Top Career Options for Lawyers In 2023

The legal sector has always been one of the most respected and acknowledged fields in India. While people think that law does not offer a very expansive career choice, it is quite the opposite. Lawyers, judges, legal advisors & consultants are among the most recognized legal roles in society. 

Today’s article will cover some of the most prominent LLB job opportunities and career options and how you can pursue them. So, if you aspire to build a career in law, make sure to scroll till the end!

Career Options in Law

Law is a broad sector and it offers tons of career opportunities. The following are the most prominent career options in law:

1. Corporate Lawyer

What does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

Corporate lawyers are expert in company law, finance law, and the related rulings. In this field, you’d be responsible for helping your client comply with the regulations of their industry. You’d help your client with the different legal processes related to forming and operating a company such as registration, licensing, etc. You’d also be responsible for advising your client in business transactions, claiming liability, and representing them in a trial. 

You’d have to interpret and analyse, rules, regulations, and laws with probable cases for your clients. Corporate lawyers work with large corporations, law firms, and startups. In many cases, you would have to gather evidence to begin legal actions or formulate a defence. Some of the necessary skills for this field include expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, Contract Negotiation, and Legal Document Review.

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How Much Do They Earn?

The average salary of a corporate lawyer in India is INR 6.9 lakh per year. Experienced corporate lawyers can earn up to INR 20 lakh per year while a beginner in this field would earn around INR 1.92 lakh per year. 

2. Judge 

What does a Judge Do?

As a judge, you’d be responsible for presiding over court proceedings. You’d have to listen to the arguments of both sides and give the final verdict after analysing the case and the evidence presented before you. 

To become a judge in India, you’d have to crack the state-level examination for judiciary services (PCS J). You must have a bachelor’s in law (LLB) to be eligible for this exam. Every state has different eligibility requirements for this exam, so keep that in mind while applying. 

How Much Do They Earn?

As it’s a government job, the pay for this role depends heavily on your post. As a Supreme Court judge, you will earn INR 2.5 lakh per month while as a High Court judge, you’d earn INR 2.2 lakh per month. Apart from lucrative pay, these roles offer plenty of perks and benefits such as free electricity, free government accommodation, official vehicle, etc. 

3. Legal Journalism

What does a Legal Journalist Do?

One of the most interesting job opportunities in LLB is legal journalism. As a legal journalist, you’d be responsible for covering in-court proceedings and share insights about the same with others through media (TV, newspaper, magazine, blog, etc.). 

This field requires you to have strong writing and communication skills. You might have to share your opinion on different legal matters from time to time as a legal expert so having a deep knowledge of your field is also a must. 

A certification or diploma in law is necessary to enter this field. This is one of the best career options in law for the creative minded. 

How Much Do They Earn?

The average pay of a journalist in India is INR 3.7 lakh per year. Experienced professionals in this field can earn up to INR 9.8 lakh per annum while freshers in this field earn around INR 1.6 lakh per annum. Some of the must-have skills for this field include strong attention to detail, written and verbal communication skills, ability to handle criticism, etc. Strong interpersonal skills are also a must-have for this field as you’d be working in teams and might also have to interview other professionals. 


4. Criminal Lawyer

What does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

As a criminal law, you’d be representing your client in court for criminal cases. You’d have to present cases in court for your client in the Supreme Court, High Court or the local court. You’d have to prepare for the case, go through the evidence list, prepare your argument, and question witnesses to ensure your client gets the desired outcome.

You will need strong investigative and communication skills for this profession. These skills will ensure that you can inspect the evidence effectively and create strong defence strategies for your clients. 

Similarly, strong communication skills in this field are a must as you’ll be interacting with judges, clients, and prosecutors most of the time. Additionally, you’ll be working with a team of law professionals to help you with your case. 

How Much Do They Earn?

The average income of a criminal lawyer in India is INR 7.86 Lakh per year. The upper limit for this field goes up to INR 50 lakh per annum, which is a clear indicator that it’s among the best career options in law. On the other hand, beginners in this field can expect to earn around INR 2.98 lakh per annum. 

Some necessary skills for this role are Negotiation and expertise in Criminal Law. 

How to Become a Law Professional

To pursue a career in law, you must have certain qualifications. Different legal roles require different qualifications. 

For example, if you want to become a lawyer, you’ll need to have an LLB (Bachelor in Law) and join a Bar Council. Nevertheless, if you want to specialise in a specific category of law such as divorce law, tax and intellectual property, then you’ll need to get an LLM (Masters in Law) in that branch. 

Some law careers don’t require you to have a degree in law such as a legal journalist or legal analyst. You can have a certification in law and be eligible to pursue a career in those fields. 

There’s a huge skill gap in the law sector. According to a survey conducted by BMU, 90% of lawyers foresee that over the next 10 years the law sector would witness a lot of digitization and tech innovation. 

Additionally, 71% of the survey’s respondents said that commercial awareness would be one of the most important skills for law professionals in the coming three to five years. 

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Building a career in law is both fun and challenging. This is a vast field with numerous growth opportunities. Moreover, there are various kinds of career options in law, allowing you to carve your path depending on your aspirations and interests. 

We’re certain that you found this article useful. If you know someone who might be interested in pursuing LLB job opportunities, do share this article with them! 

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