Career Options After MBA in Marketing: Highest Paying Management Jobs

In this article, you will learn more about career options after MBA in Marketing.

  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialists (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Writing)
  • Business Development Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management Personnel
  • Marketing Information Personnel

Read more to know each in detail.

Completing my MBA in Marketing has provided me with many career options to explore. Through this degree, I’ve gained essential skills and knowledge essential for navigating various business landscapes effectively. With a specialization in marketing, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, market dynamics, and promotional strategies. 

In today’s digital age, the rise of OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ Hotstar has created exciting career options after MBA in marketing. Moreover, with the continuous advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, there’s a vast potential for growth and innovation in this field.  

As a marketing graduate, I can consider roles such as data journalist, technical content writer, or software developer. These positions allow me to blend my marketing expertise with emerging technologies, contributing to business success and driving innovation. With the right skills and mindset, the realm of marketing offers endless possibilities for professional growth and development. 

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MBA in Marketing

An MBA in Marketing involves marketing a product of any company, whether hardware or software, or consumable product to a wide variety of domestic or international populations. Confident personnel with good communication and marketing skills act as an asset to the company. With the proper knowledge of the market and target customers, they can sell any product to any customer.

Some of the key components of an MBA in Marketing are: –

  • Core business foundation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing core
  • Strategic marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Consumer Insights
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Global Marketing

Why choose MBA Marketing?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, pursuing higher education has become vital to professional growth and career advancement. Among the options available, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) remains a popular choice for individuals seeking to bolster their skills and knowledge in various business disciplines. One such specialization within the MBA realm is marketing, which is pivotal in shaping brand perception, customer engagement, and organizational success. This article delves into why choosing an MBA in marketing can be a transformative decision for your career.

  • Comprehensive Skill Development

An MBA in marketing offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with diverse skills essential for success in the contemporary business world. The program encompasses various topics, from strategic planning and market analysis to consumer behavior and digital marketing techniques. This holistic skill development ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle the multifaceted challenges of the marketing industry.

  • Strategic Decision-Making

Marketing is not just about promoting products or services; it involves strategic decision-making that can significantly impact an organization’s bottom line. An MBA in marketing gives students the knowledge and analytical tools to make informed decisions based on market trends, consumer insights, and competitive dynamics. This strategic insight is highly valued by employers seeking professionals who can meaningfully contribute to their company’s growth.

  • Adapting to the Digital Era

The digital revolution has fundamentally transformed how businesses operate and market their offerings. An MBA in marketing strongly emphasizes digital marketing strategies, social media engagement, and online consumer behavior. By gaining expertise in these areas, graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with tech-savvy audiences.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Marketing thrives on creativity and innovation. An MBA program fosters an environment that encourages students to think outside the box, devise unique strategies, and develop compelling narratives that capture consumers’ attention. Whether crafting a memorable brand story or conceptualizing a viral marketing campaign, the program nurtures the creative spirit essential for success in marketing.

  • Global Perspective

In today’s hooked world almost every business is operating on a global scale. An MBA in marketing exposes students to global markets, diverse consumer behaviors, and to many more things. This global perspective enables graduates to create marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences across borders and cultures, facilitating effective market penetration and expansion strategies.

  • Networking Opportunities

An MBA program, including marketing, offers numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration. Students interact with peers, faculty, industry experts, and alums, creating a rich environment for learning, sharing ideas, and forming valuable professional connections. These connections can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and partnerships that greatly enhance one’s career trajectory.

  • Higher Earning Potential

Pursuing an MBA in marketing can lead to a significant boost in earning potential. Graduates with a unique blend of business acumen and marketing expertise become attractive candidates for leadership roles with higher salaries and increased responsibilities. The investment made in pursuing an MBA is often rewarded by career advancement and greater financial stability.

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Career Options After MBA in Marketing

After completing an MBA in marketing, students have numerous career options available to them according to their field of interest and those providing them with a good salary. MBA in marketing job opportunities right now are experiencing extensive popularity in the industry.

Since marketing is trending, most employers are looking for an MBA graduate to expand and enhance their businesses, so getting one at the right time is sure to bring you exceptional career opportunities in marketing It is expected from an MBA graduate to be research-oriented. It has developed management skills, a problem-solving attitude, business acumen, and goal-oriented behavior to work under pressure.

Marketing management professionals can find below-mentioned jobs in advertising agencies, marketing companies, FMCG sector like Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, IndusInd Bank, India Infoline, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Walt Disney, etc. 

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Salary Package 

An MBA degree provides the students with a highly recognizable job profile and a good salary. The average salary of recently graduated MBA students ranges from 4-6 Lakhs per annum. The annual salary of MBA graduates (freshers) from top B-schools in our country is 3-15 LPA. Experience, skills, and time lead to success in management. With good knowledge and managerial skills, they can get a salary ranging from 15-40 LPA.

Many job options are available to students after graduating with MBA for marketing are:

  1. Marketing Manager
  2. Brand Manager
  3. Asset Manager
  4. Corporate Sales
  5. Media Planner
  6. Media strategist
  7. Media Manager
  8. Product Manager
  9. Head of Digital Marketing
  10. Online Marketing
  11. Retailing Management
  12. Customer Relationship Management
  13. Analytical Marketing
  14. Competitive Marketing
  15. Advertising Management
  16. TV producer
  17. Audio/Video Editor
  18. Corporate Communications Head
  19. Digital Media Analyst
  20. Channel Head

The following are the most popular career options for MBA graduates in marketing, which provide them with high-profile jobs and a good salary.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers are the most creative and dynamic marketing officials. It is the responsibility of the Brand Manager to promote a brand to a mass audience. They need to believe in the product before selling it. Brand Managers must create a positive of the product in the eyes of the customers.

Reputed companies usually hire Brand Managers who have graduated from top B-schools. Their job profile includes making long-term strategies, interpreting the market, and promoting, and advertisement of the product. They need to work with advertising managers, sales managers, and CRM managers. With the help of innovative advertising skills, promotion, and relationships with customers, Brand Managers can enhance their brand value.

If you often ask yourself, “after MBA marketing which course is best?” and want a more in-depth knowledge of Brand Management, then an Advanced Certificate or a PG Diploma in Brand Management and Communication is the best course after MBA marketing to pursue. It will help you learn about the field and give you an extra edge when applying for jobs in it.


Initially, Brand Managers get a salary package of 6-8 LPA. With the experience and adequate skills, they can get a salary ranging from 10-12 LPA.

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Sales Manager

Sales are one of the oldest marketing techniques to sell and promote any product. A sales manager’s work profile involves achieving the set target to sell the product, gain a bonus, work on a high-paced schedule, and get incentives. The sales manager must be presentable and have excellent communication skills.

They must look after their team and must be high spirited and have good managerial skills. Sales managers are responsible for appointing distributors, building sales plans, analyzing data, studying the competitors, setting targets & goals for the team, and setting salary goals.

They have to maintain a healthy relation with stakeholders in sales and distribution channels. Customers must be provided with discounts, samples, gifts; exchange offers to influence the consumers in choosing their products. Companies require sales managers with innovative promotional skills.

A sales manager is one of the best MBA marketing jobs that an MBA graduate can try out. 


Sales Managers get a starting package of 5-7 lakhs per annum. With experience and skills, they get a salary package ranging from 8-9 lakhs per annum.

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Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst gathers all the market-related data, market trends, and targets a specific audience. This leads to the success of the marketing team as well as the sales team of the organization. Analysts must resolve the particular problems related to the market. All the startups, consulting companies, and multinational companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Nielsen hire market research analysts from top business schools to get a better insight into the customers.

Those MBAs in marketing graduates looking for a career in market research have to analyze the consumers’ choices and priorities and thus help their company decide the way to advertise, pack and sell their product so that it reaches a diverse group of customers. It is the responsibility of the Market Research Analyst to design surveys, develop unique research methodologies to gather information, planning, and building marketing strategies.

This is a highly responsible work profile that shapes how the organization targets and communicates with its consumers. Market Research Analyst informs the manager regarding the requirements of the consumer, competitors, and relevant marketing problems.

Post Graduate Certificate in Market Research and Data Analytics is one of the best job oriented courses after MBA marketing that you can pursue to master further the skills required for the job. It will not only add extra credit but also help you prepare for the job of your dream.


Market Research Analysts receive a starting salary package of 6-8 lakhs per annum, which can turn into 15-20 lakhs per annum with experience.

You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All of these courses have top-notch learning resources, weekly live lectures, industry assignments, and a certificate of course completion – all free of cost!

Digital Marketing

With technological advances, digitization has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Digital marketing helps in reaching a broad audience on a very little expenditure. This involves different techniques than traditional marketing skills. It is more flexible and explores the creativity of the digital marketing expert. Digital marketing techniques must be catchy and captive to attract more customers.

Companies like HUL, Nestle, ABGLP, E-learning sites hire MBA graduates from reputed colleges in the country with knowledge of recent technologies. This comprises tasks like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social media marketing, web content writing, marketing automation, which works for B2B and B2C. In the digital marketing field, students can opt for various areas like:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Manager

2. PPC (Pay Per Click) Expert

3. Social media manager

4. Content writer

If you are asking yourself, “after MBA marketing which course is best?” then a PG Diploma in Digital Marketing is the best course after MBA Marketing that you can check out if you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Since it is a skill-oriented course, it will not only give you extra credits but can also help you to broaden your horizon and land a job in this field.


The salary package of a digital marketing manager ranges between 5-7 lakh per annum. With the experience of many years and developing skills, packages can reach up to 12-14 lakhs per annum.

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Business Development Manager

Business development managers have a very creative role in the companies where they work. Their job profile includes creating new business opportunities, meeting the existing targets, and accepting new challenges arising while getting new prospects. Their primary role is to sell as many products as they can in a specified amount of time. 

Many organizations like Google, Facebook, Byju’s, Unacademy, Udemy, WhiteHr Jr., look forward to good business development managers. Their responsibility is to lead to business growth & development, developing relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, and customers. They must be good at making strategies, setting objectives to develop and improve the business. Business development managers must make sufficient plans to execute operational changes.

If you are looking for MBA marketing jobs, then Business development managers are the most creative job an MBA graduate can check out.


Business development managers have an initial annual salary package of 6-8 lakhs per annum, which further increases to 10-12 lakh with experience, time, and skills development.

Public Relations Manager

The PR Manager must coordinate with all the activities related to the public relations of the organization. They have to work along with the teams of other departments as well. It is their responsibility to develop a marketing communications plan and media relations strategy. A PR Manager must create the right corporate image of the organization in front of the stakeholders.

If you are looking for job oriented courses after MBA marketing, then a PG Diploma in Public Relation and Advertising will help you to get practical knowledge about the subject and further master you in the field of practice.


PR managers have an initial salary package of 4-5 lakhs per annum. After having experience of 5-9 years, the package increases to 7-9 lakhs per annum.

Customer Relationship Management Personnel

It is the responsibility of the CR Manager to manage detailed information of the individual customers. CR managers must analyze detailed information about essential customers. This information helps them to understand the preferences, choices, and expectations of the customers.


Customer Relationship Managers usually have an annual salary package of 4-6 lakhs per annum.

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Marketing Information Personnel

Marketing Information Personnel works for the organizations maintaining Marketing Information Systems (MIS), and they gather, sort, evaluate, and distribute accurate information to marketing decision-makers. This personnel must possess knowledge regarding the Internal Records of the Organisation, Marketing Intelligence System, Marketing Research, and Marketing Decision Support System.

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In my experience, the marketing and media sector is a top career choice due to its dynamic nature. With trends constantly evolving, the demand for professionals with an MBA in marketing degree is steadily increasing. Beyond traditional roles, marketing graduates have diverse career paths, such as logistics managers, sales managers, after-sales services managers, and social media marketing managers. 

In today’s digital age, the media industry offers ample opportunities for young graduates, driven by technological advancements and digitization. Platforms like upGrad provide industry-relevant programs in collaboration with renowned institutions like Liverpool Business School and Deakin Business School. Their online MBA in marketing degree offers flexibility and accessibility, empowering professionals to enhance their skills and stay competitive in the job market. Additionally, upGrad offers MBA programs specializing in Finance, Operations, Strategy & Leadership, and Executive, catering to diverse career aspirations.  

upGrad is an online higher education platform providing industry-relevant programs in collaboration with world-class faculty. It creates a good learning experience anywhere and everywhere by online programs. upGrad offers the students an online MBA in marketing degree from Liverpool Business School and Deakin Business School. Along with these, upGrad offers MBA programs with a specialization in Finance, Operations, Strategy & Leadership, and Executive. 

What are the key subjects covered in an MBA in marketing?

An MBA in marketing teaches students about marketing, sales, consumer trends and various strategies. If you aspire to become a brand manager, media planner or digital marketer, there are various skills you must have. Some of the subjects covered in an MBA in marketing program include operations management, marketing management, consumer behaviour, brand insights strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, product branding and marketing, and sales force management.

What are the advantages of doing an MBA with a specialisation in marketing?

If you’re a young professional looking to advance your career, an MBA in marketing can give you that winning edge. Besides learning key marketing subjects, an MBA helps you develop strategies to accomplish organisational goals. During the course, you will also be involved in several real world marketing projects which will further brush up your problem-solving, communication and analytical skills. A reason most graduates are opting for an MBA in marketing is because it promises better learning opportunities and a high salary package.

How do I decide which is a top-quality MBA marketing program?

With a plethora of MBA programs out there, choosing the right one can be quite a task. If you’re an MBA aspirant, look for B-schools that use the latest technology to deliver their classroom lessons. In the age of distance-learning, teaching methods matter the most. Besides this, also check the accreditation of the B-school, the extracurricular activities offered and the placement statistics. You can also connect with past students to check the kind of jobs they are in after completing an MBA program from your preferred university.

What does a customer relationship manager do?

An important part of customer service is keeping track of customer relationships. Customer relationship managers is responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with customers. They may be responsible for generating new business, resolving disputes, and providing support. They work with different departments within the company to ensure that the customer's needs are met. They may also be responsible for market research and developing new products. Customer service also means understanding the customer's needs, providing the necessary resources to meet those needs, and resolving any problems that may arise.

What is the role of a Pay-Per-Click expert?

PPC experts are a specialists who increase your website's traffic and revenue. They are knowledgeable about the pay-per-click advertising system and can help boost your company’s conversion rate. They identify and apply to your content the keywords that are most likely to bring in visitors. They can help you with SEO and market research strategies on keywords and track the resultant analytics. By definition, PPC indicates how many clicks a given ad receives and the advertisers pay a fee per click.

Is MBA a growing field?

MBA programs are becoming more popular, and more competitive, as more people are interested in these degrees. The MBA credential indicates that the holder has the skills to lead in an increasingly complex business world. MBA programs prepare students for these roles by providing them with the ability to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively. The skills that MBA graduates gain are highly sought-after by employers, and the demand for these skills is only growing. It is an ever growing field and one should become a part of it as it is versatile and accepts people from all kind of backgrounds.

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