Doctor of Business Administration Salary in India [For Various Job Roles]

If you are an experienced business professional looking to hone your leadership skills while simultaneously creating revolutionary business ideas and strategies, a Doctor of Business Administration can catapult your career to great heights.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is way more than a Ph.D. in Business Administration. DBA is not just enhancing academic knowledge through academic research; it is about applying the obtained knowledge in the real business world. If you are looking for DBA admission for 2022, please read further. 

What is a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)?

A DBA is a well-recognized professional doctorate in Business Administration and Management. It is the highest level of qualification you can pursue in the Business administration field.

A DBA program usually includes advanced management theory and practice with strategies and principles necessary to complete the research in Business and management. 

Who should pursue DBA?

DBA programs are best suited for business professionals and experienced executives with good experience in management and leadership roles. For example, if you want to become a strategist from a manager, this is the course for you. 

A Doctorate in Business Administration is best if:

  • The candidate is a senior-level manager and is willing to gain expertise to catapult to higher roles.
  • The candidate is an experienced professional who wants to hone practical skills to create new business strategies and models through research and analysis. 
  • The candidate has an MBA or other relevant degree and wishes to gain the highest possible degree in Business and Management. One of the reason why graduates pursue DBA after MBA is when they plan to become an academic. 

Reasons why you should pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration

  1. High Income: A DBA degree significantly increases the earning potential. A candidate with a DBA degree earns considerably more than an MBA graduate. The remuneration increases with experience and skills. 
  2. Widens the career horizon: DBA not only improves the salary but also makes a candidate eligible for more powerful and responsible positions in top companies. 
  3. A class apart: A DBA degree makes you a class apart and sets you aside from the rest. Unlike many other courses, DBA can be pursued only by experienced professionals with an MBA degree. So, a DBA degree highlights the candidates as experts in Business Administration and shows them as ambitious learners willing to excel in professional and personal growth. 
  4. Staying relevant and updated: In the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the world of technology has evolved drastically. So, staying updated with the new entries in the market becomes a challenge. One of the main reasons to take up DBA is that it familiarises candidates with modern skills and technologies. Online DBA programs offer you offer flexibility to manage your work and other commitments.  
  5. DBA is both a professional and academic degree: The main difference between DBA and other doctoral degrees is that DBA is both a professional and academic degree, unlike others. Most PG programs are academic-oriented and can be carried out as an individual only. DBA enables the candidates to apply their knowledge in management directly to their business ideas, thereby helping in their organizations’ growth. 

Job roles and responsibilities of Business Administration Manager

Typically, a business administration manager performs various roles, including planning, control, management, and leading in an organization. Other major positions include:

  • Finance management
  • Recruiting staff
  • Purchase
  • Public relationship
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Expenditure management
  • Marketing
  • Brand promotion
  • Conducting training programs and workshops
  • Organizing and participating in official events

A business administrator manages both the work being carried out and the results it may produce. Driving productivity and finance are their primary roles. 

Salary of Business Administrator in India

The average salary of a business administrator in India is ₹450,000  per year. An entry-level business administrator earns an average compensation of ₹274,999 per year, including tips and bonuses. An early-stage business administrator with experience between 1 to 4 years earns an average salary of  ₹375,000 per year. 

The salary of business administrators increases with experience and depends on the location and organization. 

Top job opportunities of DBA graduates

The DBA program provides expertise in business administration and management, so candidates with a DBA degree can easily assume top positions in renowned organizations. Some of the top DBA job opportunities are given below.

1. Management Analyst: Also known as management consultants, manage business administration and management expertise like cost reduction and revenue growth. They find their roles in various industries like military, government, medical, investment companies, etc. They work with other departments to improve efficiency and accuracy. They provide a budget forecast and future requirements to utilise funds optimally.

The average salary of a management analyst in India is ₹431,131 per year.

2. C level Executive: They are high-level executives who supervise an organization’s operations. They develop policies and strategies to ensure the organization stays in tune with its business objectives. They are responsible for analyzing and approving budgets and business models. 

The average salary of high-level executives in India is ₹3,460,649 per year.

3. Market research analyst: The primary responsibility of a market research analyst is to determine the type of product or services that appeal to the consumers. They analyze and study market conditions to predict how a product or service can perform. The role of a market analyst is in great demand in all industries.

Their other roles include:

  • Collection of data regarding consumers, competitors, and potential markets.
  • Presenting the researched data through reports, graphs, and models.
  • Understanding a business objective and creating surveys to discover potential consumers that adhere to the objective. 
  • Employing both modern and conventional methods to collect, compile, and study statistical data.

The average salary offered to a market analyst in India is ₹337,726 per year. 

4. Economist: An economist carries out research, identifies significant trends, and analyses data to understand the distribution of resources in society. They scrutinize economic indicators like gross domestic product (GDP) and consumer confidence surveys. They perform deep research on distribution, demand, availability, and accessibility of goods & services to explore potential trends and make future predictions.

The average salary of an economist in India is ₹771,341 per year.

5. Professor: This is one of the good roles in academics. According to various reports, the demand for the teaching profession has consistently been increasing for the past six years. A professor earns an average salary of ₹1,020,136 per year in India and is considered one of the respected professions in India. 


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