Career Options In History: Top 5 Exciting Career Opportunities for History Students


Studying history lets you understand the past better and your relationship with it. History opens the door for deep understanding and lets you preserve the past for the future generation.

History provides you with a multitude of career platforms to make it an interesting one. A degree in history sharpens your transferable skills as it lets you choose different career options where you can make use of historical facts and information.

Some of those subjects are law, media & journalism, literary world, politics, social activism, and many other subjects that you can pursue apart from the deemed options. A student can choose from various alternatives after he/she pursues a graduate or a postgraduate degree in history.

Here Are Some Of The Career Options In History That You Can Opt

Let us now explore some of the career options in history and its pay scale in India that you can choose from after earning either a graduate or a postgraduate degree in history.

1. Historian

To focus on some of the specific areas of history and their specialisations, you can choose to become a historian. Historians play a crucial role in synthesising the past events and making them significant for the future.

What Is The Job Of A Historian ?

A historian finds the preserves of the past and puts them down in writing for further publishing of the material. He/she analyses the written records, artefacts and other evidence to complete their investigation.

Based on their research and findings, reports are prepared to serve modern society with discoveries and innovations.

2. Archaeologist

An archaeologist has to have sound knowledge of historical facts, human history, and prehistory as well.

Their major role is to excavate the historical sites and analyse them to further maintain the present architectural structures.

What Is The Job Of An Archaeologist ?

After pursuing an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in archaeology, you become eligible to work on projects and overall to work as an archaeologist.

They have to work in different settings, and most of the archaeologists these days prefer to work in cultural resource management (CRM). They could work as administrators or project managers.

Archaeologists not only “dig,” but do much more than that. They are responsible for protecting archaeological sites and usually work on historic sites, museums, or archaeological parks.

3. Museologist

A museologist especially deals with the management of museums and their undertaking. He/she examines and preserves the historical and art objects.

These curators’ main job is to identify and organise the artefacts in the museum.

What Is The Job Of A Museologist ?

Museologists are specialised in natural history, paintings, terracotta, metals, textiles, etc., and so they purchase rare collections for the museum to display and enrich its beauty.

They may work in galleries and museums, which can be either governmental or private. They may work as exhibition coordinators, curators, museum educationists, and in several other different roles.

In India, the average salary of a museologist is around ₹15,000 per month in the beginning.

4. History Educator

Teaching is yet another delightful and exciting career option in history. Being a teacher and guiding others on the right path is the dream of many.

So, if you wish to share your knowledge and impart values, then teaching could be the best-suited option for you.

What Is The Job Of A History Teacher/Educator ?

You can be a history teacher for a middle or K-12 high school or even at a college or university. To become a professional history teacher, you must have pursued a graduate degree in history and a Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) degree.

The curriculum employed by history educators includes ancient to medieval history and even recent history as well. They have to be thorough with their subjects so as to teach and impart the best knowledge to their students and explore their learnings.

5. Civil Services

To work as a respectable post of an officer working for the betterment of the society is a dream of youth out there in every country. You can be one of them if you dedicatedly and sincerely put efforts for the same.

To clear the Mains exam of Civil Services, you must have a strong command over history and its facts.

What Is The Job Of A Civil Services Officer ?

Joining Civil Services is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only with grit and strong determination can you clear the Civil Services exam and become an IAS, IPS, or an IFS. Its entrance exam (UPSC) includes history as an important and most significant subject.

If you get to become an officer in this domain, then having a command over history will also help you build a strong nation altogether. To work for the future, you must know the past.

Thus, the aspirants of Civil Services need to have a good knowledge of history to maintain the records and preserve the culture of a country.


Through the above information, you can now make out that a career in history is a promising and interesting one. So, for your further study, you must decide and choose a knowledgeable platform to shine in your career life.

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