Which is the Best MBA Course for Working Professionals in India?

Initially, an MBA degree was something that students from all walks of life would aspire to obtain. However, an MBA degree is no longer confined to the students only today, there are MBA courses for working professionals as well. As the world around us continues to transform drastically even as we speak, so are the needs and demands of the industry evolving radically.

Today, just as students must gain advanced certifications and educational qualifications to prove their mettle, working professionals also must continuously demonstrate their competency in their respective fields. The adoption of innovative and disruptive technologies like Big Data, AI, and ML in the business environment is rapidly radicalizing the skill requirements in the industry. 

Doing MBA after working experience is better than doing MBA right after graduation. If you want to explore more on this topic, read about the best time to do an MBA in India.

The bottom line – there is absolutely no scope for stagnancy. If you wish to move ahead in your career, you must take active initiatives for the same and MBA course is the best because of its diverse and attractive career options. One of the best ways to acquire new skills that can help you create value for your company is to take up an Executive MBA (EMBA) course. 

What is an Executive MBA for Working Professionals?

An Executive MBA for working professionals is designed to help them move higher up the promotional ladder to senior-level leadership and managerial roles. Usually, an Executive MBA for working professionals allows them to accomplish their goals of higher studies, thereby enabling them to sharpen and expand their business and managerial skills.  Top Reasons to do Executive MBA

The best thing about an Executive MBA for working professionals is that any professional having around 2-5 years of experience can take up an EMBA program. However, the specifics of the eligibility criteria might vary from one institution to another.

upGrad’s Executive MBA with Specialization in Business Analytics is one of the most excellent EMBA programs in the country.  

MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics (BA)

upGrad is offering the MBA(Executive)-BA program in collaboration with the NMIMS Global Access School. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus Executive MBA programs across the globe. And the cherry on top – upGrad’s excellent flexible and interactive learning and evaluation systems allows you to balance your personal and professional life in a hassle-free manner.

Program Details 

upGrad’s MBA(Executive)-BA program guarantees to make you industry ready within 15 months. During this time, candidates undergo over 1000 hours of rigorous learning and training at the hands of some of the best industry leaders and mentors in the field. This program incorporates top-notch content taught in various forms, including videos, cases, and projects, assignments, and even live interaction sessions.

The program focus on equipping candidates with the core management skills along with the application of analytics in the various domains, including:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Human Resources
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Technologies 

The course is divided into five terms – 

Term 1: Managerial Economics; Marketing Management; Information Systems for Managers, and Business Statistics.

Term 2: Tools for Data Science; Business Problem Solving and Exploratory Data Analytics; Behavioural Sciences and Human Resource Management; Supply Chain Management, and Financial Accounting for Managers.

Term 3: Corporate Finance; Strategic Management; Exploratory Data Analytics, Big Data, and SQL; Machine Learning- I, and Model Selection & Advanced ML Techniques.

Term 4: Advanced Machine Learning; Marketing, Web and Social Media Analytics; Fraud and Risk Analytics; Supply Chain And Logistics Analytics, and HR Analytics.

Term 5: Capstone Project

Eligibility Criteria 

To enroll in this program, you must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks, with around 2-3 years of work experience.
  • A Bachelor’s degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from a recognized university with minimum 50% marks and a postgraduation/professional degree with minimum 50% marks, with 1-2 years of work experience.

upGrad Advantage

upGrad’s courses are very well-structured and designed to cater to the evolving needs of students/professionals, and its MBA(Executive)-BA program is no exception. Apart from 1000+ hours of learning, the program promises more than 200 hours of live faculty interaction.

Candidates get to hone their industry skills by working on 20 projects, with the 3-month Capstone Project being a part of the growing experience. Furthermore, you also get to indulge in one-on-one interaction sessions with top industry leaders. Learn more about the scope of MBA in Business Analytics.

To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, upGrad has a dedicated team of mentors who are ever-ready to offer 360-degree career support to each candidate. They also provide personalized feedback to each individual on their assignments and help them track their progress throughout the course duration.

To help students with placement, the faculty conducts mock interviews and resume building sessions. upGrad also hosts various offline events to encourage peer-to-peer networking.

On completion of upGrad’s Executive MBA course for working professionals, you can connect with over 250 hiring partners of UpGrad. You can choose from among a diverse range of job roles such as Business Consultant, Management Consultant, International Business Manager, Senior Business Development Executive, Brand Manager, and Account Manager, to name a few.

For working professionals, this course is an excellent choice because the weekly time commitment is only around 10-15 hours. This gives you the flexibility to juggle your work and studies efficiently. 

So, how about enrolling in upGrad’s MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics and taking your career to the next level?

Learn MBA Courses from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

Is it a good idea to pursue an MBA while working?

The best course for working professionals would be a combination of certain elements. Opportunity cost is certainly to be factored in. You need to understand whether you want to elevate your existing career or altogether change your career path. Thereafter, you can narrow down your choices and analyse which program suits your needs the best. This will give you the requisite push and provide the best value and experience from your educational investment. MBA while working allows you to make a schedule ahead of time to fit in all your life events.

What are the benefits of an MBA while working?

Earning a paycheck while doing an MBA program, is the biggest benefit of a part-time MBA. While being fully employed, you could gain relevant knowledge and progress in your career. What you learn during your MBA, can be applied immediately to your current role. That is a satisfying career in a big way. Many part-time MBAs can offer a robust and relevant curriculum. Flexibility of part-time MBA programs allows you to manage your time our way. It’s also possible that your MBA cost could be covered by your employer.

Which are the best courses for working professionals in India?

There are many apt part-time MBA courses for working professionals in India. You can look for an executive MBA that allows you to accomplish your goal of higher studies. Also, a curriculum that enables you to sharpen and expand your business and managerial skills can be picked. You can certainly look for a course offering niche specialisations like business analytics. Else, you can look for general specialisations like marketing, HR, economics, operations, finance, etc. It is important to find a course with an excellent curriculum and interactive learning.

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