Top Data Science Bootcamp Courses for Beginners in 2024

Data science has emerged as one of the most thriving professional fields, indispensable in driving innovation and insight across industries. Given the surging demand for data scientists, the supply is minimal. This offers budding data enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to embark on a transformative journey into the world of data science.  

With many options available, selecting the ideal data science bootcamp course can be daunting. To ease your decision-making process and guide you toward the most promising opportunities, we have meticulously researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the most valued data science bootcamp courses —offline and online. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Science Bootcamp

Choosing a data science bootcamp isn’t a walk in the park. A good bootcamp covers all the aspects of this multi-disciplinary field, with a special focus on practical training and industry experience. Here are some key factors to consider while searching for the perfect bootcamp: 

  • Curriculum and course content

A comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of the job. Some key data curriculum topics to look for are fundamental concepts, the latest techniques, and tools. Additionally, Python for data science and machine learning bootcamp can greatly help learners. Remember, a well-designed curriculum not only aids the learner but also introduces them to the intricacies related to the field.

  • Teaching methods and learning experience

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to learning. Not everyone learns the same way, so choosing a course that caters to individual learning styles is vital. 

Look for bootcamps that grant a mixture of theoretical and practical approaches. This can include anything from projects to case studies. 

Additionally, check if the bootcamp provides exclusive industry tools and dataset access. Another important factor to look out for is the student-to-teacher ratio, which can be a turning factor in personalised learning.

  • Duration and schedule

Bootcamps can be lengthy or short, depending on the curriculum and timing. They can range anywhere from a few weeks to several months. If you are a working professional and wish to assign time according to your professional commitments, look for courses that cater to a flexible schedule. 

There are tons of online as well as part-time options available. On the other hand, if you’re looking for full-time and hands-on experience, you can go for a bootcamp data analyst comprehensive programme.

  • Cost and financial considerations

When it comes to cost, bootcamps differ in their syllabus and timings. The cost can vary depending on the availability and curriculum of the bootcamp. 

Identifying your budget and working out a bootcamp within your desired range is essential. You can look for important factors associated with the bootcamp, like tuition fees, additional expenses, potential financial aid, and scholarships institutions offer. Look out for placements and calculate your return on investment based on the course. 

  • Job placement and alumni network

The return on investment on bootcamps is vital for opting for a course that benefits you. For instance, you can start by researching the benefits of your bootcamp course, including placement rates.

Also, look out for the support team who may offer additional aid in securing a job after completing the programme. Research a strong alumni network and read all reviews before taking your pick.

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Best Data Science Bootcamp Courses for Beginners

As a beginner in data science, opting for the best data analytics bootcamp might be challenging, but the road after can benefit you immensely. Here are our top picks for the field of data science. 

Bootcamp 1: Data Science and Analytics Bootcamp

Overview and highlights – The bootcamp offered by upGrad introduces learners to various topics in data science that can jumpstart your career. Its courses are built on an in-class mentorship goal and can be accessed by students who are entirely new to data science. 

Curriculum and course content – Covers Python programming, statistics, and machine learning. Other areas of study include data visualisation, analysis, and documentation. The bootcamp focuses on MS Excel, data analysis, machine learning with Python, and data engineering.

Teaching methods and learning experience –  It offers an offline learning mode that anyone can access from the ease of their locations. The in-class programme ensures a swift and steady learning experience guided by industry experts. 

Duration and schedule – This course spans six months, which can be completed part-time thanks to the flexibility offered by the curriculum. 

Cost and financial considerations – The bootcamp can cost learners INR 70,000 monthly, excluding GST. One can pay using a range of options and can either choose a monthly or up-front payment.

Job placement and alumni network – The alumni network includes professionals working in companies like SpringBoard, including Facebook, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America. 

Bootcamp 2: Data Science Bootcamp by Thinkful

Overview and highlights – The Thinkful Data Science Bootcamp programme focuses on an immersive learning experience where learners can cover various topics. These range from statistics and programming to data cleaning, data visualisation, and machine learning. The bootcamp relies on a hands-on project and even aids students in building their portfolios. 

Curriculum and course content – The curriculum followed by Thinkful relies on industry fundamentals, including analytics and experimentation, and machine learning —both supervised and unsupervised learning.

Teaching methods and learning experience – The bootcamp curriculum can be accessed online. It relies on a one-to-one approach, allowing students to access learning individually. Students can also access office hours with Thinkful’s bootcamp. 

Duration and schedule – The duration of Thinkful is capped at six months. The course scheduling also varies depending on the part-time and full-time availability of the learner. Students usually spend around seventeen hours weekly based on their pick.

Cost and financial considerations – The programme costs INR 7,85,000 and can be paid upfront or monthly. They also employ mentors and guides from the industry and provide access to the community of learners.

Job placement and alumni network – The course offers unprecedented support in placement. The hiring partners at Thinkful include MAANG companies like Google and Amazon. Apart from this, other firms like WebFlow and Twitter also prefer Thinkful learners.

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Bootcamp 3: DevOps Engineer Bootcamp

Overview and highlights – upGrad’s DevOps Engineer Bootcamp offers a clear-cut advantage on the basics of automation and scripting, configuring and maintaining network infrastructure, and soft skills like communication and problem-solving. 

Curriculum and course content – The curriculum covers some of the topmost tools and technologies in the market, including Selenium, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, and Microsoft. Apart from this, it lays a foundation for cloud deployment and discusses data preparation and data cleansing. The curriculum covers 7 case studies, including 5 mini projects. It also covers 4 capstone projects that test the learner’s skills.

Teaching methods and learning experience – The teaching mode for this programme includes online classes. Learners can opt for live mentorship classes from trainers. 

Duration and schedule – upGrad’s bootcamp allows working professionals to choose a part-time study option. The duration of this programme is 4.5 months and consists of 76 hours of live instruction from industry experts.

Cost and financial considerations – The part-time bootcamp costs INR 59,500 per module. Apart from this, they also offer EMI options according to the tenure. 

Job placement and alumni network – The programme boasts a placement opportunity in top firms with salaries touching 12 LPA and an average hike of 44% in salary. Apart from this, the bootcamp also has connections with 650+ hiring partners globally.

Bootcamp 4: Hackwagon Academy’s Data Science Bootcamp

Overview and highlights – Hackwagon Academy is a data science bootcamp provider focusing on a dual learning process —theoretical and hands-on. The programme is designed for students looking for a short-term learning course. It covers various basic topics, including data wrangling, data visualisation, and deep learning.

Curriculum and course content – Hackwagon Academy relies on a full-fledged curriculum catering to data science and its complexities. This includes learning programming competencies, statistical modelling, and data visualisation. 

Teaching methods and learning experience – Hackwagon offers an in-person-only course that can be accessed anytime.

Duration and schedule – This course is seven weeks long, one of the shortest online courses available for learning data science.

Cost and financial considerations – The courses at Hackwagon Academy cost INR 2,07,000 and are available to learners worldwide. On completion, Singaporean citizens can claim a subsidy of up to 50% in this bootcamp. Individuals above 40 years of age can claim an additional 20%.

Job placement and alumni network – A graduate at Hackwagon can expect a placement from The Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore. Apart from this, the alumni network also runs strong in MAANG companies.

Bootcamp 5: Generative AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Overview and highlights – The Generative AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp offered by upGrad is an intensive programme designed to equip individuals with essential skill sets. It is an all-in-one bootcamp focusing on data analysis and applications, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks, and AI specialisation.

Curriculum and course content – The bootcamp is divided into multiple modules, covering important areas like data analysis and machine learning with a focus on AI.

Teaching methods and learning experience – The learning mode is online for this bootcamp. During the last phase of the bootcamp, learners get to try their hands on a capstone project. Apart from this, weekly case studies are conducted. 

Duration and schedule – upGrad offers a 110+ hours programme spread over a period of five months.

Cost and financial considerations – The data science bootcamp fees are fixed at INR 70,000, excluding GST. Interested learners can go on to the official website to enquire more.

Job placement and alumni network – upGrad graduates can expect placement in Twitch, Salesforce, Tesla, and Google and a 52% hike in salary from taking this course.

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When it comes to data, bootcamps can offer added advantages to one’s career. While choosing the right bootcamp can be overwhelming, the succeeding results can exceed satisfaction. Hence, it is important to research before opting for a bootcamp and a consequent career in data science. 

Remember to evaluate the options for a specific bootcamp – curriculum, budget, timeline, schedule, and scholarship. Additionally, beginners can find an alternative to their existing jobs and make a successful career switch to data science.


Which data science bootcamp is best suited for working professionals in 2024?

Predicting the best data science bootcamp can depend on technological and industrial advancements and one’s skills and techniques. The most common data science jobs are in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data computing, and cybersecurity.

How much can a data science beginner expect in terms of salary?

The annual average salary of a data scientist is INR 9.3 LPA in India. Beginners can expect to earn INR 3.7 LPA while for experienced data scientists the figure can rise upto INR 25.1 LPA depending on the company, position and location.

Can I start my career transition towards data science at any age?

A career in data science is accessible to anyone with the interests and dedication required to advance in this field. Experienced professionals bring about an enriching blend of skills and techniques from previous tasks and projects that can benefit areas like business, research, and domain expertise.

Is there a data scientist bootcamp for beginners only?

Multiple data scientist bootcamps are available for beginners willing to take up a career opportunity in the said field. These beginner courses are termed ‘foundational’ or ‘introductory’ and aim to educate individuals with little to no experience in this field.

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