6 Top Career Options after BBA: What to do After BBA? [2024]


In this Article, you will learn 6 Top Career Options after BBA in 2023

  1. Specialize in Management (MBA)
  2. Become a Data Scientist
  3. Join Public Services (UPSC)
  4. Become a Digital Marketer
  5. Become a Product Manager
  6. Become a Blockchain Expert

Read more to know each in detail.

“What to do after BBA?”

“What are my career options after BBA?”

“Want to know the best BBA job opportunities?”

How many of you wonder which are all the best career options after BBA? BBA is among the most popular graduation courses that students take after completing school. In today’s day and age, getting a BBA degree is good but it is not enough. It is not easy to find high paying jobs for BBA graduates if one has not chosen the right courses after BBA. One has to take up post-graduation or professional certificate to have a well-established bba career options.

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology.

After bba which course is best? This is very common question most of the students ask after completing it. There are several career options available to students after completing a graduate degree in BBA, but not all students are aware of the different routes they can take to establish a successful career after bba. Let’s discuss the available career options after BBA that you might consider for stable BBA job opportunities in the future. You might be surprised to see some career choices we’ve mentioned here, so be sure to check every option in the list. Let’s get started to know about the scope after bba.

Below is a list of some great courses what after BBA that you can opt –

Career Options After BBA

1. Specialize in Management (MBA)

If you are wondering, ‘after BBA what can I do?’, opting for an MBA, also known as a Master of Business Administration, emerges as a prime contender for further studies after successfully completing a BBA. Given the diverse range of BBA career prospects, pursuing an MBA proves to be a compelling choice for those inclined towards higher education post-BBA. If the aspiration involves overseeing a family business or embarking on an entrepreneurial venture, obtaining an MBA degree presents an excellent decision, particularly considering its relatively concise two-year duration. The MBA program allows you to augment your proficiencies for leadership roles across many sectors, spanning Banking, Finance, Sales, and beyond. 

Check out our programs MBA from Deakin Business School & Post Graduate Diploma in Management From BIMTECH with dual specialisations.

  • What you’ll do in this field

After getting an MBA, you can get leadership roles in organizations of different industries. In MBA, you learn about engagement, people’s performance, leading change, leadership, project management, strategic thinking, and many relevant topics. 

You’ll have to solve complicated business problems that arise in the day-to-day life of an organization. 

Featured Program for you: MBA from Golden Gate University

  • Minimum Eligibility:

To enroll in our online MBA degree, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks and two years of full-time professional experience. You can also crack the Common Admission Test (CAT) to enroll in the MBA programs of other colleges and universities. Some institutions have their admission tests, so you should check their eligibility criteria before applying. 

Enroll in our MBA from Liverpool Business School and get started on this fantastic journey. 

  • Application Process

After completing graduation in the relevant stream, learners can apply for GMAT or CAT examinations. English proficiency is a must if you decide to pursue education in foreign universities. MBA application requires candidates to provide work experience, which is vital to the application process and helps to gain practical experience for better communication and skill implementation. BBA job opportunities turn even better with an MBA degree, so make sure to grab a master’s degree to strengthen your resume for an even better BBA scope and excellent jobs after BBA and salary.

Average MBA Salary in India

mba salary

MBA Salary based on job role

mba salary based on job role

Source 1, 2

2. Become a Data Scientist

One of the most in-demand career options after BBA is data science after BBA. A Data Scientist program entails the study of concepts spanning computer applications, mobile technologies, and software systems, as well as the art of storing, collecting, and analyzing data for future applications. There’s a prevalent misconception that a career in data science is solely tailored for individuals with a technical background; however, this notion is far from accurate.

To know ‘after BBA what can I do?’ students coming from commerce or holding a BBA degree can equally embark on this career path and excel, contributing significantly within their chosen domains. This avenue emerges as one of the most promising career options post-BBA, allowing individuals to contribute profoundly in their respective fields.

Check out Python Bootcamp from upGrad.

You can become a data scientist by taking a course in this field. We offer a PG certification in Data Science, which provides you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional in this field. 

  • What you’ll do in this field

As we mentioned earlier, data scientists use data to help their clients in making better plans and decisions. You’ll have to learn about multiple relevant technologies such as Python and MS Excel to perform your duties. Data scientists create models, analyze raw data, and find answers to difficult questions through the data. They create visualizations to explain their findings to other members of their team. 

In our course, we teach you about Statistics, MySQL, and Machine Learning, and do analytics with Python to perform all the tasks effectively. Ås a BBA graduate with a certification in Data Science, you can apply for the role of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer.

Read: Data Scientist Salary in India

  • Minimum Eligibility

To enroll in our Data Science course, you only need to have a Bachelor’s degree. As a BBA graduate, you can enroll in this course immediately because it doesn’t require any prior coding experience. 

  • Application Process

Working as a data scientist demands candidates to have a technical background with minimum eligibility for a graduate degree. Although a degree is not necessary to apply for posts, most companies prefer graduate and post-graduate candidates. If your BBA scope and tech background do not cover Big Data and data analysis specifics, enroll in a data science certification or diploma program. The programs provide foundational concepts and in-demand skills to keep up with the volatile market in order to bag BBA job opportunities from the competitive BBA jobs list. 

Average Data Scientist Salary


Data Science Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
Bangalore 15.5 Lakhs
New Delhi 13.6 Lakhs
Mumbai 13.2 Lakhs
Hyderabad 14.8 Lakhs
Pune 12.8 Lakhs
Chennai 13.3 Lakhs
Noida 13.7 Lakhs
Gurgaon 14.1 Lakhs

How does experience affect data science salary?

data scientist salary by experience

Experience Salary
1 Year ₹9.5 Lakhs
2 Year ₹10.5 Lakhs
3 Year ₹11.6 Lakhs
5 Year ₹16.4 Lakhs
8 Year ₹19.9 Lakhs

Data Scientist salary based on industries

Industry Salary
IT Services ₹13.2 Lakhs
Internet ₹18.3 Lakhs
Software Product ₹16.6 Lakhs
Financial Services ₹15.1 Lakhs
KPO ₹15.3 Lakhs

3. Join Public Services (UPSC)

After completing a BBA degree, numerous individuals opt to embark on careers within the government sector. This inclination arises because the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) administers civil service examinations annually. Through these examinations, candidates are selected for diverse civil services, including prestigious roles like the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service. It’s noteworthy that eligibility to sit for the Civil Service Commission’s exam mandates graduation from a recognized university, necessitating possession of a minimum bachelor’s degree. This prerequisite underscores the significance of attaining educational milestones before embarking on this path.

One of the most popular career options after BBA is to prepare for UPSC, you’ll need to check their syllabus and study hard for several months.

Also, Check out online degree programs at upGrad.

  • What you’ll do in this field:

Civil servants are responsible for managing government organizations and deliver the government’s policies successfully to the public. They are responsible for the success of the government’s policies and help the legislators in performing their duties. The responsibilities of a civil servant depend highly on his/her department and division. 

  • Minimum Eligibility:

The minimum eligibility for this exam is you should be a graduate. So, as a BBA graduate, you can apply and sit in this exam. It is divided into two sections, namely, Prelims and Mains. 

  • Application Process

Public services examinations demand basic graduation or BA degree to appear for the examination. These competitive exams are either conducted periodically throughout a year or once a year. Candidates must keep an eye on notifications availed on the official website to timely fill out forms and attempt the pre and main examinations per your eligibility to participate in public service examinations besides the BBA course jobs list.

4. Become a Digital Marketer

Opting for digital marketing stands out as an exceptional career path after completing a BBA if you are wondering ‘what can i do after bba?’. It offers the potential to foster online growth for businesses. Its remarkable effectiveness in delivering impactful marketing solutions has led to its widespread adoption. For BBA graduates, enrolling in a digital marketing course paves the way for a promising career trajectory in this domain. It’s noteworthy that digital marketing holds a distinguished place among professional courses after BBA. This strategic approach involves digital marketers leveraging their expertise to bolster their clients’ online visibility. Consequently, pursuing this course unlocks a diverse range of post-BBA career possibilities.

As a BBA graduate, you can learn digital marketing skills and kickstart your career in this lucrative field; for that purpose, you’ll need to take a digital marketing course. With upGrad, you can get PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication. You’ll get to learn about all the necessary tools and skills to become a digital marketer.  

Digital Marketing Free courses to Learn

  • What you’ll do in this field

Digital marketers help their clients in developing a robust online presence and using it to expand their business. They use SEO and SEM to enhance the visibility of their clients. Similarly, they identify the right social media platforms for their clients and help them leverage them in the best way possible. 

They employ various marketing strategies such as Paid Campaigns, Content Marketing, and other techniques to achieve the desired results. In our digital marketing course, we teach you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, Analytics, and other relevant skills. 

After getting the certification, you can get jobs as a Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, or as an SEO Specialist.  

  • Minimum Eligibility

The minimum eligibility to join our digital marketing course is a Bachelor’s degree. As a BBA graduate, you can join our course right away and become a digital marketer. 

  • Application Process

Digital marketing courses are usually taught as a subject in graduate or postgraduate curriculums, though people applying for digital marketing certification or diploma programs must pass through the eligibility criteria. Online and offline courses either demand a graduate or postgraduate degree for successful application. 

For example, upGrad’s digital marketing course demands a basic bachelor’s degree eligibility and can easily be mastered from your home. Online digital marketing courses are popular, so just visit the portal, fill out the application form, and submit the fee within the deadline. Following your previous academic prowess and experiences, you will be selected for the relevant program to bag excellent jobs after BBA and salary.

Average Digital Marketing Salary

digital marketing salary india

Digital Marketing Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
Bangalore ₹5.5 Lakhs
New Delhi ₹4.2 Lakhs
Mumbai ₹3.7 Lakhs
Hyderabad ₹4.8 Lakhs
Pune ₹4.6 Lakhs
Chennai ₹4.1 Lakhs
Noida ₹3.7 Lakhs
Ahmedabad ₹3.9 Lakhs

How does experience affect Digital Marketing salary?

digital marketing salary by experience

Experience Salary
Fresher ₹2.7 Lakhs
1 Year ₹2.8 Lakhs
2 Year ₹3.5 Lakhs
3 Year ₹3.9 Lakhs
5 Year ₹6 Lakhs

Digital Marketing salary based on industries

Industry Salary
IT Services ₹6.8 Lakhs
Internet ₹6.7 Lakhs
Software Product ₹5.1 Lakhs
Financial Services ₹6.7 Lakhs
KPO ₹5.1 Lakhs

5. Become a Product Manager

In the wake of the burgeoning role of product managers, individuals often contemplate their post-BBA path. Opting for product management stands out as an excellent career choice post-BBA. Product managers play a pivotal role in planning and executing a product’s lifecycle, collaborating with various teams for its success.

This course equips students with essential tools and techniques for these responsibilities, opening up diverse career opportunities after BBA. A product management career can lead to roles like product analysts, product marketing managers, and designers within a company. In India, a degree in business or a related field typically serves as a pathway to becoming a product manager.

The average salary of product managers in India is around 16 LPA. As a fresher, you can earn about 7-8 lakhs per year, which is undoubtedly a reasonable sum. To become a product manager, you can enroll in our Product Management Course

  • What you’ll do in this field

Product managers work with teams to ensure the success of a product. They perform market research to understand how accurate their idea is, perform analytics, and plan product development. In our course, we teach you about all the relevant technologies you’ll have to use to perform these tasks. Some of those tools and techniques are Balsamiq, Marvel, Google Analytics, and Mixpanel. After becoming a product manager, you can get a job as a Product Analyst, Product Marketing Manager, Product Designer, and many similar roles. 

  • Minimum Eligibility

You need to have the necessary certification to become a product manager in India. For our course, you only need to have an undergraduate degree. So, as a BBA graduate, you are eligible to join our class. 

  • Application Process

Among various BBA course jobs, a product manager is one of the most widely opted for careers. The basic requirements for becoming a product manager are a specialized degree, certification, or diploma in product management. You must have a commerce background with a bachelor’s or master’s degree to apply for product management specialization. Besides academic eligibility, few institutions also demand work experience related to product designing, testing, or development. 

Average Product Manager Salary

product manager salary upgrad
Product Manager Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
Bangalore ₹23 Lakhs
New Delhi ₹20.4 Lakhs
Mumbai ₹19.8 Lakhs
Hyderabad ₹22.3 Lakhs
Pune ₹20.4 Lakhs
Gurgaon ₹23.3 Lakhs
Noida ₹23 Lakhs
Ahmedabad ₹17.6 Lakhs

How does experience affect Product Manager salary?

product manager salary by experince

Experience Salary
2 Year ₹15.1 Lakhs
4 Year ₹18.5 Lakhs
5 Year ₹19.4 Lakhs
7 Year ₹20.3 Lakhs
10 Year ₹23 Lakhs


Product Manager salary based on industries

Industry Salary
Internet ₹24.5 Lakhs
Financial Services ₹17.8 Lakhs
IT Services ₹24.4 Lakhs
Software Product ₹26.2 Lakhs
Manufacturing ₹19.5 Lakhs

6. Become a Blockchain Expert

Bitcoin, a swiftly growing digital currency, has transformed monetary paradigms. It forms the bedrock of modern technology called blockchain, enabling decentralized transactions. Post-BBA, certified online courses offer Executive Programs to shape you into a blockchain professional. As an expert, you’ll craft smart contracts and applications, exploring facets like cryptography and peer-to-peer networks. This course opens up diverse career avenues after BBA.

You can become a Blockchain professional as a BBA graduate by taking a course in the same. At upGrad, we offer an Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management, which is the perfect way for a BBA graduate to become an expert in this field. 

  • What you’ll do in this field

As a blockchain expert, you’ll build solutions, prototypes, and proofs of concepts based on this technology. You’ll create smart contracts, distributed apps, and use a distributed ledger to do so. Our Blockchain program teaches you about many other blockchain concepts, such as P2P networks, cryptography, and ICOs. 

Companies of various industries, including finance, software, and healthcare, are looking for blockchain experts. After completing the program, you can become a Blockchain Application Architect, Business Analyst, Blockchain Manager, or a Blockchain Consultant. 

  • Minimum Eligibility

To enroll in our Executive Blockchain Program, you need to have at least two years of professional experience. You don’t need to have any coding experience to join our blockchain program. It’s a great way to start a tech career. 

  • Application Process

Though there are very few opportunities to attain a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in blockchain, few foreign universities extend mentioned programs with blockchain specializations. Besides a language proficiency certification, SOPs, LoR, and GMAT or GRE certification, candidates require prior wording in the relevant field. 

A preferable career option for candidates interested in blockchain is to apply for a certification or a PG diploma program in blockchain technology. These courses have a skill-based curriculum and teach only relevant and in-demand skills in the blockchain sector. As blockchain technology grows, it is also expanding as one of the leading jobs after BBA. 

Average Blockchain Developer Salary

blockchain developer salary
Blockchain Developer Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
Bangalore ₹9.1 Lakhs
New Delhi ₹7.1 Lakhs
Mumbai ₹7.1 Lakhs
Hyderabad ₹7.1 Lakhs
Pune ₹6.3 Lakhs
Chennai ₹6.6 Lakhs
Noida ₹11.8 Lakhs
Ahmedabad ₹5.6 Lakhs


How does experience affect Blockchain Developer salary?

blackchain developer salary by experience

Experience Salary
Fresher ₹7.1 Lakhs
1 Year ₹7.6 Lakhs
2 Year ₹7.4 Lakhs
3 Year ₹9.9 Lakhs
5 Year ₹12.9 Lakhs

Blockchain Developer salary based on industries

Industry Salary
IT Services ₹8.6 Lakhs
Internet ₹16.2 Lakhs
Software Product ₹13.8 Lakhs
Financial Services ₹7.9 Lakhs
KPO ₹9.6 Lakhs

7. Pursue a Career with PGDM Certification

If you are wondering “What can I do after BBA” and want to take your management career to a whole new height, you can pursue a PGDM course after completing a bachelor of business administration, a new wing to your career after BBA.

A postgraduate diploma in management is a lucrative course that helps scholars expand their expertise and knowledge, amid BBA career options. There are various career after BBA to take your career after BBA to a new level. To pursue a PGDM course after BBA and know after BBA what to do, you need to learn the eligibility criteria for a career after BBA.

  • What is the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria for career after BBA graduates to opt for PGDM certification depends on the type of course selected. For integrated courses, the candidate must complete the higher secondary or intermediate education from a recognized board and can opt several options including data science after BBA The passing mark is above 60%.

On the contrary, for diploma courses, the candidate must have a graduate-level degree from a recognized university with 60% marks. The aspirant who wants a career after BBA, needs a joint entrance exam certificate like MAT, CAT, XAT or any examination conducted by universities to know after BBA what next.

In addition, the candidate also needs to hold a bachelor’s level degree from a recognized university so that they can have an idea about things to do after BBA, like data science after BBA. If you want to increase your eligibility, you must appear for group discussions and interviews in universities where you are selected through career counseling, and know scope after BBA

  • What You Need to Do: Skills Required to Pursue PGDM after BBA

The next step for a career after BBA determining the applicant’s eligibility is to assess if they possess unique skills that increase their chances of pursuing a PGDM course. So, applicants need to strengthen their skills like the following.

Entrepreneurial proficiencies: A candidate must possess entrepreneurial competence to grow a business and have a knowledge of scope after BBA, to have a potential career after BBA.

Foresight:  Considering their everyday activities, marketing professionals depend heavily on foresight one should know after BBA which course is best Marketing entails planning, negotiating with other companies, collaboration, and foresight to offer excellent outcomes that might increase the company’s profitability.l

Problem-Solving: Prompt resolutions for arising issues are a prerequisite when it comes to the marketing domain. The aspirant should enhance their problem-solving skills to meet customers’ expectations with speedy solutions.

Technical Acumen: To succeed in today’s environment, a BBA PGDM aspirant needs to be tech-savvy. In addition, they must have a technical understanding. Nowadays, the majority of marketing is done on digital channels. So, it becomes crucial to understand SEO and other details, enhancing opportunities of jobs after BBA, and Job opportunities after BBA.

Communication:  If you want to join an enterprise’s sales department for courses after bba and PGDM degrees, you need to possess communicative skills for bright career after BBA. A candidate who can effectively communicate and convey the appropriate message has more chances of securing a deal and good scope after BBA. In short, in the sales world, the exchange of words and ideas is what matters the most. The ability to deliver the right message is well-appreciated by companies, making a way for great career after BBA.

Negotiation: Next comes the negotiation skill that turns out to be essential for any marketing job. Convincing your prospects with your proposals and getting the deal makes you successful. Without proper negotiation skills, you may not be able to make a greater stride in your career.

If you want to become a part of the international business community, upGrad welcomes you to join the pool. Get comprehensive training and earn your Post Graduate Diploma in Management certification.

upGrad’s engaging curriculum includes major business verticals and equips you with practical skills irrespective of the industry. Earn your PGDM via e-learning by accessing global subject matter professionals.

  • Application Process

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a two-year program that a BBA graduate can pursue. It offers advanced education in business administration and management. PGDM application requires candidates to offer work experience to gain practical experience for better skills. Get more lucrative BBA job opportunities after acquiring a PGDM degree.

8. Pursue a Career in Law

Do you wish to build a career in law after completing your bachelor of business administration degree? Now is the right time to discover more. One of the popular career options after BBA is to prepare for the LLB entrance examination. Pursuing LLB helps you get a comprehensive insight into the legal aspects. While both BBA and LLB seem to be two different streams, it’s the most in-demand and popular course combination. If you take an interest in a legal career, you can complete your three-year BBA course and apply for an LLB course (3-year certification).

  • Minimum Eligibility

Since you are applying for a 3-year Bachelor of Legislative Law course, you need a passing certification of graduation (10+2+3 pattern) from any recognized university or college. You must have at least 45% and 40% marks for a general and SC/ST category, respectively.

  • What You Need to Do in This Domain: Skills Required

BBA and LLB certifications give scholars a win-win opportunity. The program helps you apply for management work in legal or business fields. With these degrees, you become more valuable to the corporate businesses. Today’s companies prefer aspirants who have secured this dual degree. In addition, these degrees help you become an expert in your field.

Management education covers aspects such as assessing the business environment, demonstrating ethical and authentic leadership, improving interpersonal proficiencies, and bagging massive deals. Skills you gain with LLB and BBA degrees include the following:

Research Skills: Aspiring legal candidates with BBA and LLB degrees have research abilities. They understand how to analyze a particular a without being judgmental. With their practice, an aspirant can also examine each single point of a case before making any report.

Communication Skills:  Possessing communicative skills helps a candidate communicate and convey messages to clients and the company. The legal domain is built on the idea of exchanging words in the most significant manner. If you gain the ability to deliver the right message to your legal firm and clients individually, your chances of securing a lucrative legal career increase.

Negotiation: According to the law, negotiations play a crucial role in building a case. Even if you are in the management team in your legal firm, you would require communicating with clients. In such cases, negotiating and convincing your clients with the proposals help you bag the deal.

  • Application Process

As an LLB applicant, the application process to pursue an LLB program after graduation includes various steps. You need to fulfill your eligibility requirements to clear the entrance examination.

If you want to enroll your name in corporate or finance law after completing your BBA degree, upGrad, in collaboration with Jindal Global Law School, can offer a cutting-edge course with career support and a world-class faculty team.

Average Corporate Lawyer Salary

corporate lawyer salary indiaSource
Corporate Lawyer Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
New Delhi ₹10.0 Lakh
Mumbai ₹6.6 Lakh
Bangalore ₹23.9 Lakh
Pune ₹8.5 Lakh
Kolkata ₹2.4 Lakh
Noida ₹13.3 Lakh
Hyderabad ₹8.5 Lakh
Chandigarh ₹15.6 Lakh

How does experience affect Corporate Lawyer salary?

corporate lawyer salary india by experience

Experience Salary
1 Year ₹4.5 Lakh
2 Year ₹5.5 Lakh
3 Year ₹5.7 Lakh
4 Year ₹5.9 Lakh
5 Year ₹6.1 Lakh
6 Year ₹7.7 Lakh
7 Year ₹8.9 Lakh
10 Year ₹13.2 Lakh

Corporate Lawyer salary based on industries

Industry Salary
Legal ₹13.3 Lakh
IT Services & Consulting ₹3.3 Lakh
Manufacturing ₹4.0 Lakh
Pharma ₹4.0 Lakh
Fashion & Textile ₹9.5 Lakh
Insurance ₹7.3 Lakh

9. Take up a Career in Hotel Management

Enrolling your name to a hotel management course abroad after a bachelor of business administration is one of the in-demand career options after BBA. It helps you gain insight into the business and management aspects of the hospitality industry. With the growing prominence of the hospitality industry, hotels and lodging have emerged at lightning speed. As per reports, hotel and hospitality management have offered excellent opportunities to several countries (like the USA, the UK, Canada, etc.) to offer quality courses.

With a hotel management degree after BBA, you can augment your proficiencies for roles around housekeeping, kitchen management, operational management, and other sectors.

  • Minimum Eligibility

A candidate who wishes to pursue a career in hotel management needs to meet some eligibility criteria. Considering academic proficiencies, the aspirant should have 10+2 marks from a recognized board. For a postgraduate in hotel management, you need a bachelor’s degree with 50% marks. If you take part in the interviews and group discussions, your eligibility for the course increases.

  • What You Need to Do

Hotel management degrees enable you to become a professional at managing a particular team with 10 to 20 members (or even more). So, it’s a huge responsibility. So, before you pursue your hotel management course after BBA, it’s time to learn the most important skills required:

Multitasking Abilities: Multitasking is critical for these candidates in case of unexpected situations that may arise all of a sudden. So, if you want to pursue a hotel management career after completing your BBA degree, it’s time you practice multitasking and start making well-informed decisions.

Emotional Intelligence: Between your intellect and real success lies your emotional intelligence. Without it, a candidate faces difficulties in handling conflicts. In addition, emotional intelligence offers a positive approach to teamwork and leadership.

Finance Management: Customer services are prime responsibilities, but finance management is equally important for a prospective hotel management professional.

Other quintessential skills that you need to enhance for a progressive hotel management career are people management, attention to detail, conflict management, and communication.

  • Application Process

If you want to explore opportunities in hotel management after completing BBA, you need to follow the application process offered by your selected university. It usually includes submitting educational marksheets, proof of BBA completion, and other documents for ID proof. A few educational courses need aspirants to have work experience.

Working as a hotel manager requires applicants to have communication skills. If you think you need expert guidance with communication, enroll in a business communication certification from upGrad. The program works on improving a candidate’s upward, downward, lateral, and external communication for high-level jobs.

Average Hotel Management Salary

hotel management salary india
Hotel Management Salary Based on Cities

City Salary
Bangalore ₹3.4 Lakhs
New Delhi ₹3.7 Lakhs
Mumbai ₹3.9 Lakhs
Hyderabad ₹3.3 Lakhs
Pune ₹3.2 Lakhs
Gurgaon ₹3 Lakhs
Noida ₹3.1 Lakhs
Kolkata ₹3.2 Lakhs


Hotel Management salary based on industries

Experience Salary
Hospitality ₹4.5 Lakhs
Tourism ₹8.5 Lakhs
Internet ₹3 Lakhs
IT Services ₹2.6 Lakhs
Retail ₹2.7 Lakhs

How does experience affect Hotel Management salary?

hotel management salary

Source: Ambitionbox

What to do next?

We’ve reached the end of our list of career options after BBA. We hope it will answer your question “What to do after BBA?”. BBA job opportunities are plenty. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or suggestions about this list, please let us know through the comment section below. 

For all young minds, wondering what to do after BBA, you need to check the amount of time, the difficulty level, and the price of the course, before deciding which course to opt after your graduation. Any of the above best courses after BBA are sure to land you a great job so that you can happily start your journey in the professional world.

You can also check out IIT Delhi’s Program in Business Analytics. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s and is always excelled in giving highly industry-relevant courses, Now IIT Delhi has partnered with upGrad to get these top IIT Delhi courses online. They have a variety of other programs like Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics etc.

Remember, you should choose a career option according to your interests. If you’d do a job you love, you would make progress faster with more ease. 

1. What is the role of a product manager in developing a product?

A product manager is responsible for interacting with and understanding the requirements of the clients for whom the product has to be built. They decide on the features that could be added to the product, the timelines, and the budget required to deliver them to the clients. They interact with stakeholders and focus on the vision of the product and the return on investment. They decide if it is worth developing the product based on market research and consumer needs. They work closely with the sales and marketing department and play a key role in beta releases and other pilot programs.

2. What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralised network that uses hashing to connect the various blocks to form a chain. Each block contains data, the current block's hash value, and the previous block's hash value. The hash is computed based on the data in a block's header. Blockchain is secure and reliable. It is extremely difficult for anyone to hamper the data in a block and go unnoticed as the hash value of the entire chain of blocks has to be recomputed even if there is the slightest change of hash value in one block. Some of the applications of blockchain are Bitcoin, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), payment gateways, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

3. What are the responsibilities of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officers?

IAS Officers are responsible for managing the State and the Union Government administration. They achieve this designation based on their UPSC scores. They look into the implementation of government policies, manage the budget allocated, and are answerable to the state legislatures. They also have the power to make decisions and conduct welfare programs for the district they are heading. They also represent the Government of India at conferences and discussions at the international level. They also ensure that elections are conducted smoothly and transparently in the country.

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