5 Best Medical Courses & Certifications Online [2023]

The medical sector of India attracts tons of new talent every year and for the right reasons. It offers numerous career opportunities as it’s so vast and versatile. A career in the medical sector can be very fulfilling as you help people in fighting different ailments and medical challenges, giving them a better shot at life.

To pursue a career in the medical field, you must have the necessary qualification which you can get through completing the related programs. This article will help you explore the top medical courses online so you can pick the right program according to your interests. 

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Top Medical Courses & Certifications Online

The following are some of the most attractive medical courses in India. upGrad offers these courses in partnership with the University of Essex, which is ranked amongst the top universities in the world. It was rated Gold by TEF in 2018 and you get the advantage of learning from a UK-based university. 

1. Best Medical Courses For Nursing

PG Certificate Nursing

This is an excellent course to develop the soft skills required for nursing professionals. You get to learn critical thinking, management, organization, attention to detail, and many other skills to equip you fully for professional nursing roles. This course lasts for eight months and you get to choose from multiple healthcare branches according to your interests. 

PG Diploma Nursing

This diploma course lasts for 16 months and provides you with comprehensive knowledge of nursing. You get to learn the advanced concepts and practices in nursing and deepen your understanding of this sector. Like the certification course, this one allows you to pick modules according to your career goals and interests. 

MSc Nursing

If you’re interested in entering the medical sector then you should start with this program. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of nursing, what are its best practices, in-demand skills, and responsibilities. Like the previous courses, it also lets you customize your curriculum through modules. 

2. Best Medical Courses For Healthcare Administration

Certificate of Higher Education Healthcare Management 

This course is an excellent gateway for students interested in learning healthcare administration. You’ll get to learn directly from industry experts about the fundamentals of healthcare management and its prominent subjects including business management, finance, and HRM

BSc (Hons) Healthcare Management

If you want to pursue a leadership role in healthcare management then this is among the top medical courses for you. You’ll get to learn about the different challenges healthcare professionals face and how you can tackle them through effective management. This course gives you an in-depth knowledge of management concepts that you can use in the medical sector. 

PG Certificate International Healthcare Management

This is an eight-month course and gives you an internationally-recognized certificate in healthcare management. With this certification, you can pursue healthcare management and administration roles in foreign countries. It will teach you about the international best practices for healthcare administration, equipping you with the necessary knowledge. 

PG Diploma International Healthcare Management

In this 16-month course, you get to understand the concepts of management and leadership while getting to test your knowledge through assignments. The course allows you to customize your learning experience by selecting modules according to your career aspirations and interests. Like most medical courses online we discussed in this article, this one doesn’t require you to pass any exams. You’ll be assessed based on your written coursework. 

MSc International Healthcare Management

In this course, you’ll get to study directly from industry experts and professionals. Like the diploma course, this one allows you to customize your learning curriculum through modules. You’ll learn about the advanced concepts of healthcare management and develop key skills such as decision-making, organization, critical thinking, etc. This course also covers the primary challenges hospitals face and how you can tackle them as a healthcare manager. 

3. Best Medical Courses For Infection Control

PG Certificate Infection Control

This course lasts only for eight months and it teaches you all the fundamentals of infection control. You’ll get to understand how infections transmit and what preventive measures you can take to combat the problem or better yet, eradicate it. This is a particularly attractive course for working healthcare professionals who want to enhance their careers. 

PG Diploma Infection Control

This course gives advanced insight into how infections spread along with relevant subjects including public health, microbiology, and communicable illnesses. You also get to study the behavior of viruses and how you can prevent them from transmitting. If you’re interested in understanding the workings of coronavirus, then this is surely the right course for you! 

MSc Infection Control

With an MSc Infection Control certification, you can easily pursue senior roles in companies and medical enterprises. It can boost your career prospects even if you’re not in the medical sector. You’ll get to interact with industry experts and resolve your doubts through live Q&A sessions.

Moreover, you get to network with fellow students and professionals taking this course. As an MSc course, it lasts only for two years. After the completion of this course, you’d know how outbreaks start, what’s the importance of preventing them, and how you can stop them. 

4. Best Medical Courses For Public Health

PG Certificate Public Health

This 8-month course in public health will teach you the basic concepts of this vast subject. After completing this program, you can enter the public health industry as a skilled professional. The course doesn’t require you to crack any exams as you are assessed based on your participation in discussion forums, poster presentations, and assignments. 

PG Diploma Public Health

In our PG Diploma Public Health course, you get to study many subjects including biostatistics, health education, industrial hygiene, and more. During this program, you’ll get access to upGrad’s exclusive Student Support team to help you resolve doubts and guide you as and when necessary. Throughout the course, you will get ample chances to engage with industry experts in webinars, conferences, and journals to help you expand your knowledge sphere. 

Master of Public Health

Our Master of Public Health (MPH) course equips you with the necessary skills and expertise for senior roles in this industry. You get to study how public health functions in different areas of the globe, the current trends in diseases and how they affect public health along and how it affects your workplace. You get to study from specialized tutors and get access to our Student Support team for guidance and motivation. Along with access to journals, webinars, and conferences, you get a 1-year RSPH membership.

5. Best Medical Courses For Psychology

Certificate of Higher Education Psychology

This is a 16-month course and it explores the fundamental as well as advanced concepts of psychology. You’ll learn how people influence each other and how our minds understand different things and concepts. As a part of this program, you’ll get to work on collaborative modules that will help you understand challenging psychology concepts and test your knowledge. 

BSc (Hons) Psychology

This is a specialized Psychology online program that lasts for four years and is BPS accredited. After completing this course, you can pursue a career in psychology as a skilled Psychologist. This course offers many optional modules that let you enhance your learning experience depending on your career goals and interests. 

PG Certificate Psychology

In our PG Certificate Psychology course, you get to deep dive into psychology in a part-time, flexible schedule, without disturbing your personal/professional life. Apart from teaching you the technical skills required for becoming a psychologist, you also get to develop the various soft skills this field requires to stand out in the competition. Some of the skills you’ll learn include critical analysis, time management, communication, and research. 

PG Diploma Psychology

This 16-month course combines the theory and practical elements of psychology and allows you to become a job-ready psychology professional by the end of it. You get to study everything online including how to conduct and examine psychological studies.

MSc Psychology

With our MSc Psychology course, you get to study all the fundamental and advanced concepts of this subject. You’ll get to learn the various theories, understand them, and apply them across different scenarios. This course focuses on equipping you with all the in-demand skills for this field, allowing you to become a skilled psychology professional. After the completion of this course, you can apply for senior roles in psychology and related fields.


As we mentioned before, the medical sector is very broad and expansive. When equipped with the right skills and qualifications, you can choose from a wide range of versatile career options. However, before you pick a course or program, you should evaluate your interests and career goals. Try to answer some insightful questions such as:

  • What do I want to achieve in my career? 
  • What kind of work/life balance would be suitable for me? 
  • What do I want to specialize in?

If you can figure out the answers to these questions, you will be able to make better-informed decisions regarding your career choice. We recommend doing this because when you join a career that matches your interests, you would be happier, more productive, and stress-free!  

If someone you know is interested in pursuing a career in the medical sector, do share this article with them. It will help them explore the various opportunities this field has to offer. 

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