Best Online Management Courses in India in 2022: Which One Should You Choose?

Management courses are one of the top trending and popular career choices of aspirants globally. After all, no other domain promises as many versatile and promising career options as Management does.

The job diversity, high salary packages, and upward-sloping career graph make Management a lucrative choice for anyone looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the industry. Learners don’t need to worry about the authorization of management courses online as online courses earned from reputed universities or institutions are globally acknowledged. 

So, you can find jobs both nationally and overseas. The best aspect about pursuing a career in Management is that the skills you learn apply to almost every industrial sector, and hence, your job search radius expands significantly. As for professionals, earning a Management degree means a step up the promotional ladder with a substantial increase in the annual salary package.  

Management courses aim to train students in the nitty-gritty of running a business, including business administration, business management, financial management, and business strategy and leadership, among other things.

The job of a manager is quite challenging. Thus, formal education is the ideal way to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills required to operate a business successfully. Management courses come in a wide range of specializations such as Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, IT Management, Healthcare Management, Finance Management, Business Management, Rural Management, Logistics Management, etc. 

Most Management courses are designed to offer all-round training to candidates to help them understand individual aspects of business administration and management. The idea is to build leaders who can make tough decisions, handle any crises, predict future risks, make actionable business strategies, and act as a role model for others. 

In this post, we’ll talk about the 13 best courses in Management in India that deserve to be on your checklist. Now, let’s get straight to our topic of discussion!

Best Online Management Courses in India

We’ve created a list of both short and long-term Management courses online to help make your choice easier!

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

This two-year online Management course allows you to choose from four specialization subjects – Business Management, Retail Management, Banking Insurance & Finance Service, and Information Technology. Students receive a PDGM certification from BIMTECH, one of the top private B-schools in India. A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a reputed college is a must for this course.

The course is divided into six trimesters during which students will learn Advance Analytics, AI and Blockchain, Service Marketing and CRM, B2B Marketing, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Software Product Management, Product and Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Risk Management, Big Data, and Integrated Marketing Communication. Learners must complete a case study and dissertion before completing this online management course.

2. PG Program in Management (PGPM)

This is an 11-month program wherein students learn about different matters, including business growth strategies, marketing strategies, leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking and planning, structured thinking & problem-solving, time management, and project management. You must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks to enroll in this course.

The course includes ten industrial case studies and offline Base Camps to encourage peer-to-peer networking. On course completion, learners receive a PGPM certification from IMT Ghaziabad. 

3. Product Management Certification Program

This six-month online management course includes 200+ hours of learning, 15+ case studies and projects, 15+ live Q&A sessions, resume building sessions, and mock interviews with industry leaders. Students can choose from three specializations in this online management course- Growth Product Management, Data Science for Product Management, and Digital Transformation.

Topics covered in this course are Introduction to Growth PM Role, Retention & Engagement Growth Strategies, Acquisition & Activation Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Product Analytics, Growth Loops, Introduction to Data Science PM Role, Fundamentals of Data, Analytics & Statistics, Data Visualization & Data Pipelines Introduction to Digital Transformation Consultants, Design Thinking for PMs, Main Pillars of Digital Transformation, etc.

The course offers 360-degree placement assistance and three years of unlimited content accessible to all students. This management course online is the perfect upskilling option for Project Managers/Leads, Technical Managers, Software Developers, Marketing Professionals, and Sales Professionals.

4. Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management

This short-term (5-months) course is designed for working professionals. This is one of the best management courses online which includes 13 case studies and assignments, two offline workshops, and over 40 live sessions with top industry mentors. Topics covered in this course are Blockchain Technology Management, Blockchain Network & Architecture, Blockchain Delivery & BRD creation, Blockchain Testing & QA, etc. You must have a minimum of two years’ experience to opt for this course. 

The course teaches students how to approach real-world business challenges from a Blockchain consultant’s perspective. After completing this course, you can opt for roles like Blockchain Consultant, Business Analyst, Business and Integration Architect, Blockchain Consulting (Solution Design & Implementation), and Blockchain (Program Manager & Product Manager). 

5. Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics

This 4-month IITD program is designed for freshers and working professionals looking to leverage strategic management to gain competitive advantage and learn state-based decision making to reach untapped customer segments to contribute to business growth. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 60% passing is eligible to apply for the Executive Management Certificate whose curriculum is backed by reputed IITD faculty and covers digital marketing, business analytics, and strategic innovations. The course spans 16 weeks and covers 70+ valuable live sessions, 23 industry-based assignments/case studies, and 1 capstone project.

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Why Management Courses Online?

Doing management courses online provides the following advantages

  1. Learners don’t need to leave their job.
  2. No need to relocate.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. Learn at their own pace.


Be it optimizing the resource allocation, handling the human resource, facilitating newer innovations, or engaging in revenue generation, businesses thrive only if the management wing works efficiently.

So whether an MBA graduate or someone who has acquired management skills by learning the ropes through industry practices, an adept manager can indeed make or break the fate of a firm. It is for this reason that management roles are not only widely prevalent but also highly sought after.

We hope our list of best courses in Management makes your search easier!

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Q1. Who should apply for a management course?

The specific eligibility for an MBA program depends on the individual university or B-school. But generally, graduates in any discipline with certain minimum marks should be eligible to take the MBA entrance tests for different institutes. Freshers who apply for management studies are generally interested in business aspects and administration. They want to chart out a career in which they can function across different industry sectors without confining themselves to any specific industry. Management is also a chosen career path for those who have several years of work experience, like mid-level or senior managers, and even those who have set out on an entrepreneurial journey.

Q2. Is MBA better than an executive MBA program?

If you are keen to pursue a career in business administration, you can choose an MBA or an executive MBA program. Those with some work experience can pick from both options, but freshers can only go for a full-time MBA program of 2 years. Executive MBA is designed for working professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders. Full-time MBA courses generally include a set of basic subject areas with specialization in the second, i.e. the program's final year. The executive MBA curriculum is similar to a full-time MBA but offers lesser elective options and is more focused on the core since it is specifically meant for senior professionals.

Q3. Should you go for an executive MBA after a regular MBA?

Going for an executive MBA after completing a regular MBA course can seem ridiculous at first. But earning both MBA and executive MBA degrees can be very useful. Senior working professionals typically go for executive MBA programs, which means you can further strengthen your business knowledge through peer-to-peer learning with more experienced people. With a more focused approach, an executive MBA can help sharpen the business insight you gained from your MBA program. So, going for an executive MBA program can significantly boost your career as a quality degree or diploma course.

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