5 Best Machine Learning Companies to Work For in 2023

You’ve developed the skill, and now you’re looking for a place where you can use it.

You sit on your desk, you look up machine learning companies in India, and you get a shock. There are hundreds of companies to choose from! You have to choose from growth perspective, based on the machine learning engineer salary range, and more.

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How will you decide?

Well, to help you in finding great potential employers, we have created the following list. Check out these companies and give your career the kickstart it deserves.

What Makes a Machine Learning Company Great?

Choosing the right employer can help you a lot in advancing your career. Joining a great company will help you in learning new things, developing better skills, and grow as a professional.

That’s why you should figure out what makes a company great before you start applying for different jobs. There are many machine learning companies in India, so you should have an understanding of how to find the best one among them. 

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Here are some qualities you’ll find in the top machine learning companies:


Machine learning companies have to innovate and find new ways to help their clients always. If a company is not focused on facilitating creativity in its employees, then it can’t get ahead in the market.

Look for companies that take up unique projects or who have completed many creative projects. In such a company, you can expect to use your ML skills fully and create new solutions through the same. Creativity is essential for ML professionals. And it shows in the company’s work culture.

Challenging Roles

Machine learning can help different sectors in numerous ways. Because of its utility, it is used widely.

As it’s used in various sectors, it also presents novel challenges. If you work in a company that lets you tackle these challenges, you will grow phenomenally as an expert.

On the other hand, if you don’t get to face any machine learning challenges in your role, then perhaps you should look for someplace different, which can help you enhance your skill. The more ML problems you’ll fix, the more skills you improve, the better ML engineer you’ll become.

Growth Prospects

You should apply in organizations that offer excellent growth prospects, as well. If you can’t see yourself working at a company 5 or 10 years ahead, then you should look elsewhere.

There should be potential for you to grow and get promoted. Otherwise, you won’t have the motivation to give your employer your 100%. Nobody likes to get stuck in a position. That’s why you should look for growth prospects in companies as well.

Top 5 Machine Learning Companies in India To Work For

Here are the best machine learning companies in India for you to choose from. You can look for opportunities in these companies or use them as standards to find other quality companies.

Let’s get started:

1) Gramener

Gramener is a fantastic AI and ML company, which provides its clients with a data science platform to convert insights into stories. Its platform Gramex, lets users create visual representations of different analytics quickly.

 Apart from that, their platform facilitates collaboration and cooperation in their clients’ teams. Its founder and CEO, Mr. Anand, is among the top 10 data scientists in India. It’s a data-driven company, so any data professional would love working here.

It has offices in the USA, Singapore, and India.

2) Ati Motors

Want to enjoy the thrill of working for a disruptive startup? Then Ati Motors would be high for you. They are working on developing an autonomous electric cargo vehicle. Self-driving cargo vehicles can positively disrupt the logistics industry.

Founded by veteran entrepreneur and academic, Dr.Vinay and Saurabh Chandra, one can easily regard this company as among the best ones in terms of machine learning implementations. If you aspire to work on something groundbreaking and valuable, then you should give this company a try.

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3) Nebulaa

Nebulaa is an excellent example of how impactful machine learning could be. Their team has created the MATT Automatic Grain Analyzer, which uses AI and deep learning algorithms to identify healthy grains.

It’s a tech and agro startup aimed to help farmers and agricultural merchants. Nebulaa has already multiple awards for its revolutionary product. Due to the nature of their unique and compelling product, any machine learning professional would enjoy working with the team.

They have even been highlighted in Google’s Annual Event. So they offer excellent growth prospects and challenges to their team members.

4) ValueCoders

If you’re looking for a company that lets you solve diverse problems and enhance your skills, then ValueCoders is the place for you. They are leading the machine learning development company in India. They help their clients in leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for different purposes.

Developing recommendation systems, performing business analytics, and creating AI-powered chatbots are some of their specialized services.

They have been working in the IT sector since 2004. Their experience has helped them in creating a nurturing and active work culture in the organization. You’d certainly enjoy working in their company.

5) Pixel Crayons

Started in 2004, Pixel Crayons is a fantastic company to work for. They have an extensive portfolio as they are also one of the leading software service providers in India. Their machine learning services include robotic process automation, natural language processing, as well as data mining.

They have worked in numerous industries, and as a machine learning developer, you will get to learn a lot from their experience. They have served clients internationally, and as a developer, you’ll be taking on a variety of projects for them.

From marketing to HR, they provide ML development services in numerous sectors. So, you’d get a thorough learning experience there.

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Final Thoughts 

From disruptive startups to veteran service providers, we’ve kept them all in this detailed list. India is seeing a rise in the number of AI startups too. At present, there are around 1700+ startups based on AI

To enter into a big organization, a certificate from a reputed institution is essential. Check out IIIT-B’s Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning & AI and get job assistance from top ML & AI firms.

How much time does it take to learn machine learning well?

Machine learning is a growing field. More and more people are aiming towards getting job opportunities in this area. However, to learn machine learning well enough to land a job, you would need prior knowledge of various programming languages. In such a case, you will be able to learn machine learning within 6 months. On the other hand, if you are starting from scratch, it might take up to 18 months to learn machine learning well.

What educational background is required to do well in machine learning?

Most importantly, you should have at least basic knowledge of the different programming languages. You should also know about different mathematical concepts like linear algebra, statistics, and calculus. You would need a lot of practice to be good at machine learning. Having mathematics, computer science, or engineering with a specialization in computer science would be helpful for you to do well in the machine learning field.

Is machine learning a stress free job?

Machine learning is an excellent career choice. According to research conducted by Indeed in 2019, the top job in terms of compensation, job growth, and overall demand is that of a machine learning engineer. Machine learning is definitely a blooming field, but one might not get a stress-free environment while working in ML. Your area of interest matters as well. If you really are interested in ML and this is what excites you, you will not get bored of it. But if you are just doing it because the job pays well, you might find it very monotonous and thus get stressed about it.

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