Best Javascript Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]

JavaScript is one of the most widely-used scripting languages for building robust web-based applications used in interactive and dynamic content and graphics, validation, maps, and the like. With its versatile object-oriented features, this programming language has revolutionized coding and, at the same time, has enhanced the developmental process of applications and operations to a great extent.  

JS is the nucleus of all web-based applications; therefore, having substantial knowledge and skill is bound to give you good leverage when choosing between career options. It is an easy-to-learn scripting language with a plethora of uses like developing desktop and mobile apps, as well as dynamic websites. Therefore, working on Javascript projects will give you the hands-on experience you need to gain industry-level expertise and the skills required to nail a high-paying job. 

The list below extends some of the best JS projects to practice and enhance your programming skills. It has been divided into two sections; one for beginners and one for expert-level programmers:-

Javascript Projects for Beginners

JavaScript Calculator

This is one of the easiest and most common JS projects most beginners love to start with. You will need to use HTML and CSS for the superficial looks and beginner-level JS knowledge to build all components and their respective functions. The primary function that you will need to use is eval(), which is popularly used to solve JS codes. The display() function is mainly used to display the selected numbers on the calculator screen. This program works only for the mouse. 

JavaScript Weather App

This is a nifty and beginner-level app that displays the weather stats of numerous locations. Every time there is a change in the location name, there is a change in the weather display immediately without having to refresh the page. The User Interface is quite attractive. It is important to note that most weather apps use APIs that fetch the weather info. In this project, we will use the most popularly used API, i.e., the OpenWeatherMap. Three main files are primarily used in the creation of this app:

  • Index.html
  • main.js, 
  • main.cs

JavaScript Form Validation

Form validation is a handy element utilized in numerous websites to validate user information from the client’s side. This can include address, card details, etc. These validations are easily accomplished using JavaScript, and in this project, you will need to create a simple validation form. You will also need to use HTML elements to create this program.

Build an Interactive Landing Page

In modern terms, this project can be called a “cool” one, especially if you are looking to create a dynamic and attractive landing page for a website. In this era, we are constantly pushed towards making everything attractive and, most importantly, innovative. In this project, you will get hands-on experience in creating interactive websites. You will need to build a landing page with JS elements that will store your name and any written text written in local storage. As a result, it will show you the desired image and message based on the time of the day. 

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Build a Shopping Cart for Order Fulfillment

You can easily create a fully functional online shopping cart used for order fulfillment with even the basic knowledge of pure JS, HTML, and CSS. You will also be required to use jQuery, but if you haven’t learned it yet, you will be easily able to comprehend it without giving any effort. As the digital shopping experience keeps growing with an increase in demand, this project will enable you to grasp real-time, relevant industry experience, preparing you to easily take over complex job roles. 

Single Page Application

This is quite an interesting beginner-level JS project, where you will need to create a page that does not reload when you click on the side links but will change the content. eventListeners are mostly used in this project for changing the view from link to link.

Javascript Project Ideas & Topics For Experienced

Amazon Clone With React

Every established business or start-up now considers e-commerce as an important option. A large number of start-ups, in fact, have shown their interest in only doing business on an e-commerce platform. Since e-commerce has limitless potential, this project will introduce you to the practical nitty-gritty of working with an e-commerce platform.


As an advanced JavaScript developer, you can easily work on a game. All you need to do is create a graphical aspect and make it text only. In this project, you will gain extensive knowledge about working with web page components as objects are constantly moving in games. An additional advantage of building a game is that you will gain immediate user feedback and get to work on it to perfect it further. 

Quiz App

Building a quiz application is a surefire way to hone your skills as a JS developer. You don’t need to follow any real-life rules here other than the distinct ones you make exclusively for it. You will gain a significant amount of JS knowledge and experience from this project by being able to set a stopwatch for each question, display the final score once the quiz ends as well as help users learn through your app. You need to ensure that it doesn’t become a clone project. Instead, you can create an app that offers questions based on unique topics that will interest users or even add a feature where they can personally load their questions and answer.

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Music App

Apart from just front-end tasks, you will venture deeper into JavaScript in this project. Building a music application requires advanced JS knowledge to understand its workings on browsers. Usually, you will be required to use an API to play music from a server. However, with a music player, you can get users by creating a personalized song playlist that will appeal to them and enable them to stream songs. You can learn considerably from this project by incorporating features like loop and shuffle, timer, slider, and the like for a better user experience. 

File Converter

A file converter is a major problem solver. In this project, you will need to find a file that requires converting and create a tool that will perform exactly that. Working on this project will give you better skills in writing algorithms as per the requirement of the conversion’s needs and should be fast. You will learn about the deep-level workings of the file you are working with and even gain a substantial understanding in general about files. Working with files is a mandate if you choose to become a JS developer, and projects like this one are bound to give your confidence in your skills the boost it needs.

Interactive Map

An interactive map leaves you with ample room to channel your creativity. In this project, you will be required to create a map of your preference, be it for school, community, or just to build experience using JavaScript. Not many people might use this map, but you will get to learn significantly from this project and give your CV the fuel it needs to gain attention amongst recruiters. Needless to say, maps have become an integral part of most applications that you use today. Therefore, through this project, you can gain the experience and the potential to work on large-scale applications. You need not make a Google Map clone. As a matter of fact, you can also create game maps. 


The best way you can hone your skills in a programming language is to work on projects. Javascript is a conveniently easy scripting language to learn. However, rote learning only takes you so far. You will need proper hands-on experience if you actually want to work in the industry with your skills. Participating in projects will not only give you the practical skillset you need but will also give your resume a significant boost. If you are a beginner looking for a reliable course to start learning Javascript, you can sign up for the Executive Post Graduate Program in Software Development by upGrad. 

Is it possible to create apps with JavaScript?

JavaScript is most commonly used in cross-platform development that primarily involves creating mobile and desktop apps for deployment and download from the respective application stores. Hence, the answer is yes. JS is most popularly used to create applications.

What projects can Beginners participate in with JavaScript?

Some JavaScript projects for beginners are as follows:- 1) To-Do List App 2) Timer 3) Image Carousel 4) Resume Generator 5) Online Calculator 6) Browser Extensions 7) Budgeting Applications 8) Unit Converters

How long do beginners take to learn JS?

Most programmers usually take around six to nine months to learn how to program with JavaScript. However, it may take years to develop skills and gain proficiency in it.

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