5 Best Data Engineering Courses & Certifications Online [2022]

Data Engineering is among the fastest-growing sectors in the past few years. Thanks to the large amounts of data we generate every day and the usefulness of this data, the demand for Data Engineering professionals has risen exponentially. The best way to enter this highly in-demand sector is by taking the required course. 

To help you in your pursuit, we have assorted the following list of the best data engineering courses you should look out for in 2022!

Best Data Engineering Courses Online

The best way to learn advanced skills like data engineering is through taking courses. Courses can help you understand the fundamental concepts as well as the advanced ones without hassle. They provide you with a structured curriculum that you can study at your own pace, facilitating your learning experience.

The following are the top data engineering courses online. You can pick any one of the following according to your interests and requirements:

1. PG Diploma in Data Science

In partnership with IIITB, our PG Diploma in Data Science program is an excellent way to enter the data engineering sector. It’s the first NASSCOM certified program, which ensures that you stand out from the crowd.

This course lets you choose from five unique specializations:

You can pick the Data Engineering specialization to customize your learning curriculum accordingly. This course teaches you some of the most in-demand skills including Predictive Analysis using Python, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Visualization.

With the Data Engineering specialization, you’ll get to learn about Time Series Analysis, Advanced Regression, Gesture Recognition, Neural Networks Assignment, and many more topics. This course covers various data science tools such as Excel, Python, and TensorFlow to give you the required professional skills. 

Apart from the custom curriculum, you get to try out skills on multiple industry projects with this course. The different projects help you explore your strengths and weaknesses so you can revise and measure your progress. Another great highlight of this course is that it only lasts for 12 months. This means you’ll be an industry-ready professional within a year after getting your degree. 

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Career Prospects

After completing this course, you can pursue data science and data engineering careers in various industries. You can apply for Decision Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Product Analyst, and many similar roles after you have completed this course. Certainly, it’s among the best data engineering courses to kickstart your career in this field. 

Minimum Eligibility

You should have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% or equivalent marks to be eligible for this course. One of the best things about this data engineering course is it doesn’t require you to have any coding experience. The course will teach you the necessary coding skills so you can enter the sector comfortably. 

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2. Master of Science in Data Science

You can get an M.Sc. in Data Science and learn all the required skills for this field. This is a globally recognized Masters from Liverpool John Moores University. The program lasts only for 20 months and after its completion, you’d have a Masters in Data Science. This program covers all the necessary programming languages and tools for data science, including Python, MongoDB, MS Excel, TensorFlow, Tableau, MySQL, Keras, etc. 

Apart from the necessary tools and languages, this course covers various topics you should know to become a data engineer. Some of those topics include Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, and Data Visualization among others. 

As this program is made for people pursuing a career in engineering, data science, sales, and IT, you’d benefit greatly from it. An amazing highlight of this program is it lets you learn digitally and without going anywhere. 

Career Prospects

After completing the Master of Science in Data Science course, you can apply for roles like Data Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, as well as plenty of data engineering roles. It’s among the top data engineering courses online for pursuing a career in this sector. 

Minimum Eligibility

You must have a Bachelor’s degree with 50% or equivalent marks to be eligible for this program. This course doesn’t require you to have any coding experience. So, if you didn’t learn any coding skills, you don’t need to worry as the course will cover all the topics and teach you the required skills. 

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3. Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics

If you want a globally-recognized certification in the data science sector, then our Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics is certainly the best option for you. 

You get a certificate from Michigan State University, which ranked 32nd among the USA’s top public universities. This course lasts for eight weeks and covers some of the most crucial aspects of data engineering, business management, and natural sciences. 

It makes you familiar with the essential data fundamentals and teaches you key analytical, statistical, and modeling tools such as Microsoft Access, R, and Tableau. This course helps you understand the recent industry trends such as how you can leverage geographical data from mobile and makes you familiar with the importance of customer lifetime value. If you want to enter the analytics field and want a globally-recognized certification, this is certainly the right choice for you. 

Career Prospects

After completing this course, you can apply for a Business Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Processor, and similar roles. 

Minimum Eligibility

There’s no entry barrier for this course. You can enroll in it right away and start your learning journey. 

4. PG Diploma in Software Development (Specialisation in Big Data)

Our PG Diploma in Software Development (Specialisation in Big Data) is a specialized course for those who want a career in Big Data. This course lasts only for 13 months and makes you job-ready for one of the sought-after skills in the tech sector. 

Big Data has become one of the most important fields for companies as the amount of data we generate has increased exponentially. The demand for Big Data professionals has risen substantially in the last few years and this course can help you take advantage of this opportunity. 

This course covers many crucial topics including Data processing, Real-time processing, Big Data Processing on the cloud, MapReduce, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, etc. Some of the prominent tools and programming languages you’ll learn about in this course are Java, Python, Git, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and AWS. 

To help you test your strengths and weaknesses, this course provides you with more than seven industry projects. You can work on those projects to apply what you learn and measure your progress. 

Career Prospects

After completing our PG Diploma in Software Development Specialisation in Big Data course, you can pursue various Big Data roles such as Big Data Engineer, Big Data Analyst, Software Developer, and Big Data Architect. 

Minimum Eligibility

You will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or more to be eligible for this course. This course doesn’t require you to have any coding experience as it teaches you all the necessary skills for becoming a full-fledged professional. 

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5. Business Analytics Certification Program

This is India’s best-selling program and has a 4.5/5 star rating from its reviewers. So you can understand how powerful and useful this course must be. Such reviews are proof that it’s among the top data engineering courses online. With our Business Analytics Certification Program, you can kickstart your career in the data engineering sector quickly and easily.

This course lasts for three months and makes you familiar with all the basics of business analytics. As it’s a completely online course, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing classes due to your schedule. You can complete this course at your own pace from the comfort of your home. 

This course teaches you Predictive Modeling, Business Problem Solving, Statistics and Optimisation, Exploratory Data Analysis, and many relevant subjects. After its completion, you’d be job-ready to enter the data science sector and garner the required experience to move forward.

You’d get to work on three industry projects during this course to test out your skills and measure your progress. upGrad offers to learn support to students through exclusive access to industry mentors to ensure your learning experience remains free of hassles. 

Career Prospects

After completing this course, you can apply for Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and leadership roles. 

Minimum Eligibility

You must have a Bachelor’s or Diploma graduate degree to be eligible for this course. 

Start Your Learning Journey Today!

You can pick any one of the above courses to start your learning journey. Feel free to check them out through the provided links. On the other hand, if you know someone who might be interested in this field, you can share this article with them! 

We hope that you found our collection of the top data engineering courses online helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please let us know through the comment section. We’d love to hear from you. 


When you are trying to build a career in data science, choosing the next right step can be difficult. There are several data science courses out there, which can complicate your decision-making process. So, evaluate your options by considering all the advantages and limitations before you dive in!

What are the skills necessary to be a data engineer?

These top 5 data engineering skills will get an astonishing data engineer out of you and will get you far ahead of others:
1. Data Warehousing - It is one of the core skills required for data engineering. It allows you to store large chunks of data for analysis. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are some of the popular tools for data warehousing.
2. Machine Learning - It is another important skill where we train the machines and models to predict the probability of future case scenarios by using the data provided to them.
3. Data Structures - If you know the basics of data structures, it would be a plus point for your resume. Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, and Graphs are the important data structures.
4.ETL Tools - Extract the data, transform it into a specific format, and load it into a data warehouse. This is what ETL denotes- Extract Transform Load.
5. Programming Language - You must pick a programming language in which you would code. There are many programming languages but Python is preferred the most.

What purpose do SQL and NoSQL fulfil for data engineering?

SQL and NoSQL are crucial for data engineering. SQL is the primary language used for relational databases where all the data sets are connected. On the other hand, NoSQL is a popular non-relational database that is vital for data engineers.

What is the role and responsibilities of a data engineer?

As every process and the growth of a company revolves around data, so the role of a data engineer becomes crucial here. The following are some of the major responsibilities expected from a data engineer:
1. The ultimate task of a data engineer is to make the raw data ready for further usage, analysis, and evaluation.
2. Being a vital player of the analysis team, data engineers are expected to carry out processes like analysing historical trends, understand the company’s requirements and develop algorithms that can transform the data and align them with the business objectives.
3. Apart from the technical tasks, a data engineer is also supposed to communicate well and have business-oriented insights to understand the requirements and goals of the organization.

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