Cost of Master’s in the UK for Indian Students: Learn in Details

For many Indian students, it is almost a dream to study abroad, especially if the destination is the United Kingdom, which is home to many prestigious universities like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Edinburgh University. Who does not want to have a degree from such a prestigious university? If it is your dream, you must remain hooked on this article.

While getting an offer from such prestigious universities in the United Kingdom is exciting, it is equally important to keep in mind the huge expenses that come with it. A degree is not just about the tuition fee; there are other expenses that need your careful consideration when applying for colleges in UK for international students. Students often end up confused about how to optimally allocate their funds, which ultimately leads to the wastage of a lot of money. 

If you’re going for a Masters in UK, this article will give you a vivid idea about the average tuition fee and living expenses in the United Kingdom if you are an Indian student. 

Tuition fee in the United Kingdom for Indian students

The tuition fee of colleges in UK for international students is on the higher side, although it depends on what course you choose. Factors like university location, ranking, and demand among global candidates prominently affect your living expenses. 

Usually, Masters in UK costs considerably more than a Bachelor’s. Professional degrees such as medicine and law tend to be more expensive when compared to other subjects. Subjects that come under humanities are typically on the lesser expensive side. 

A Masters in UK can cost between 8,97,912 INR (9,000 pounds) and 14,96,520 INR (15,000 pounds) in the United Kingdom. If you apply to more reputable UK universities, the average cost is bound to grow even further. There are other options for part-time master’s programmes that are less expensive yet offer the same credibility.

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Cost of living in the United Kingdom


Accommodation is the next thing one should remember while applying abroad for higher education. Students can opt for three types of accommodation. The first is university accommodation, the second is private apartments, and the last is homestays that will charge you daily. 

University accommodation varies depending on the university you choose and your location. Private accommodation is on the more expensive side. The average private accommodation can cost you around 11,97,216 INR (12,000 pounds) annually in the United Kingdom. The average cost of staying in local homestays is 4,988 INR  (50 pounds) per night. 

Travel expenses

It is known to the world that travelling around the United Kingdom is very easy because of its connectivity. The means of travelling in the UK are affordable too. Hence you will not have to worry about the costs. 

You can easily travel by buses, tubes, and trains if your travels are intracity. Intracity travel costs will cost you around 1,197 INR (12 pounds). Journeys via tube will cost you 498 INR (5 pounds). You will have to pay around 199 INR (2 pounds) if you want to travel via bus. 

UK student visa costs

The UK Student Visa fee is around 36,215 INR (363 pounds) when you apply outside the UK. Additionally, you might have to pay a healthcare surcharge that depends on the duration of your visa. 

Healthcare surcharge

Your exact payment for healthcare will depend on how long you are granted a visa. Your visa may be valid for a longer amount of time than your term of study or work. As a student, the cost of healthcare for a year (1-year visa) is 46,890 INR (470 pounds) per year. Therefore, you’d have to pay 93,781 (940 pounds) for a two-year visa. 

You can also apply for a visa for a part of a year. The length of your visa determines the amount you pay. If you are applying from outside the UK for a period of six months or less, you are not required to pay the healthcare surcharge.

You must pay half the annual healthcare surcharge if you submit an application from within the United Kingdom. This is 23,445 INR (235 pounds) for a student visa. 

If you need a visa for more than six months but less than a year, you will be required to pay the entire healthcare surcharge of a year, no matter where you apply from.

If you need a visa for more than a year, you will be required to pay an annual plus semi-annual healthcare surcharge, given the duration of your visa is within 18 months. If it is more than 18 months and within 24 months, you will be required to pay for the 2-year healthcare surcharge. 

Food costs

Food is a necessary component of your monthly cost of living in the UK. You can effectively control your food budget if you cook your own meals rather than going to expensive restaurants. Frequent eating out will undoubtedly increase your expenses and be costly.

Indian students in the UK have access to various Indian grocery stores that offer all the ingredients needed to prepare an Indian dinner. Indian students can effectively manage the cost of living in the UK as a result.

For meals and consumables, students are likely to spend between 17,958 to 24,942 INR (180 and 250 pounds). Here are some examples of typical food product costs in the United Kingdom:

One loaf of bread: 100 INR

1 litre of milk: 90 INR

One dozen of eggs: 195 INR

1 kg of local cheese: 600 INR

1 kg of apples: 180 INR

1 kg of bananas: 110 INR

One meal at affordable restaurants: 1,197 INR

Recreational activities

There is much more to college life than just coursework, reading, and exams. It is fun to engage in certain recreational pursuits in order to expand your social network, travel, and discover the people and culture of the land. As a result, while estimating living expenses for Indian students in the UK, you should add the cost of recreational activities.

Consider the prices for some of the most popular recreational choices.

A movie ticket: 1000 INR

Sports: 1995 INR

A concert ticket: 5,000-10,000 INR

An amusement park ticket: 4,000 INR

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Miscellaneous expenditure

Last but not least, miscellaneous expenses cover a wide range of things, including extracurricular activities, shopping, stationery, toiletries, household goods, and any extra purchases you might make. Please be aware that miscellaneous expenditure differs from person to person and entirely depends on your lifestyle.

You must therefore prepare properly. When attempting to set a fair budget for living in the UK, you are strongly advised to avoid expensive items and imported goods.

Look at a few of these expenses listed below:

Books and stationeries: 3,000 to 4,000 INR(30-40 pounds)

Shopping: 5,000 to 10,000 INR (50-100 pounds)

Toiletries: 2000 to 4000 INR (20-30 pounds)

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Living expenses in the UK are all about good planning and budgeting for Indian students. Keeping track of your costs and saving as much money as possible would undoubtedly benefit you. For international students, living and studying in the United Kingdom is a fantastic experience that teaches them how to live independently as well as handle expenses.

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Is living in the UK as an international student expensive?

International students' cost of living in the UK varies depending on a number of variables, including the place they choose to reside in, their lifestyle, how they arrange their budget, etc. In the UK, some places can be pricey, while others can be reasonably priced. So, making a good financial plan will benefit you in the UK.

How much does it cost to live in the United Kingdom as an international student?

The average cost of living in the UK for international students is between 89,791 to 1,29,698 INR (900 and 1300 pounds) per month. However, living expenses may vary based on the city, lifestyle, university, etc.

Is the United Kingdom safe for international students?

Sure, it is. The UK is unquestionably safe. Campuses also have 24/7 security, and universities have a department dedicated to student safety.


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