Digital Marketing Prerequisites: How To Become a Digital Marketer?

The world was already going digital at a fast pace. The coronavirus pandemic made the transition to digital even faster. Digital marketing is one of the sectors that has the unique distinction of being positively affected by the pandemic. Businesses across various sectors are turning their focus to digital marketing in these unprecedented times. And, in doing so, they have realized the true potential of digital marketing.

It is also natural that a large number of youths are considering digital marketing as a career choice. But, becoming a digital marketer is easier said than done. There are no college courses, to say, that provide you with a degree or diploma in digital marketing.

You have to undertake digital marketing courses privately to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. There is an abundance of courses on the internet that provide certification and qualification for digital marketing. But, how do you choose the right one? Is a single course enough? What is the qualification for digital marketing?

What are the other digital marketing prerequisites? You might have asked yourself the same questions. In this blog, we provide you with an easy to understand digital marketing prerequisites guide that we hope will help answer your questions.

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Get the Necessary Education, to Begin With

As mentioned earlier, you can’t get a degree in digital marketing from a college. But, it is preferable if you complete at least your bachelor’s degree. There are no such prerequisites for digital marketing in terms of educational qualification.

But, according to us, a BBA degree will be the right choice. A BBA course will help you become aware of basic marketing concepts. This knowledge can help you grasp concepts related to digital marketing. As different digital marketing sounds and feels from traditional marketing, they both are the branches of the same tree.

Your end goal, as a marketer, whether tradition or digital, is to ensure that the products get the right exposure. Thus, it is recommended that you have prior marketing knowledge as a stepping qualification for digital marketing. This will ensure that you will quickly understand concepts in your digital marketing syllabus and promise you smooth sailing through the course. 

Learn digital marketing courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

Get a Micro-credential Certification

To begin your digital marketing academic journey, you can choose a micro-credential certification focusing on a particular niche in digital marketing. You can choose from multiple courses, such as the ones offered by upGrad.

Make Use of Your Social Network

The internet can become a very powerful tool, if used correctly, to progress professionally. To keep abreast of the latest in the world of digital marketing, you can connect with experienced professionals in the fields via LinkedIn.

Read their blog posts, check on their other activities, and have a conversation with them if possible. We also recommend that you attend their webinars, conferences, and interactive video sessions. This will help you gain immense invaluable knowledge that can benefit you as a digital marketer.

Another way to leverage the power of the internet is to connect with your friends and their colleagues in the digital marketing space so that you can keep yourself updated with new trends or job opportunities in the field.

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

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Get an Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate

The next qualification for digital marketing that you can pursue is an advanced certification. You can undertake a specialist course in SEO, SEM, or email marketing. An advanced certification course can help you gain advanced knowledge that can come useful while applying for a job, seeking a promotion, or if you’re looking for freelance opportunities.

You will be able to analyze the client’s digital marketing needs better and plan even better strategies that can help them get a better ROI. Your clients will keep returning to you, ensuring consistent growth professionally and financially.

Top reasons why digital marketing is important

Focus on the prospects who are likely to make a purchase

While marketing on TV, billboards, pamphlets, and so on. It becomes hard to figure out who has seen the ad; the measurability depends on limited factors such as the typical readership of a magazine, etc. 

But while doing digital marketing, the brand can directly aim at its target audience, and the advertisements can become highly specific to enhance engagement. One of the digital marketing prerequisites would be to do extensive market research.


The media of digital marketing is much more cost-effective as compared to other marketing channels. Digital marketing allows users to track down precisely what is working and not working. Moreover, the method of digital marketing gives control of where and when to spend the money. This eliminates unnecessary expenditure. One of the prerequisites for digital marketing would be to identify the channels where the target audience is highly active and strategise the channels accordingly.

Allows competing with the bigger brands

Those organisations which are small and are just starting out may find it difficult to compete with the bigger brands over the traditional channels and media. The more prominent brands might have the capital to invest in huge marketing, but small businesses don’t. Digital marketing can even out the playing field, as small businesses can leverage the technique for their maximum benefit. There are various prerequisites to learn digital marketing which people who are starting can avail benefit from.

Increase traffic

Digital marketing is both measurable and helps to increase website traffic. The analytics can, and the algorithms can be measured ensuring that the numbers are achieved that boost sales and lead generation. Moreover, the efforts taken in digital marketing help in driving traffic to the website, which again is helpful in sales and lead generation. The prerequisite for a digital marketing course would be to get acquainted with the standard terms and conditions before starting to venture into it.

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In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

Learn, Learn, and Learn

One of the most important prerequisites for becoming a digital marketing specialist is your passion and desire for the field. You can become one of the most successful professionals, irrespective of the field if you genuinely love what you do.

And, the same goes for digital marketing. Keep reading blogs, newsletters, journals, or watch thought leadership or tutorial videos on digital marketing to keep increasing your knowledge about digital marketing on your own. As we mentioned, there is no qualification for digital marketing, nor is there an academic course, yet digital marketing is a leading professional choice at the moment.

The field is only expected to grow. So, keep yourself well-informed about the latest happenings in the field by doing your own research and learning on your own.

Choosing the right course and qualification for digital marketing and having the right skills can mean the difference between being one among the many digital marketers in the market and becoming a digital marketing specialist. You decide!

Digital Marketing Free courses to Learn

Popular Digital Marketing Blogs

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What skills does a Digital Marketer need?

Digital marketing is now the most in-demand form of marketing, with every company wanting a piece of the pie. However, the number of skilled resources who know digital marketing is very few. This leads to a considerable gap since the demand is high, but the supply is low. Let us look at some of the critical skills for a Digital Marketer to possess. Website Development: Every company that either never had a website or had a poorly designed one now needs to revamp its website. All interaction with any business today starts with the website. Hence, even though they were trendy before, web developers are more in-demand than ever before.Paid Media Specialist: If you want your website to be viral, you need to advertise on popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, or Google. Paid Media Specialists are responsible for bringing traffic to a website through sponsored ads.
SEO: SEO is still a top paying skill for a Digital Marketer, with the number of searches that happen on Google having phenomenally increased.

Is a Digital Marketing certification worth it?

The value of Digital Marketing certifications fluctuates widely within the industry. One certificate may be well regarded, while another certification may not help you at all. The difference lies in the amount of work and studies it takes to achieve that specific certification.

Prior to signing up for a digital marketing certification program, make sure you answer these key questions:

What is the motivation for getting a digital marketing certification?

If becoming a certified Digital Marketer is one of your career goals, you should attain a Digital Marketing certification. Still, there is no guarantee your career will automatically advance with such a certification.

What is the cost to obtain the certification?

When considering a certification, consider if there is an annual membership fee, the courses required to take the certification exam, and re-certification requirements.

How long will the certification stay valid?

It is essential before getting a certification to know the validity period of the certificate. For example, Google requires re-certification after 12 months.

What is the value of a Digital Marketing certification?

Whether you have been working in the field of Digital Marketing for years or just starting out, a certification in the domain could well be just what you need to give your career a much-needed boost. While Digital Marketers are always in high demand, a Digital marketing certification certainly helps keep one up-to-date with all the latest trends in the industry. A Digital Marketing certification definitely makes one more employable. If you are looking to get a job in Digital Marketing, a certificate will surely help. If you are already working in the domain, it may help you secure a promotion. A Digital Marketing certification also teaches you some specific skills that help you grow as a Digital Marketer.

What are the job roles available in the field of digital marketing?

The job roles available in the field of digital marketing are Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Project Manager, Social Media Manager, SEO Specialist, and PPC Specialist.

What is the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager?

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is 6.5 lakhs per annum.

Which are the top companies who hire for digital marketing?

The top companies hiring for digital marketing are Uber, Flipkart, Amazon, Google, and Samsung.

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