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Having a Bachelor’s degree is the cornerstone of one’s career because it is the result of years spent studying and working hard to reach your goal. It is something worth being proud of and is an achievement of a lifetime, but the very thought about what comes next can be stressful.  

It is either going headfirst into the routine of a corporate job, and the prospect of earning adult money and gaining work experience at the same time can be tempting. However, in recent times, with the stakes of the competition to secure a stable job getting higher, many are opting for higher studies. A Master’s degree is anything but just a mere feather on your cap. If you grab the opportunity to further your studies by opting for a Master’s degree, you will have a higher chance of going up the job ladder, enhancing your career further.

Many sign up for Master’s programs while already being employed. This stems from the desire to achieve greater goals in the job industry through a promotion or to transfer from your area of focus to a new one. However, there are many other reasons to go for a Master’s degree, such as:

  • Better career prospects: We live in an era where the competition for a job position can get real. A Master’s degree can further your career by leaps and bounds. It will enrich your CV, making you eligible for senior positions in top companies. 
  • Expert knowledge: Getting a Master’s Degree means specialising in a particular field that you’ve already studied at the undergraduate level. There are two kinds of Master’s Programs. Taught Master’s, which is similar but more advanced than an undergraduate degree, and a research Master’s where one can work independently on a topic of their choice and study to publish a dissertation paper. Either way, both are equally valuable in making you an expert in your field and will help advance your career.
  • Develop networks: Studying a professional degree amongst peers and teachers of the same field is one of the best ways to build up a social network in your career journey. A cordial relationship with bonafide and successful individuals in your area is bound to help you know about more opportunities.
  • Individual advancement: During this course of study, you gain a sense of autonomy over your studies and research ideas all on your own. This practice indeed helps acquire the prerequisite skills for developing one’s individual qualities, like independence, motivation, time management, confidence in your field of knowledge, and sharing novel ideas when you meet new people. These qualities are all greatly required in one’s professional life.
  • Earn more: Further studies like a Master’s program isn’t cheap, but it all pays off once you enter the job sphere. It is more like a long-term investment because, as per statistics, it is a known fact that people with a Master’s degree tend to earn more than ones with a Bachelor’s degree. As an additional bonus, you are more likely to find a job you love because you are an expert in that particular field,
  • Become smarter: A Master’s degree is not just suitable for securing a high-paying job but also is a stepping stone towards a PhD for individuals wanting to pursue academia. One may not want to work a 9 to 5 corporate job and study or do research instead. Getting a doctorate is a sure-fire way to prove that you are an expert in your field of study, where you can continue researching specialised topics. A Master’s degree is necessary if you want to reach this stage because it requires your ability to research and gain knowledge individually, making you eligible for the highest academic achievement. 
  • Academic acknowledgement: The percentage of people with a Bachelor’s degree outweighs those with Bachelor’s degrees. Having a Master’s degree signifies your commitment to learning and is more likely to be recognised and acknowledged by employers. Many core skills developed while pursuing a Master’s degree are valuable in professional life.

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Top 5 Masters Programs By upGrad

upGrad has some of the choicest Masters Programs that anybody can ask for. Here are the top 5 Masters Programs by Upgrad:-

1. Master’s In Data Science: Masters in Data Science is a premium course to go for after graduation. We live in an era where the world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Professionals who have good organisational skills when it comes to handling this data to provide business solutions are in high demand. upGrad seeks to provide one of the choicest Master’s programs in Data Science for individuals looking to pursue this field. Premier Indian institutes like IIT Bangalore are currently offering this course and internships after course completion.

2. Master Of Science In Machine Learning: A Masters degree in Machine Learning (ML) is an advanced technical course about using statistical models and algorithms to facilitate auto-learning systems. upGrad’s premium online Master’s Courses in Machine Learning is sure to take you to your dream career destination.

It is a 4.5-star rating program where you can learn in-demand skills such as NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning from top tier universities like IIIT Bangalore, where you can work on multiple industry projects and programming tools. With an additional advantage of Mentorship sessions from Industry experts to help you grow and learn more, as well as guaranteed job placements, it is worth giving it a shot.

3. M.Sc. in Business Analytics: Business Analytics combines business intelligence and data analytics on a large amount of data to gain knowledge and strategise future business plans in accordance. This field of management and science specialises in utilising exploration as a method to analyse data and gain insights to plan and execute business goals in the future. 

In this course, you will learn how to optimise processes and increase revenue by cutting operational costs, predicting future possibilities and most importantly, improving customer relations. These aspects will facilitate building a foolproof and strategic business plan that will assure success.

A Master’s in Business Analytics will help you gain knowledge and training to develop skills for planning successful business strategies based on proper analysis of the data available. upGrad has some of the best Master’s Courses in Business Analytics from top universities like IIT, Delhi with the assurance of internship or placement after completing the course.

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4. Master’s In Business Administration: An MBA is designed to help graduates better understand general business management functions. An MBA degree can have a broad focus or a specific focus in accounting, finance, or marketing, and relationship management. upGrad is offering some of the choicest courses from premier universities. You can opt for various MBA fields such as Digital Finance And Banking, Digital marketing, or whichever course you will deem fit for you as per your qualification.

5. Master’s in Law: A Masters Degree course in Law, also known as LL.M., is a postgraduate degree that will give you in-depth knowledge about law and help you research and study as per your interest in any specialised field. If you want to pursue research and academics in law or become an advocate, an LL.M. degree is mandatory.

upGrad has some of the best LLM courses in different branches of law such as Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Corporate and Finance Law, etc., from some of the top-notch Law Universities like Jindal Global Law School to help you grow in your path to success.

1. How is a 'Master’s' and 'postgraduate' degree different?

A Master’s degree falls under the umbrella of a postgraduate degree but is more advanced than undergraduate studies or any other diploma course taken up after graduation. For instance, Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas cannot be classified as full Master’s degrees.

2. Which level is a Masters Degree?

A Masters degree is more like a second-cycle degree, which is above a Bachelors but falls below a PhD level or other doctorate degrees. People studying for a Master’s degree are mostly postgraduate students who are already done with their undergraduate degree.

3. What is the duration of a Master’s degree?

A full-time Master’s Course generally spans 1-2 years. Many even tend to last longer depending on the choice of subject.

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