How To Boost Your Career With Digital Marketing Certification?

There is no dearth of online articles about how digital marketing has completely revolutionized the online job market. And of course, if you take a closer look at the way jobs are structured these days, you will quickly find out that there is significant truth in this statement. Increasingly, companies are now asking for people who have expertise in digital marketing, and under these fertile circumstances, it surely would be a bet worth making to complete a Digital Marketing Certification course online. Not only will this increase your pay scale and open up more career opportunities for you along different verticals, but it will also make you more confident about your position in the industry as well.

Types of Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Although there are a variety of courses available online, the best kind, of course, should manage to do two things for you:

one, it should provide you ample opportunities both in terms of theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in the field of digital marketing.

And two, it should get you access to a rich variety of alumni, who will not only serve as extensions of your current network, but they will also be able to mentor you in moments when you most require help.

One such course is offered by upGrad. It’s a top-notch digital marketing certification course, and it has been launched in collaboration with MICA.

There are various important factors about this course, and some of them are:

  1. You get certification from both MICA as well as Facebook.
  2. Once you complete the course, you will also get MICA Alumni Status, which is an achievement in its own right.
  3. You get access to as many as 15 projects as well as case studies, and these will prepare you for what will come ahead in your career as a digital marketer.
  4. You will also get a chance to work on two LIVE campaigns with an actual budget. This will not only bolster your experience but also give you a sense of how funds are allocated in big companies and what their expectations are from a digital marketer.
  5. You will also get a dedicated student success mentor, who will be responsible for guiding you through the nitty-gritty’s of the course, and to whom you will address your doubts.
  6. You will also get in touch with industry mentors who will give further assistance to you based on their extensive industry experience. Furthermore, you will also get a chance to polish your interpersonal skills as well – you can simply ask your industry mentors for one-on-one mock interviews as well.

Benefits once you completed the course:

Get started on the professional life

As the number of businesses looking to do business online increases, so does the demand for digital marketing professionals. In fact, in developed counties like the UK, the US, and other parts of Europe, there is a severe shortage of digital marketing professionals. In such a scenario, because the supply is so less, the demand is very high, and choosing this career path will pay dividends later – in the form of a stable career with a steadily increasing career trajectory.

Have multiple career paths

As a field, digital marketing is structured in multiple ways that keep expanding outwards. As newer technologies emerge, the scope of digital marketing continues to increase. To put this in context, as early as ten years ago, Facebook and Instagram were not considered to be the prime options for marketing that they are today. Similarly, with the emergence of AI/ML and other technologies, there is high demand for people who have familiarity – even mastery – of these technologies.

Earn much higher than others

There are many digital marketing professionals today who work without any sort of experience. That is not an ideal scenario for the company – in fact, most companies are looking for individuals who have already proved themselves, so previous work experience makes all the difference. However, if you have no practical work experience, a digital certificate can make all the difference – after all, the course offered by upGrad does have a practical component, not to mention a live campaign with an actual budget. Thus, the certificate is going to be your sure-fire way of getting selected!

The skills you learn

A successful digital marketer needs to understand multiple aspects of how things take place online – this includes, but is not limited to, SEO, SEM, and various forms of content marketing. You will have to have a significant common over all of these forms – and as your career becomes more and more specialised as it matures, then you will find that you’ll selectively hone certain skills over others because that will help your tasks at hand on the job.

upGrad introduces you to the basics, and you will find several tools that will help you get started in the online digital marketing world, like Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more.

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online


In six and a half months – the duration of this course – you’ll be placed in good stead to start a job in the digital marketing field. One of the best things about the course from upGrad is the reliability that it offers. It is absolutely certain that once you finish this course, you will have a whole gamut of opportunities available to you. From that point onwards, your destiny will be in your hands, and you will be able to choose a course for your career that will be the best for you!

You can also check out Digital Marketing Course from IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s and is always excelled in giving highly industry-relevant courses, Now IIT Delhi has partnered with upGrad to get these top IIT Delhi courses online. They have a variety of other programs like Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics etc.

Learn digital marketing courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

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What are the different types of Digital Marketing certifications?

Digital Marketing is not only the fastest-growing field in the world, but it is also the future of marketing. It is ranked as one of the most trending career sectors to work in. There are several different types of Digital Marketing certifications available online. Some of the more notables ones are:

1. The Google Digital Garage certification helps you understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing to get a good idea of how things work in the digital sphere.
2. Bing Ads Certificate aids you in learning how Bing Ads work. The course incorporates all that you need to know to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.
3. The Google Tag Manager certification is ideal for aspiring digital marketers and market analysts, and developers. It simplifies the tag implementation and management process.

What are the benefits of a Google Digital Marketing certification?

While several Digital Marketing certifications are available, Google's certificates are possibly the most sought after. Being an award-winning platform, Google’s Digital Garage certification has undoubtedly helped people develop their Digital Marketing skills.

The certification has multiple benefits, including helping people sell products and services on digital platforms while also driving free trade. But perhaps the most significant advantage is that once you complete the course, you will receive a brand-new certificate from Google that you can add to your resume or LinkedIn account.

Is a certificate in Digital Marketing useful?

With how Digital Marketing has dominated the online marketing sphere, a marketer needs to stay up-to-date on all the newest trends and practices. Though there are many ways to pick up on what is happening in the Digital Marketing world, getting a certificate is perhaps the best way to update and sharpen your Digital Marketing skills.

There are plenty of Digital Marketing certifications available nowadays, and with new marketing technologies constantly being discovered, the demand for digital marketers has grown exponentially.

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