Top 6 Cloud Computing Online Courses & Certifications [For Students & Working Professionals]

The impact of cloud computing on industry and end-users would be difficult to overstate: many aspects of everyday life have been transformed by the omnipresence of software that runs on cloud networks. As a result, the market demand for online cloud computing courses has picked up in recent years. By leveraging cloud computing, start-ups and businesses can optimize costs and increase their offerings without purchasing and managing all the hardware and software.

Independent developers are empowered to launch globally-available apps and online services. Researchers can share and analyze data at scales once reserved only for highly-funded projects.

And internet users can quickly access software and storage to create, share, and store digital media in quantities that extend far beyond their devices’ computing capacity. This gives a boom to better products and services without any worries about the hardware requirements.

Despite the growing presence of cloud computing, its details remain obscure to many. What exactly is the cloud, how does one use it, and its benefits for businesses, developers, researchers, government, and students? The multiple courses are mostly made available by these multinational conglomerates who develop these platforms and several other teaching services.

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These courses provide a broad introduction to all aspects of cloud computing, including IaaS (Infrastructure as service), PaaS (Platform as Service), and SaaS (Software as service).

After that comes more advanced topics such as cloud security, networking, and storage and optimization. These find implementation in several web and application development projects that earlier had to be stalled due to inadequate equipment and systems. It requires consistent hard work throughout the course to master the subject and implement the concepts to solve real-life problems.

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Let’s look into some of the best online cloud computing courses.

Top Cloud Computing Courses

1. Certification in Cloud Computing (upGrad)

Another relevant course from upGrad for curious minds. The seven-month-long course takes off with fundamentals of the programming languages and basic tools needed throughout the entire duration. Then you move on to more cloud-related topics such as cloud infrastructure and services, virtualizations and deployment using the cloud, and end it with an in-depth study of micro-services and development and deployment of cloud-native applications.

With all this learning, you get a number of side projects and case studies for your keen mind to work on, with a hands-on approach and help from a group of veterans of the industry. The course’s major part is the month-long capstone project, made to test all your skills and gauge the industry’s requirements. This is one of the best online cloud computing courses in India. Online cloud computing courses are the best option if you don’t want to leave your job and pursue it.

Most modules in the course take a month or 2 to complete. With more than 400 hours of online content at your beck and call, you get comprehensive and rigorous training. What’s more? They help you with the resume using reviews and interview preparation through personalized mentoring and feedback. 

Also, many resources are made available to you curated according to the company, for your interview preparation. Upon completing the course, you are sure to land that dream job, or else they refund all the money.  Completing online cloud computing courses in India can also help you advance into a leadership role in your current organization.

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2. Principles of Cloud Computing (Microsoft)

If cloud computing seems quite daunting to you, this course might be a fit for you. Tailored for a beginner, this caters to all those who want to have a clear idea of the system’s basic architecture and operational core concepts.

This also serves as a sound course for students who do not yet have a clear idea of the sector’s demands and helps select which cloud deployment model is best for you. Being only for beginners, this course is a mere 2 hours long but can clear out all the misconceptions.

After you decide on the factors, other advanced cloud computing courses on the working of products such as Azure are a must. Covering up all the related modules can take up to 5 months with significant study and research. After all, this course is free.

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3. Introduction to AWS Solutions(Amazon Learning)

Most of the websites today make use of AWS for their daily operations and maintaining an excellent online presence, and even more, businesses, whether small or large, make use of AWS cloud solutions for their daily activities.

So this introductory course is like a stepping stone for you to get started with this product. This module is only 30 minutes, and there are more courses in the form of online lectures to follow after this to get a full understanding of working and core architecture.

Taught by experts who have firsthand experience in real-life problems in the system, you learn the little tricks that make it easier. This course is perfect for aspiring software developers and cloud architecture designers and is one of the best cloud computing courses to start your dive into this realm.

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4. Learning Cloud Computing- Core Concepts(LinkedIn Learning)

This is one of the best online cloud computing courses for beginners. The course introduces you to the different types of cloud services, including Saas, PaaS, and PaaS, with building up a deep understanding of the structure and functionality.

You begin to identify the data and applications necessary to move to the cloud and the importance of cloud security. Along with it comes the other basic concepts of the topic. And you also get a project to get your hands dirty. Taught by well-seasoned personnel, this is one of the best online cloud computing courses that can serve as a stepping stone in the ever-changing virtual world of cloud computing.

5. Understanding Cloud Fundamentals(LinkedIn Learning):

For those with a background in IT wishing to deepen their understanding of cloud computing, this is one of the best cloud computing courses and provides a strong foundation. Focusing primarily on general cloud principles, the path concludes by exploring services specific to both Azure and AWS.

This is a 12-hour long course that is taught by in house experts at LinkedIn; and start with fundamentals of cloud, including core concepts and public cloud platforms, and then head over to more advanced topics of security, cloud storage, and optimization and networking.

Finally, you start learning the basics of products like Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon AWS. At the end of the course, you get an official certificate from LinkedIn and also get to show it on your profile (that’s boost right there).

6. Google Cloud Training(Google certification and training)

Google Cloud Platform is one of the largest players in the cloud services market. The training regimen is rigorous and aims to get you to par with leading industry experts at the global level.

There are nine learning paths to choose from, giving you a lot of flexibility without forcing you to learn an entirely different topic. There are on-demand classes in the form of prerecorded video lectures as well as live scheduled classes.

Experts will teach you at Google, who will lead you through hands-on labs, and you’ll be able to test your skills with quizzes and games. The program is free of cost, and you’ll leave with an e-certificate of participation for attending and have the opportunity to earn brand new Google Cloud skill badges. All you need to do is take your time and study.


With this, we have covered the leading online cloud computing certification courses and their relevance in today’s job market. The world of technology is forever evolving. New software and products spring up every day to keep up with the demands of the modern man. Cloud technology can prove to be the deciding factor, especially when it comes to being the harbinger of changes.

Various online cloud computing courses are offered depends on the position of the learner and what he/she wants to get in. Most of these range from mere mobile apps to groundbreaking medical technologies and research. Cloud technologies offer various opportunities to businesses, independent developers, researchers, educators, and students.

By understanding the different services, models, benefits, and risks provided by the cloud, you can take the appropriate decision about how to take advantage of its offerings the best. This has helped big organizations grow bigger and small start-ups to scale and reach other avenues previously deemed impossible.

Almost every software developer or specialist has to come in contact with this technology and has to know about its capabilities. Its relevance can be felt now more than ever, and it is a skill worth learning. With hard work and commitment, you will be able to use this technology’s benefits and move up the corporate ladder and faster in your career.

It’s the perfect time to become a cloud computing professional. There’s surging demand in the industry, and companies are actively looking for experts in cloud computing solutions.

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Ques1. What is the scope and future of Cloud Computing?

Ans: The scope of Cloud Computing is bright. The trends in Cloud Computing have changed drastically over the past few years. The number of jobs, technologies, and research investments required to ascertain the future scope of the technology has increased. Cloud technologies are more versatile than ever. It helps businesses of all sizes and domains meet their requirements of infrastructure, software, and hardware. This allows industries to have more control over their data. The technology helps in providing better levels of security at each data centre. Cloud Computing is here to stay; it is both powerful and inspiring. The scope is enormous in terms of reachability, and it is bound to have a grand future.

Ques2. What are the Job levels and responsibilities in the Cloud Computing field?

Ans: There are several job levels and responsibilities to explore under Cloud Computing. You can be a Cloud Administrator, who is responsible for system configuration, maintenance, and provisioning as per the set parameters. A Cloud Developer is another role where developers take responsibilities most commonly associated with technicians, architects, engineers, or analysts. You can be a Cloud Engineer, a Cloud Architect, a Cloud Security Professional, Digital Skills Officer, or even a Chief Cloud Officer.

Ques3. Which industries benefit from Cloud Computing technology?

Ans: Cloud Computing is impacting every corner of the business world, including organisations of all sizes and industries. The Automotive sector relies heavily on the constant availability of data, and with the Cloud, they can store inventory and additional data in one easily-accessible location. Cloud is also proving to be an invaluable solution in the Education sector, where students can access the information they need all in one place, and teachers can distribute assignments with greater ease. The finance, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, production, real estate, and legal sectors, too, benefit from Cloud applications.

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