Cost of Studying in Abroad for Indian Students: Tuition & Living Expenses in Foreign Countries


To understand the tuition and living expenses of Indian students studying abroad, we must examine how college fees have changed through the years. A report states that a four-year degree in a public institution can cost anywhere between 6,370 USD – 17,650 USD. On the other hand, a rise of 1.8% was seen in the year 2021-22, adding to the costs of pursuing education in foreign universities. 

Following the global economic oscillation, the fees and cost of living have significantly increased abroad, especially in the United States. The cost of studying abroad for Indian students primarily rests on the type of degree, institution and country in question. So, let’s explore these costs and their relevant influencing factors!

Factors Influencing the Cost of Studying Overseas 

1. Insurance

Medical insurance is a must for any student studying abroad and is an additional cost to be considered. Furthermore, this cost may vary according to the type of insurance and country.

2. Tuition fees

The tuition fees vary greatly depending on the country, the university and the course of the course. It ranges from a few hundred dollars for a course at a local college to tens of thousands of dollars for a top-tier university.

3. Living costs

Living costs are another major factor when considering the cost of studying abroad. Rent, food, travel and other day-to-day expenses can quickly and easily double or triple the cost of studying abroad.

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4. Visas and permits

Depending on the country and university you are considering, you may need to apply for a visa or permit to study there, and the cost of doing so can vary greatly.

5. Books and materials

The cost of books and materials can significantly differ depending on the university and course you’re taking. It can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

6. Travel

You should note the cost of flights, trains and other transportation to and from your destination.

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7. Miscellaneous expenses

There may be other miscellaneous expenses that you need to factor in, such as visa application fees, language tests, and cultural activities.

Cost of Studying in the United States of America

The US offers many educational opportunities, from traditional majors in business, engineering, and the sciences to more specialised programs like art and design. The cost of studying in USA for Indian students in rupees can range anywhere. With world-class universities, a thriving economy, and rich history and culture, the US is an ideal destination for students looking to further their education.

The US is a medley of cultures and backgrounds, exposing students to people and cultural experiences of different countries’ history, art, and culture. The US is also home to acclaimed research universities offering advanced study and research opportunities in medicine, engineering, and the sciences.

Finally, the US offers various financial aid options for international students. The country provides scholarships, grants, and loan programs to help students cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other educational fees. Students can participate in events, festivals, and other activities throughout the year. With the help of these financial aid programs, students can make their dreams of studying in the US a reality. 

Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program INR 37 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate Program – INR 30 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – INR 30 Lakhs+


Cost of Studying in the United Kingdom

As one of the most diverse European countries, the UK offers a wide range of universities and colleges that can accommodate students with different needs and interests. It also has some of the world’s most prestigious schools and universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, and the London School of Economics.

In the UK, courses are generally divided into a three-term academic year, with exams in the summer. Most courses are taught in English, although some universities may offer classes taught in other languages. The UK also provides some of Europe’s most affordable tuition fees, and scholarships are available for international students.

When studying in the UK, it is essential to research the type of visa you need. You may need to obtain a Tier 4 visa, which allows you to stay and study in the UK. Finally, familiarise yourself with the UK’s culture before you arrive. Get to know the local customs and learn some languages to help you integrate into British culture.

Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program – INR 25 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate ProgramINR 24 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – 26 Lakhs+


Cost of Studying in Canada

Canada is a great place to study. It offers a world-class education system, with universities ranking among the highest in the world. Canada also provides a secure and welcoming environment for students from around the world, with a diverse and multicultural population.

You can choose from various study options in Canada, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Depending on your academic background and interests, you can pursue a degree in various fields, including business, engineering, computer science, medicine, and more. 

Canada has several English-language universities, including the University of Toronto and McGill University in Montreal. There are also several French-language universities, such as Université de Montréal and Université Laval in Quebec. In addition to the education system, Canada offers various financial aid options for international students.

You may be eligible for financial aid depending on your academic qualifications. These include scholarships, grants, and loans. Many universities have career services that help you with placement, and the country has various immigration pathways for international graduates. Finally, Canada is a great place to live and work after graduation.

Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program INR 24.5 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate Program – INR 24 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – INR 7 Lakhs+


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Cost of Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia is an excellent way to experience a new culture, build connections worldwide, and gain valuable international work experience. The country offers various study options, from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to vocational education and training. 

Studying in Australia can give you the tools and skills you need to succeed in a global job market. You can choose from various courses in business, engineering, medicine, and information technology. Australia is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a unique experience.

You can explore the stunning landscapes, experience the vibrant culture, and meet people from worldwide. The cost of living is relatively low here, which is an attractive choice for international students. The strong economy and job market make it easier to find work after you graduate, and you can take advantage of Australia’s world-class healthcare and education systems.

If you’re interested in studying in Australia, you must consider the prerequisites. You can apply for a Student Visa and ensure you meet your chosen institution’s entry requirements. You’ll also need to budget for tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs.

Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program – INR 18 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate Program – INR 19 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – INR 16 Lakhs+


Cost of Studying in Russia

Russia is an excellent destination for international students looking to study abroad. As one of the world’s leading science and technology centres, Russia is home to numerous top-ranked universities and research centres. Russia offers some of the best universities in the world regarding quality and academic standards. 

Many of these universities offer highly specialised courses and programs tailored to the needs of international students. With its rich history and culture, Russia provides a unique educational experience you will surely remember. Russian universities offer a variety of educational programs, ranging from undergraduate and graduate degrees to PhDs and specialised courses. 

Programs are available in many fields, such as engineering, medicine, business, economics, and the humanities. The cost of studying in Russia is generally lower than in other countries, making it an attractive option for international students. Russia also offers a range of scholarships and grants that help you cover the cost of your studies. 

It is vital to note that most universities in Russia require international students to have a good command of the Russian language. Therefore, it is advised to take a Russian language course before applying to a Russian university.

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Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program INR 3.19 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate Program – INR 3.45 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – INR 3.70 Lakhs+


Cost of Studying in China

Several options are available if you want to study in China. Depending on your academic background and future goals, you can look at universities, language schools, or specialised technical schools. 

Many universities in China offer undergraduate and graduate courses in various disciplines, including engineering, business, computer science, and more. Language schools allow you to learn Chinese and gain cultural understanding. 

No matter your path, studying in China can provide you with invaluable experience and a chance to explore a fascinating and rapidly developing country. Technical schools offer specialised courses in engineering, architecture, and more. There are also internships and volunteer opportunities available in China.

Level of Study

  1. Undergraduate Program INR 9 Lakhs+
  2. Postgraduate Program – INR 10 Lakhs+
  3. PhD – INR 4 lakhs+



Considering the significance of a foreign degree, more Indian candidates are aiming to obtain education prowess from reputed universities abroad. As the number of Indian students studying abroad is increasing, we hope our informative list will further educate and encourage you to apply for the university of your dreams!

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Apart from the living expenses overseas, what other costs take up a considerable amount of money?

Other expenses that can take up a large portion of your budget when studying abroad include tuition and fees, insurance, travel and transportation, books and supplies, and miscellaneous expenses such as visa applications, visas, and international student fees.

What essential documents will I need to study abroad?

You will need a valid passport and visa or residence permit, depending on the country you are studying in. You may also need proof of admission to an educational institution and evidence of financial resources.

What courses are the most lucrative abroad?

Business and finance courses are some of the most lucrative courses abroad, with strong global demand for financial professionals, especially in major cities such as London and New York. Technology-related courses, such as computer science and engineering, are also highly lucrative due to the need for new and innovative solutions in the global marketplace.

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