backend caching and an optimised frontend.

It utilises faced detection, face classification/clusterisation: scikit-learn, and reverse geocoding.

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3. PostHog

It is developer-friendly, open-source product analytics for developers. Posthog automates the collection of every event on the website or app without sending data to third parties. With a click, the user can deploy their own infrastructure, having full API/SQL access to the underlying data.

It features plugins to incorporate product usage data with other systems, like CRM or data lakes, flags to understand the impact of additional features before rolling them out on a broad scale, event-based analytics at a user level that capture product’s usage data to check which users are doing what in the application.

It provides product data visualisations such as graphs, user cohorts, user paths, funnels, dashboards, and retention tables. It gives users complete control over their data, and it can automatically capture clicks and page views to analyse what users are doing without pushing events manually.

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It also features session recordings to enable you to watch videos of your user’s behaviour, with privacy controls and ready-made libraries for Python, JS, Go, Android, Node, iOS, React Native, PHP, Flutter, API, Elixir+. Moreover, it can be easily deployed using Docker or Heroku.

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4. Cabot

It is an open-source self-hosted infrastructure that is an easily deployable monitoring platform that provides excellent services like PagerDuty, Pingdom, Nagios, and Server Density. 

It provides you with a web interface that monitors services and sends telephone, SMS, or hipchat/email alerts to the on-duty team if those services are hindered or go down. You can use the data to generate alerts instead of implementing and maintaining a whole new data collectors system.

The alerts can be based on:

  • Metrics from Graphite
  • Status code and response content of web endpoints
  • Jenkins build statuses

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5. Saleor Commerce

It is a speedily growing, high-performance, open-source e-commerce platform built on Python, GraphQL, Django, and ReactJS.

It incorporates SEO which is packed with features that get stores to a broader range of audiences. Cloud ensures the optimisation for deployments using Docker. The Geo-adaptive features provide automatic localised pricing, localised checkout experience by country, and over 20 local languages.

It is headless commerce with PWA that ensures end users can shop offline for better sales and shopping experiences. The GraphQL API ensures that you can access all the data from any web or mobile client using the latest technology. The UX and UI promise a user experience that rivals even the top commercial platforms. The payments are flexible and are of API architecture that allows integration of any patent methods. 

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With the rise in demand for software developers, several organisations are looking for capable individuals who can keep up with the present industry trends. And Django is definitely one of the most in-demand industry skills. You can grab this opportunity to develop a thriving career by expanding your Django knowledge and practical experience.

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We hope you found this article on Django open-source projects useful!

Why is Django so popular?

Secure, fast, and reliable are some of the commonly used terms that make Django popular. Furthermore, it works with data science and data analytics. Another reason why Django is a popular framework is how it maintains the right balance between rapid application development and enterprise features. Businesses, industries, and organisations, regardless of their size, use the Django framework due to its popularity, and its clean design. Django is the optimal solution for web development and is also the oldest framework that is built on Python. Therefore, you can work well with the Django framework if you are using serverless computing, and are working with cutting-edge technology.

How much knowledge of Python is required to learn Django?

As a fresher or an experienced professional, this question is bound to strike you especially if your interest lies in Django. Developers and beginners are looking to learn quickly, and create a framework as soon as they can. The lack of Python knowledge could take you on a tougher journey especially if you are learning Django. Several times the culprit of major issues in the application is Python. Thus, it is best to learn the basics of Python to at least get started with Django. Once you start learning Django, you can catch up with Python too. Once the problems start popping up, you will automatically gain hands-on practice on Django and Python.

Should I learn Django?

Django is a great option for individuals who wish to grasp the concepts of web development frameworks. Not only is this the best optimal choice for developers, but is also the most sought skill in the current industry. Job opportunities in Django are numerous and offer full-time positions to developers who have the necessary skill set. The average starting salary of a Django developer in India is INR 3,99,044/year. As one steps up, the salary increases. Moreover, there are plenty of freelancing opportunities that a skilled professional well-versed with Django can consider. If you have a grip on Python, then learning Django won’t be difficult.

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