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3 Certifications That Can Get You a Job


In today’s time, getting a job is an uphill task. Every year lakhs of graduates search for decent jobs, especially in the government sector. It is a fact that jobs for freshers are not in abundance. To overcome this, many students end up doing some add-on or certification programs to face this competitive world. There are lots of benefits of certifications.

Undoubtedly, certification programs are an approach to improve your knowledge, mental self-view, and empower long-lasting learning. Certification perceives and archives your experience, information, education, and acts as an appraisal of your abilities.

Banking is the foundation of a country’s economy. There are various work openings in the banking area. Doing a banking certification course after graduation will aid you, to get the upper hand for an incredible learning experience in banking and to expertly dominate in your work.

The following are the top three certifications that can get you a job in the banking sector:-

1. Bank Credit Analysis Certification Course

The bank credit analysis course furnishes students with the vital abilities to perform quantitative analysis of monetary information to decide the reliability of a borrower. After completing this course, you will get an opportunity to work as a bank credit analyst. They play a vital role in any banking establishment.

Bank credit analysts are entrusted with surveying the reliability of likely borrowers to decide whether they create enough incomes to meet their monetary commitments. It implies that they should have the essential capabilities to play out their capacities productively. The duration of the course is 6 months.

This course will prove to be very helpful for first-time job seekers as it will add up to their existing qualifications. The course covers the following topics:-

  • Risk Assessment
  • Financial Ratios
  • Asset Investment
  • Capital Structure
  • Debt Financing

Most of the banks hiring bank credit analysts favor candidates with some extra qualifications so that they can handle the work more efficiently. Students can do a credit analysis certification to improve their employability and acquire a suitable job in a bank. Apart from credit analyst jobs, students can apply in commercial and investment banks as well.

The starting salary of a bank credit analyst is around 17 lakhs per annum; however, this amount varies from bank to bank.

2. Digital Marketing Course Certification

Digital Marketing is one of the emerging fields in recent times in all sectors, including the banking sector. Digital marketing refers to promoting through advanced channels, for example, web crawlers, sites, online media, email, and portable applications. Banks these days take the help of digital marketing to promote their banks, credit cards, and other schemes.

While surfing on Google, most of us must have encountered some bank advertisements. This is done by digital marketers hired by these banks. These are sales jobs, whose sole purpose is to increase sales of a bank, such as selling credit cards. The duration of the course is 8 months.

The digital marketing certification course includes the following topics:-

Many banks are very much active on social media. In order to keep pace with changing dimensions, the banks have recognized the importance of digital marketing as with the assistance of social media marketing analytics banks, can discover what is the pie-share, for various item/service types – credit cards, Mastercards, salary accounts, credits, and so forth. They are utilizing digital marketing to look over their customer’s requirements and fabricate new products and services. The starting salary of a digital marketing manager is around 8 lakhs per year.

3. Banking and Finance Certification Program

Before joining any bank, it is a prerequisite that one should have some basic knowledge of how a bank functions. The Banking and Finance certification will teach you all the nuances of the banking and finance sector. This course is more practical based than theory-based. The banking and finance courses assist you with acquiring a superior degree of knowledge and capability to perform work efficiently.

Likewise, note that the demand for banking and finance experts are not simply restricted to the banking and accounting industry. You can work with organizations that require finance experts to deal with their funds and other financial activities. You can choose an industry of your choice and join an organization as a finance expert. The duration of the certification is 6 months.

The module of this course is as follows:-

  • Indian Financial System
  • Banking Regulation
  • Retail Banking
  • Banker’s special relationship
  • Cash operations
  • Agricultural Finances and many other topics.

The duration of the course may vary, but the modules will remain the same. This course will aid to get a job in the banking sector easily. As a fresher, you can expect a salary of 12 lakhs per annum.

Good mentoring is essential to enhance knowledge and to get success in professional life. You can refer to upGrad courses if needed. They provide various courses at an affordable price and have interactive and live sessions to resolve any queries.


Banking jobs are considered the finest jobs in the government sector; that’s why students wish to get a job in the bank. Certifications act as a cherry on the cake. Certification gives you an edge over others. As we all know, there is huge competition in the job market. In order to outshine others, it has become obligatory to do some extra courses apart from your regular degree programs. A student turns the learner when he pursues any certification.

The above-mentioned certifications are simple, and anybody can do it who is seeking a job after completing his graduation. These courses are very much in demand in India and abroad. After doing the course, you will find a great deal of line of work openings in the banking sector, both public and private. You can check the courses offered by upGrad. You can visit their website to get more insights about the certifications.

Why is it important to get certifications?

Certifications are like credentials that help recognize and validate your expertise and knowledge. They are important for developing competencies in specific skills. When certifications are added to your resume, you automatically improve your employment prospects. The right certifications can offer you a competitive edge in front of employers. Moreover, you shape yourself as a more competent professional and help you stay on the job. Certifications help you advance your career, make you eligible for promotions, and establish your professional credibility. Moreover, you ensure that you remain relevant in a dynamic professional landscape. It helps drive your personal development too.

What is the Six Sigma Certification?

The Six Sigma Certification acts as a validation of your knowledge and expertise in a well-designed set of techniques and tools meant to improve business processes that exist in an organization. Professionals who are skilled in identifying errors, defects, and risks in a company process and resolving them are validated using this certification. The Six Sigma Certification comprises several levels in the form of the belt classification method that is used in karate training. Professionals with a certain level of experience can take this certification to prove their proficiency. It generally takes between one and three months to complete it.

Is it worth doing a certification in Business Analysis?

Certifications in Business Analysis can be worthy additions for success in the career of professionals who exercise good analytical and computational skills. It can help you immensely if you are searching for new jobs as a business analyst. Certifications are an excellent way to prove to your employer and potential employers that you are proficient as a business analyst and have the requisite competency to add value to their organization. It can also help you build professional networks. But most importantly, business analysis certifications can significantly boost your confidence and knowledge and also increase your earning potential. However, you need to pick the right certification that is most suitable for your professional growth.

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