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Are you eager to join IIT Delhi courses? If so, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll cover the latest management course released by IIT Delhi in partnership with upGrad. The Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Business Analytics covers the trending concepts and skills of the corporate industry and boosts your career growth. 

You’ll learn about the course curriculum, the offered learning experience, eligibility requirements, and a lot more in the following points. Let’s get started!

The Management Program for the Future

The Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics familiarises you with management essentials while teaching you the latest technologies and concepts of the field. After this program, you’ll know how to use strategic management to get ahead of your competitors, make data-driven decisions, and reach new customer segments. 

The program only requires you to commit 10 to 12 hours a week and lasts for four months. After completion, you’ll receive an executive management certificate from IIT Delhi. 

Companies are always looking for talented management professionals, and if you want to pursue senior roles in your desired industry, this program is perfect for you. The program equips you with some of the most trending industry skills, including email marketing, SEO, E-commerce, and many others. In addition, the program offers interactive lectures from the world-renowned faculty from IIT Delhi, making it one of India’s best management courses. 

Management roles are always amongst the highest-paid roles in an organisation. Now, let’s find out the course details.

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What you’ll study 

This management course lasts for 16 weeks and offers 70+ live sessions. The live sessions allow you to learn efficiently and understand complex concepts much more easily. You will also get 23 assignments and case studies during the program, which will help you assess how well you understand the concepts taught in the course. 

The industry projects featured in the project will also help you get real-world experience and learn the applications of the skills you learn during the program. The projects mimic the work you’ll perform as a management professional in the workplace and strengthen your digital marketing and business analytics knowledge, both of which are highly in-demand skills in the industry. 

You’ll learn about website planning, social media analytics, SEO, viral marketing, social customer relationship management, influence marketing, memes and content, and many other crucial subjects in digital marketing. 

Similarly, the business analytics subjects include regression, data processing, ANOVA, machine learning, data modelling, SPSS, descriptive analysis, PSPP, and text analysis. You’ll also study the art and science of innovation, how to gain and sustain competitive advantage, corporate innovation, and digital innovation. 

This way, you’ll be a management professional proficient in different technologies, which will help you make better-informed decisions and lead your team better. 

Eligibility Requirements

The program requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent marks. Eligible candidates can submit applications. Once they are shortlisted, program coordinators will interview them. After the interview, the final list of the shortlisted candidates will receive the offer letter. 

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How the program helps you 

The Executive Management Programme by IIT Delhi helps you boost your career growth by teaching you the latest and in-demand business skills. Freshers and mid-level professionals who complete this program will be better able to use data and make customer-focused decisions. The program will also help them drive more ROI on marketing. 

Similarly, senior executives will gain the ability to sustain a competitive advantage for their organisation and leverage innovative business models to accelerate growth. The program will make them familiar with the latest trends in digital marketing and analytics. All of these features, plus the fact that you learn directly from the eminent faculty of IIT-D, makes it one of the best IIT courses available online. 

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Management careers you can pursue

After learning the industry skills taught in this program, you can easily pursue management careers in various industries. Following are some of the top roles in this sector: 

1. Strategy consultant

Strategic consultants perform research and share logistics and statistics that help an organisation solve its strategic issues. They are responsible for developing strategies to maintain long-term growth. However, they might also have to formulate strategies to solve short-term problems. 

Strategic consultants work with clients to find the problem areas and develop strategies to fix the same. They identify, define, and set up processes to collect data that helps them develop strategies.

The salary of a strategy consultant in India is INR 13.42 LPA. Packages start from INR 6.16 LPA, going as high as INR 30 LPA, depending on various factors, including skills and experience. 

2. Management consultant

Management consultants help organisations improve their business productivity, image, and management. They are responsible for identifying existing issues and potential risks. They are experts in business concepts, organisation, and administration and use their expertise to guide companies in facilitating their growth.   

Management consultants earn around INR 11.7 LPA. Their pay range starts from INR 3.6 LPA to INR 30 LPA. Popular skills for management consultants include project management, business strategy, and business analytics. 

3. Analytics manager

Analytics managers coordinate the analytics tasks in their organisation. This includes making strategies for data collection, analysing information, conducting research, and employing analytics solutions for the company’s products or services. They also have to measure the efficacy of the analytics implementations of their organisation and look for ways to improve the same. Analytics managers give end-user reports about the analytics processes used in the company to the stakeholders and apply their statistical knowledge to generate quality insights. 

The annual compensation of an analytics manager in India is INR 17 LPA. Pay for this role ranges from INR 7.48 and goes up to INR 34 LPA. 

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4. Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing managers are responsible for maintaining the online brand of their organisation or clients. They manage their social media promotions, profiles and ensure that the company’s brand attracts more customers. Digital marketing managers also look after their clients’ websites and make sure they are search engine optimised. They manage a team of digital marketing professionals, including content writers, SEO executives, designers, etc. 

The average pay of a digital marketing manager in India is INR 5.48 LPA. The salary for this role starts from INR 2.34 LPA, reaching to INR 10 LPA. Important skills for this role include search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. 

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The Executive Management Program by IIT Delhi is certainly one of the best management courses in India. Whether you want to boost your career growth or transition into a new industry, this program will ensure that you are ready for any management challenges. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn directly from one of the top IITs! 

What can I expect from the Executive Management Program by IIT Delhi?

The program offers 23 case studies and assignments with 70+ live sessions to help you study efficiently and effectively. You’ll be learning directly from the esteemed faculty of IIT Delhi.

What skills will I learn in this management course?

You will learn about data analytics, strategic innovation, and digital marketing, all of which are highly in-demand skills in the current industry.

What careers can I pursue after completing this program?

After completing this course, you can pursue the following careers:
1. Digital marketing manager
2. Business analytics manager
3. Strategy consultant
4. SEO consultant

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a Finance Manager?

The one department omnipresent in companies across all the industries is the Finance department. The primary objectives of a business are maximising revenue and minimising cost. Many financial aspects need to be taken care of to achieve these very objectives. This is where the role of a Fiance Manager comes into the picture. They are entrusted with many roles and responsibilities such as financial planning, drafting cash flow statements, budgeting, and managing credit. They are paid a handsome salary and excellent fringe benefits for the same. The average salary of a finance manager is INR 11.2 LPA in India.

What do you mean by Human Resource Management?

Many factors contribute to a company’s success. Having an efficient and productive human resource is one of the most important determinants of a company’s growth. Human Resource Management is a field whose main focus involves effective management of the organisation's people such that they contribute their best to achieving the organisation’s success. A Human Resource manager's task consists of hiring talent, training them, and motivating them to achieve the desired goals. Companies are these specialists in large numbers for the vital role they play in the organisation. The average salary of a human resource Manager is INR 6.98 LPA.

What are some of the best institutes in India to study Management?

Management is one such field which has been on a growing trend for a long time. The rise of new companies and expansion of existing ones in recent years are contributing to this increasing trend. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of jobs within the sector is expected to rise at the rate of 9% between 2020-2030. Hence, many students in India prepare for various exams like CAT and XAT to get admission to the premier business schools of India. Some of the best institutes in India for management are IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Calcutta. Other institutes like XLRI Jamshedpur, ISB, and IIFT are also among the best institutes in India.

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