Career Options after 12th Commerce: What to do after 12th commerce?

Commerce is a popular choice among Indian students. As the demand for skilled Commerce professionals grows in various industries, students with a Commerce background are in high demand.

Commerce students can enrol in exciting courses providing them with the opportunity to become a part of this dynamic industry, including upGrad’s Management Essentials course. This course can provide a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals, thereby enhancing your knowledge in this field.

Students who study Commerce in their 11th and 12th grades can select from various university-level courses, opening the door to various career options. This encompasses diverse business aspects of Human Resources, Taxation, Law, Auditing, Finance, etc.

While career options after 12th Commerce are many, knowing why choosing the right career option from this diverse field is equally important. 

Why is Choosing a Career after 12th Commerce Important?

With the rapidly changing job market, choosing a career with the potential for growth and job security is important. You want to ensure that your chosen career is relevant and in demand for the foreseeable future. Doing so can ascertain a solid foundation for your professional growth and development.

Here are all the reasons why pursuing a career in Commerce can be rewarding.

  • Career progression: Commerce offers a clear career path with opportunities for growth and advancement. Students can explore career opportunities in accounting, finance, management, and banking.
  • Enhances business understanding: With proper Commerce education, students learn about the complexities of finance and business. It helps them understand the financial and legal aspects of the business.
  • Contributes to the economy: The Commerce and business sectors heavily influence the growth of the Indian economy. These students play an important role in shaping the economy by nurturing trained professionals who contribute to improving these sectors. 
  • Proper financial understanding: Commerce education is a great way to promote financial literacy among the youth of India. This educational path equips students with a comprehensive understanding of managing personal finances, making good investments, and planning the future. 

List of Career Options after 12th Commerce

You can explore several jobs in the Commerce field after 12. Here are some career options that students can consider after completing their 12th commerce:

Chartered Accountant 

Chartered Accountancy is a popular career option that many Commerce students pursue after completing their 12th. A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a financial specialist who manages client budgets, conducts audits, manages taxes, and develops business strategies. 

Investment Banker

An investment banker is a highly qualified professional who provides a range of financial services to businesses, governments, and investors. They assist companies in obtaining loans for working capital, issuing stocks and bonds, determining the market value of investments, raising stock capital, managing resources, negotiating mergers, and managing investments.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing the financial operations of an organisation. They produce precise data analyses to ensure long-term success and offer top management profit-maximising suggestions. 

Tax Policy Analyst 

A finance specialist called a tax policy analyst is responsible for studying and creating tax laws and regulations. They design and enhance tax laws. A tax policy analyst advises government entities on how to carry out financial and policy operations.

Human Resource Manager

A human resource manager is a professional responsible for managing the people or the human resources of an organisation. They are critical in ensuring an organisation’s workforce is motivated, engaged, and productive. 

They supervise and streamline the entire hiring process, including the interviews and onboarding procedure of new employees. They also consult with chief executives on planning for the future and act as a bridge between management and personnel in an organisation. If one intends to pursue a Commerce profession focusing on human resources, an MBA in HR greatly increases chances for employment.

Looking to leverage your commerce background? Dive into the wide range of career options for commerce students and unlock the door to numerous opportunities that await you in the business world.


An entrepreneur is an individual who decides to embark on the challenge and risk of creating a new business. These companies might start as part-time projects or full-time careers. Entrepreneurs launch their own companies and grow and develop them to be successful.

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Commerce Courses After 12th

There are a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees available to students after completing their 12th Commerce. Below is a list of courses that can assist in developing a successful career option after 12th Commerce.

Bachelor’s Degree Options After 12th Commerce

Here are some bachelor’s degree options:

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) 

This undergraduate programme focuses on topics like Commerce, Business Law, Economics, Taxation, Accounting, and Finance. Students with a B.Com degree will learn about basic business principles. The course runs for three years. 

Bachelor of Economics (BE)

The three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Economics, sometimes called BA Economics, concentrates on both qualitative and quantitative components of economics. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Statistics are all included in BA Economics.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

The BAF, or Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, is a three-year, authorised undergraduate programme focusing on accounting and finance with additional Bachelor of Commerce topics. After completing BAF, students may pursue a career as an Auditor, Accountant, Import Manager, Tax Consultant, etc.

Banking and Insurance Bachelor of Commerce (BBI)

This three-year, full-time programme comprises theoretical classes related to banking and insurance. The job descriptions for any BBI candidate include Financial Advisor, Accountant, Marketing Agent, and Sales Representative. 

Top Management Skills to Learn

Professional Degree Options After 12th Commerce

Here are some of the most popular professional degree courses that students can pursue after 12th Commerce:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

A three-year professional bachelor programme in business management is known as the BBA. 

The BBA programme offers knowledge and training in management and leadership abilities to prepare students for executive roles and entrepreneurship. The BBA programme provides job opportunities in various industries, including government, finance, education, marketing, and sales. 

Bachelor of Business Administration – Computer Application (BBA-CA)

This undergraduate course was created to help IT professionals to become leaders in the field. Learning this course after 12th-grade Commerce can help students learn various leading computer programmes.

Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business (BBA-IB)

A 3-year undergraduate course, BBA in International Business, is a professional course high in demand. It is an advanced study of commercial and cultural concepts essential for global Commerce, practices adopted by competitors worldwide, and more.

Chartered Accountancy 

The professional practice of auditing, accounting, taxation, and financial evaluation for an individual or an institution is called Chartered Accountancy. 

The duties of a chartered accountant include compiling and examining financial information and documentation, filing tax returns, assessing financial statements and business practices, establishing the business organisation with the government, maintaining investment records, etc. 

Curious about the most lucrative career paths in commerce? Explore our detailed guide on the highest paid jobs in India in commerce, and aim for a prosperous future in the business world.

Diploma and Certificate Courses After 12th Commerce

Here are some of the most popular diploma and certificate courses that students can pursue:

Diploma in Banking and Finance

A one-year diploma-level study in banking and finance is available straight after class 12th. The course covers all the fundamental facets of banking and finance. It prepares students for careers in banking, risk management, finance, investment, insurance, computer programming, information technology, and other related fields.

Diploma in Management

The full-time Diploma in Management programme emphasises the foundations of management. The main topics covered in a diploma in management include important management concepts, including human resource management, communication skills, financial management, accounting, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, and other elective fields of study.

Diploma in Financial Accounting 

This course covers the fundamentals of accounting for business, contemporary methods and procedures, mercantile, cash flows, financial statements, capital structures, and corporation law, and how to apply them to real-life business scenarios.

Some of the certified courses in the Commerce field after 12 are as follows: 

  • Certification Course in Financial Accounting and Taxation
  • Certification Course in Digital Marketing
  • Certification Course in Banking and Financial Services
  • Certification Course in International Trade Management
  • Certification Course in Stock Market Analysis and Trading

If you are a working professional seeking a course to strengthen your candidature, check out upGrad’s Professional Certificate in Global Business Management course.

Government Job Options After 12th Commerce

There are numerous government job options that you can explore as well after 12th Commerce. Here we have listed a few of them. 


One of the top government-level jobs available following a 12th grade in Commerce is the IBPS PO or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officer. Each year, over lakhs of applicants, submit applications for this position, but only a select few get to fill the available spots.

The IBPS PO Exam selects candidates who work for domestic, international, and private banks. The Probationary Officer post is an entry-level role for Commerce students.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

The nation’s tax rules and regulations are strictly enforced by the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). The Income Tax Department, the Customs and Excise Departments, and other revenue-related agencies employ IRS officers. 

They are in charge of establishing, accumulating, and applying taxes and duties. One must pass the Civil Services Examination (CSE) and select the Indian Revenue Service as their chosen service to get a job as an IRS officer. 

Indian Economic Service (IES)

The government has to get economic proposals and advice from the Indian Economic Service (IES). Several governmental agencies employ IES officials, including the National Sample Survey Office, the Planning Commission, and the Ministry of Finance.

They are responsible for researching the economy, examining all the data, and creating reports. 

Career Counselling After 12th Commerce

Career counselling after 12th Commerce is essential to help students make informed decisions about their career paths. It gives students a better understanding of their skills, shortcomings, and interests, as well as the career options that are readily available to them. 

If you are hoping to pursue a rewarding career after 12th Commerce, we recommend reaching out to expert career counsellors for the best analysis and guidance.


We hope our list of various career options after the 12th can assist students in making informed decisions about choosing a suitable Commerce career. Apart from extending lucrative opportunities, these career options are highly reputed and valued due to their immeasurable contribution to the Indian economy. 

Along with these leading career opportunities, candidates can also check out upGrad’s Business Analytics Certification Program after 12th Commerce to kickstart a dynamic career in business analytics. Specifically designed to nurture future industry analysts, this course is taught under the guidance of industry leaders and leading faculties to ensure candidates acquire the best of all in-demand skills.

What are some of the Commerce courses after 12th without maths?

Courses in the Commerce field after 12th without maths are as follows: Bachelor of Foreign Trade, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration.

What are some of the highest-paying jobs for Commerce students?

Some of the highest-paying jobs for Commerce students are Finance Head, Economist, Budget Analyst, Financial Controller, Investment Manager, etc.

Which is better, BBA or B.Com?

Go for a BBA degree if you want a management-related career. However, the ideal alternative is a B.Com if you are more interested in management, accounts, and finance and want to work in the business sector.

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