Data Structures and Algorithm Free Online Course with Certification [2022]


Preparing for a technical interview can be quite challenging. It would be best if you had a firm grasp on the basic concepts of Computer Science and related subjects while preparing for a technical interview.

One of the most popular topics in technical interviews is data structures and algorithms. Many students and professionals struggle with understanding this concept. That’s why we have launched this free course. It will help you in studying data structure and algorithm free and easy. 

What are Data Structures?

Data structures are methods of gathering and organizing data. Using data structures helps you in applying certain operations on your data effectively. We all know how beneficial it is to keep things organized. Having a designated location for everything helps you find that thing later, enabling you to save time and energy. 

A data structure helps your program similarly. It allows you to store and arrange data properly so you can use it through different operations. There are different types of data structures, and they all have certain advantages (and disadvantages). You should choose a data structure according to the requirements of your problem. The data structure should make your solution more efficient and less complicated when you implement it. 

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What is an Algorithm?

In layman terms, algorithms are a collection of steps you can use to solve a problem. You can say every algorithm is a solution. Another great simile for algorithms would be recipes.

Like a specific recipe helps you cook a particular dish with certain ingredients, an algorithm helps your machine solve a particular problem with a particular input. 

As algorithms are lists of steps, you can see why they are quite popular. When a chef creates a particular recipe for a dish, they can share it with others, and they would be able to cook the same dish by following that recipe. Similarly, you can use an algorithm to solve specific problems and share it with others who might want to fix that same issue.

An algorithm is not a complete program or code. You can express an algorithm through a flowchart or pseudocode. 

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Why Learn Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)?

There are many benefits to learning DSA. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why you should consider learning data structure and algorithms:


Do you ever wonder why the packages from tech giants such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft are so big? Why do they pay their engineers this high? That’s because they want candidates who can think out of the box and develop creative solutions for their enterprise. These engineers have to create unique algorithms to solve the highly complex these companies face. All of these companies have millions and billions of users. 

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That’s why a solution that benefits them by even 0.01% would make a huge difference. Learning and using algorithms will help you explore their applications as well. You can prepare yourself for these companies’ interviews by solving various problems using algorithms and data structures. You should know how to use different algorithms to fix various types of issues. 


What’s more comfortable, finding a book in a library or a pile of books with the same quantity as the library? 

It’s easier to find a book in a library because they are well-organized and arranged. You’ll have to spend a lot more time and energy to find the same book in a huge pile. Data structures benefit you the same way. They reduce the time and memory your program needs to complete a task. Algorithms help you similarly. Instead of writing multiple lines of code, you can implement an algorithm and get a result much quicker. 


Another significant advantage of data structures and algorithms offer they are scalable. This means if you expand the size of a problem, the solution would still remain the same, only the quantity of input and output would change. We can compare algorithms with recipes to explain this feature. 

Whether you have to prepare a cake for two guests or 200, the fundamental steps and proportions of ingredients would remain the same, only the quantity of ingredients would change. DSA works similarly. That’s why companies use them extensively. It’s another reason why tech giants rely heavily on DSA. They deal with vast quantities of users and servers, so scalability is a must-have for their solutions. 

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How to Learn Data Structures and Algorithm Free

If you want to nail a technical interview, you must be an expert in data structures and algorithms. However, it is quite a complicated topic to understand. To help you become a software professional, upGrad has released a free data structures and algorithm course. It will help you learn the basic concepts of this complicated section of Computer Science.

It is an 8-week course divided into the following six sections:

  • Arrays & Linked Lists
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Searching & Sorting Algorithms
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Assignment – Searching & Sorting Algorithms
  • Assignment – Stacks and Queues

This free course will allow you to learn the basics of DSA from leading industry experts through exclusive video lectures. Its cutting edge content and live classes will enable you to get rid of any doubts you have regarding data structures and algorithms. You’d only have to invest 30 minutes every day for a few weeks to master this complicated topic. You can register for this data structures and algorithm free course here

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What You’ll Learn in the Data Structures and Algorithm Free Course

These are the following topics you’ll get to study in this course:

Basics of Data Structures

You will understand the fundamentals of data structures, what they are, and how they work through Arrays and LinkedLists. They are the most basic types of data structures. After that, you’ll get to learn two other data structures, Stacks and Queues, later in the course to discover the various ways you can use data structures. Understanding the types of data structures and their differences are crucial to use them effectively in your projects. 

Fundamentals of Algorithms

This course will help you understand the world of the algorithms, what they are, how they work, and how you can use them. The course will teach you why algorithms are vital for programmers and how they are linked to performance. 

You’ll get to discover how you can use different algorithms for one purpose and how they differ from each other. We’ll use various algorithms to perform Searching and Sorting. 

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In the final segments of our free DSA course, you’ll have to complete two assignments. The first assignment is on Searching & Sorting Algorithms, and the second one is on Stacks and Queues. 

The assignments will help you test your knowledge and see how well you have understood the various concepts you learned in the course. Both of the assignments are well-tailored to help you test your knowledge in unique ways. They will allow you to identify your weak areas so you can strengthen them further. 

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Take the Free Data Structures and Algorithm Course

Interviewers love to ask questions about data structure and algorithms because this topic is quite advanced, and many candidates struggle in understanding the same. You must understand its basic concepts well if you want to crack a technical interview. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding DSA, feel free to let us know through the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

The upGrad’s data structure and algorithm free course will help you in learning these topics. You’ll get to know from industry experts through weekly live lectures. The study material is designed in such a way that understanding DSA will be a breeze for you. So register today and start your learning journey. You can register for this data structures and algorithm free course here

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What is the need to learn data structures and algorithms?

Data Structures and Algorithms increase your problem-solving skills. The same code that you used to write in multiple lines can be written in just a few lines using data structures and algorithms. They reduce the time and memory your program needs to complete a task.

DSA also provides scalability to your code. Unlike hard coding, it makes your code to be independent of the size of the input. This means that the same code can be run for different sizes of output.

How can the DSA course benefit me in my career?

Data structures and algorithms certified courses can not only enhance your knowledge but also add some weight to your resume. Data structures build a problem-solving ability and help you to develop a habit of approaching any problem using various approaches.

This course will help you build a strong foundation in fundamental concepts. After practising enough problems, you can move ahead with advanced data structures. DSA is the base to clear most of the technical interviews.

How should I practice more questions after taking this course?

After clearing your concepts from the course, you can start practising from the assignments given at the end. After solving the assignments, you can check out websites like GFG and other similar websites which provide tons of quality questions ranging from easy to medium and hard.

You can also participate in competitive programming platforms to test your concepts and do some challenging problems. Practice is the key to master data structures and algorithms and only in this way will you become confident in your problem-solving skills.

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