Content Writer Salary In India – A Comprehensive Guide to the Roles and Responsibilities of a Content Writer.


Businesses rely on well-crafted content to engage their target audience, develop brand awareness, and drive revenue in the digital age. Content writers are responsible for producing high-quality content that meets client requirements while also offering value to the audience. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the major roles and responsibilities of a content writer, how to become a content writer, as well as the skills required for success in the competitive content market.

Content writing is an emerging field that holds a pivotal place in digital marketing. With rising content writer salaries in India and promising opportunities, it is becoming a budding career option. Website content, blog posts, informative articles, or marketing material – all the information that you find on the web is written, drafted, or compiled by a content writer.

Content writers research industry-related topics, initiate ideation and produce well-structured drafts and crisp copies as per the client’s needs. Although content is usually created in a textual format, sometimes content writers may need to create graphics, images, and videos based on the clients’ needs. 

When it comes to specialization, a content writer is seldom industry-specific but rather format-specific, i.e., articles, blogs, white papers and case studies, presentations, ebooks, etc. No matter what niche or industry the project pertains to, a good content writer can always churn out valuable content backed by thorough research work and content writing experience. 

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Content Writer

As insinuated above, a content writer carries out extensive research on industry-related topics to find data relevant to the project in hand. Their job is to produce well-articulated copies that incorporate the client specifications (that can be branding and marketing, information sharing, or revenue generation) while creating value for the target audience. Since there barely is any technical gauge to analyze the quality of the content writer’s work, as a writer, you really need to create high-quality content that is ready for approval to get a lucrative content writer salary in India.

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Before we jump to details about content writing salary in India, let’s first understand what roles and responsibilities are fulfilled by a content writer. The principal commitments of a content writer are listed below:

  • Conducting in-depth industry-specific research 
  • Drafting crisp and meaningful textual content
  • Proofreading the work before submission


Conducting Extensive Industry Research: A content writer must first undertake extensive research on industry-related issues to develop appealing and helpful material. Extensive research fills knowledge gaps and provides useful insights for content creation.

One can never emphasize enough on the significance of research before content writing jobs for freshers. No matter what project, industry, or type of content it is, a content writer needs to carry out extensive research to grab ample information about the requirements before they can create a written piece for a client. Research helps bridge that knowledge gap and let the writer get ample information before commencing the writing work.

Understanding the relevant sources and techniques for using advanced search contributes to better research for the content. If your job involves writing content for a specific industry, you will have to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the industry at all times. Content writers with poor research skills can find it challenging to find a spot for them in the content arena. 

Drafting the Content

Writing Meaningful and Crisp Textual Content: With the research at hand, content writers must develop well-structured material. Creating a roadmap that incorporates the topic, relevant keywords, subheadings, and content structure serves as a foundation for an excellent content draft. A competent content writer has strong grammar, writing style, and vocabulary, which all contribute to interesting and effective content.

Content writers need to create a road map with all the available data while being mindful of the client’s inputs. Outlining the content with the topic, keywords, subheadings, and structure of the content helps instigate a great content draft. From perfect grammar to writing styles, vocabulary, and flair for writing, you need to incorporate all language elements and become a linguaphile to succeed in content writing. Since there are several types and formats in content writing, you need to understand each format’s nuances to do justice to each of your written pieces. 

Proofreading & Editing

A content writer’s tasks include proofreading and editing in addition to content generation. Before submitting the work, ensure that it is error-free and of excellent quality. Furthermore, content writers may be required to objectively analyze and edit the work of their colleagues, providing essential feedback to improve content correctness and effectiveness.

A content writer’s job does not end with content development, but it is equally significant to review your work before content delivery. Reviewing your own work or proofreading it before submission to the editor is one of the core responsibilities of a content writer. At the same time, you also might need to review or edit the work of your colleagues as an objective POV helps in spotting flaws.

The roles and responsibilities of a content writer do not end with content creation, but it sometimes also involves extended responsibilities such as:

  • Conducting basic keyword research using SEO tools
  • Publish the work using Content Management System
  • Add illustrations, graphics, and videos to support the content
  • Provide a valid source of information 
  • Promote content on social media handles
  • Coordinate with colleagues
  • Moderate forums and comments section

Additional Responsibilities

Basically, content writing jobs means written work syndicated to the niche content. Content writers may take on other obligations in addition to their basic roles, such as:

  1. Basic Keyword Research: Using SEO tools to uncover relevant keywords to optimize content for search engines and boost exposure.
  2. Content Management System (CMS): Using CMS capabilities to publish material across several platforms to reach a larger audience.
  3. Including Visual Elements: Improving material with pictures, graphics, and videos to reinforce the narrative and effectively engage readers.
  4. Providing trustworthy Sources: Citing trustworthy sources of information to back up assertions and maintain the content’s credibility.
  5. Social Media Promotion: Increasing visibility and reaching a larger audience by promoting material on social media channels.
  6. Collaborative Work: Coordinating with team members to guarantee a smooth workflow and content development.
  7. Forum and Comment Moderation: Monitoring and moderating forums and comment sections to foster meaningful discussions and respond to questions.

Types of Content Writing Jobs

As a content writer, you need to be a jack of all trades in content development. Knowing all types of content writing makes you competent as well as versatile in your job while mastering at least one art gives you an edge over mediocre candidates. Here we have listed a few content writing profiles: 

Web Content Writing

Writing landing pages designed for a specific set of audiences, the home page for a website, or the about us section is much different from generic content writing. With time and practice, you can master web content with high search engine performance and conversion.

Product Description Writing

Writing a product description for an eCommerce website demands special evocative skills. You need to put forward the details of a product articulately and expressively. When you write a product description, you try to convince the readers about the product and target search engines for a better search engine ranking for your client’s landing page. 

SEO Article Writing

Informative articles are written targeting specified short keywords, and long-tail keywords containing hyperlinks to the clients’ websites helps in link building. Usually, SEO articles come in a bulk requirement, and they can be pertaining to simply any keyword- be it a product, service, or location. 

Why Choose a Career in Content Writing?

If you have a flair for writing, unblemished grammar, and a passion for pursuing a career in the English language, writing is one of the most welcoming doors to push. Content writing as a career offers instant gratification, unlike the traditional writing occupations like authoring a book or writing and publishing research papers, among many others, with uncertain sought-after rewards. 

Content writing is not constrained in a particular workplace. While many employees allow their content writers to work remotely, there also are myriad freelance content writing opportunities available today. This brings the flexibility of place and time to this job profile. What’s more, research shows that content writing offers job satisfaction as high as 75%. The work environment for a content writer is conducive, and the ingenuity connected to content creation as a profile is highly fulfilling. This is one reason why folks with steady gigs are turning towards content writing in the pursuit of job satisfaction. 

Content writing is a creative job that demands a lot of originality, vision, and imagination to be able to design textual content, occasionally supported by graphics and illustrations as well. Aspiring candidates who do not want to enter a monotonous rut and get caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle find content writing very enticing.

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The job is engaging, exciting, and motivating, while gratifying content writer salary and escalating demand further makes this job lucrative. There is no denying that not everyone can become a successful content writer, there are certain skills and abilities that can indicate to a person to pursue a career in content writing. These are:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills, strong vocabulary, and flawless grammar.
  • Familiarity with writing styles and various forms of content writing.
  • Expertise in MS Office or an equivalent word processing application.
  • Acquaintance with search engines and their working.
  • Excellent general knowledge, strong cognition, and appetite for learning.

For candidates committed to this profession, popular skills for successful content writing are English Language, Blogging, Editing, Copywriting, and Content Management.


Parameters that Determine the Salary of a Content Writer in India

As in any other field of work, content writer salary also varies based on certain factors. Pay practices in India are still evolving in most domains, content writing is no exception. These factors not only determine what you can expect to get paid but also serve as negotiating points in a candidate’s job interview or performance review at the company you work for.

  • Years of experience
  • Skill and Expertise
  • SEO knowledge 
  • Communication and Writing skills
  • Location of your job
  • Employer company 
  • Job Description and Responsibilities


You can expect to begin your career in content writing and earn an average of ₹216,734 LPA that covers your basic salary, commissions, bonus, and overtime remuneration until you bag the least of 1 year of experience. With 1-4 years of experience, an average content writer salary in India is ₹293,818 LPA. The job gets easier with time as you develop a better flair for writing. This inevitably boosts your pay scale.

Writers with 5-9 years of industry experience earn  ₹415,877 LPA. For a senior-level experienced content writer in India, the industry-standard salary is ₹556,003 LPA which can be expected with 10-19 years of content writing experience. However, according to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a content writer in India is ₹324,000 LPA.


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A content writer’s job is multidimensional, requiring a combination of study, creativity, and attention to detail. material writers play a critical part in driving a brand’s success, from performing in-depth industry research to producing compelling material and editing meticulously. Furthermore, taking on additional tasks like SEO optimization and content promotion increases their value in the dynamic realm of content generation. Content writers can survive in this ever-changing business by polishing their abilities and staying up to date on industry trends.

If you are planning to pursue a career in content writing, keep in mind there is no better job selection criterion than a written assignment to test a content writer’s writing skills and capabilities. Almost all employees will expect the candidates to share previously written samples before they allot a sample assignment for choosing the right candidate for the post. Your sample assignment is expected to pass a plagiarism and grammar scan to ensure originality and credibility. Further, context, SEO aspects, and adherence to the guidelines also contribute towards sample selection. 

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What are the responsibilities of a content writer?

A content writer helps clients breathe life into their thoughts and ideas by creating pieces of content by including client ideas and specifications. The main roles and responsibilities of a content writer include: communicating with clients to understand their requirements, carrying out in-depth topic related research to create quality pieces of content that help in generating value for the target audience, crafting effective content based on the brief and information collected, proofreading and editing the copy before submission to rule out grammatical errors.

What are the skills required to pursue a career as a content writer in 2021?

In addition to possessing technical knowledge about the domain the writer wishes to specialize in, a writer should possess a strong command over the language, a flair for writing and editing, proof -reading skills, the writer should be able to think out of the box and produce interesting copies and should have strong communication skills.

How much salary can a content writer command?

The salary greatly varies based on various factors like the industry you work for and the experience you possess. Writers can command a higher salary as they climb the ladder. The approximate salary of an entry level content writer with less than 2 years of experience can command a salary of approximately Rs. 2,40,000 a year. Writers with 2-5 years of experience can command a salary of approximately Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000.

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