15 Best Digital Marketing Ads Till Date to Fuel 2024

With the advent of OTT platforms, most people have shifted their interest from live TV to online streaming. This is why the marketing and advertising industry is now heavily investing in social media ads and online campaigns. As a result, the digital space has become highly competitive, making it challenging for brands to think of unique ideas every time. 

This blog lists the 15 most creative digital marketing ads to give your marketing strategies a creative boost in 2024!

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15 Best Digital Marketing Ads to Date to Fuel 2024

Here are the 15 best digital marketing ads that made a buzz online.

1. Cred Ad Campaigns

 If you are looking for digital marketing ad inspiration, Cred is the showstopper. Their funny and quirky marketing campaigns have been in the news multiple times. Whether it is Rahul Dravid having anger issues or Kapil Dev acting like Ranveer Singh, Cred ads have set a high benchmark in the digital marketing industry. Cred’s ‘Not Everyone Gets It’ ad campaigns have rightly showcased the brand’s concept to offer fantastic rewards for paying credit card bills.

2. Zomato:- Another Indian start-up whose marketing strategy is at par with Cred is Zomato. There have been long threads and numerous comments on Twitter and Instagram discussing Zomato’s wholesome content. The most creative digital marketing campaign of Zomato is the Zomato Premier League, where the brand tempted customers to order more food by offering exciting deals. They have also made the most use of copywriting and email marketing strategies to lure customers into placing food orders. Moreover, the best part about Zomato’s digital marketing ads is that they often engage with other brands, boosting their online engagement.

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3. Online Advertising Campaign by OLX:- If you want to fuel your 2024, digital marketing ads by OLX are worth seeking inspiration. In 2020, OLX launched a digital campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube showing chef Sanjeev Kapoor unboxing the products purchased through OLX. The campaign was launched to highlight that a pre-owned item can give the same feel as new products and how consumers can derive value from them.

4. Shabd by Truecaller:- One of the most thought-provoking online advertising ads in 2021 was by Truecaller. The company released a short film on YouTube showing how women are victims of harassment and stalking. In the short film, a woman with speech impairment faces harassment through calls and messages, fights for herself, and lodges a complaint in the end. The film also delivered the message in the end that women can block and report harassment calls through Truecaller. 

5. The Best Men Can Be by Gillette:- In 2019, Gillette launched a powerful and through-provoking digital marketing campaign with a powerful social message on YouTube. The ad garnered over 23 million views and 1 million comments! It highlighted the need to put an end to toxic masculinity. Even though the ad created controversies on the Internet, it received support from the vast majority of netizens.

6. Five-star digital campaign:- If you are a fan of chocolates, you must remember the famous tagline by Cadbury- “Eat Five Star Do Nothing”. Cadbury took its marketing up by a notch by releasing the news about the NothingCoin cryptocurrency. The brand informed how people can sit in the Five Star bank, do nothing and generate digital currency.

7. Vogue eyewear digital ad:- In 2013, Vogue launched its eyewear in India with a creative campaign on Twitter. Vogue announced a creative contest by asking people to guess their brand ambassador through mosaic tiles. People had to log in through their Facebook or Twitter accounts to participate in the contest and claim prizes.

8. Disney Hotstar:- Disney Hotsar’s #SiwaySRK digital marketing ad created a buzz on the Internet with over 30 million views on YouTube. In this campaign, the Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan was seen waving his hands and worrying about why he had not heard back from any show or movie from Disney Hotstar. The audience took this as a hint for the actor’s upcoming movies or shows on the OTT platform. It skyrocketed the platform’s consumer engagement.

9. Savlon #NoHandUnwashed campaign:- Savlon’s ‘No Hand Unwashed’ video on YouTube has over 16 million views and stresses the importance of washing hands. Savlon collaborated with an artist who lost her limbs, but that doesn’t hold her back – she paints with her foot. The artist was shown washing her feet with Savlon hand wash. She urged people to wash their hands to avoid infections. Savlon put forward a strong message that anyone can follow their passion while promoting its product with this digital marketing ad.

10. Dabur Modern Indian Woman Campaign:- Dabur’s Digital Transformation for Modern India campaign also gained the best response on the Internet. Being one of the oldest ayurvedic brands in India, Dabur shifted from traditional to digital modes of advertising. Dabur uploaded a four-minute video on the Internet saluting cancer survivors. The video had a compelling storyline that got millions of views within hours of uploading, further boosting the customer-brand engagement.

11. #BobbyMissing Campaign by Chumbak:- Chumbak is a home and lifestyle brand that used a social media marketing campaign to create a buzz around the opening of its new store. The campaign highlighted Bobby, a bobblehead character from Chumbak missing, and that he went to Delhi for its new store. 

12. Ariel Share the Load Campaign:- In 2018, Ariel stood out with its ‘Share the Load’ campaign. The campaign includes short films that show how women are the ones to do laundry in most households. The brand urged husbands and sons to help women with laundry and share the load. This campaign helped break gender stereotypes and promoted the brand’s ideology. Ariel received positive support on the Internet and got an award for best content marketing for this ad.

13. Dove Stop the Beauty Test:- Another creative ad campaign by a popular brand called Dove received a positive response in society. The YouTube video highlighted real-life stories of women who faced rejection in arranged marriages because of unrealistic beauty standards. This video has over 30 million views on YouTube and aligns with Dove’s ideology of evolving and inclusive beauty standards.

14. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Unplanned Campaign: In 2018, Bajaj Allianz launched a creative unplanned ad video on YouTube, highlighting the need for travel insurance to ensure that everything is planned. The video received over 2 million likes and thousands of comments.

15. KFC Design Your Own Bucket:- KFC India launched a social media campaign to increase its sales in India in 2014. KFC came up with different strategies like the Radio KFC RJ Hunt competition that received significant online entries. Even the ‘design your own bucket’ campaign received more than 5000 entries. Naturally, KFC’s engagement rate increased three times its average industry rate.

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The campaigns mentioned above tell that the majority of the display advertising ads that get the maximum engagement and enhance a brand’s identity are out-of-the-box marketing ideas that are either relatable to the audience, are funny, or deliver a strong message. Therefore, to come up with the best ideas, it is crucial to research and study market trends via data analytics to design compelling marketing ideas.

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How to create compelling digital marketing ads?

There is no one set formula for writing compelling digital marketing ads. However, there are a few essential steps that you can follow, like researching the target audience and understanding the kind of content that they engage with the most. The next step is to keep it engaging from the start so that the audience remains hooked. Also, you should try to invoke positive emotions in the minds of your audience. Lastly, keep a check on the KPI (key performance indicators) to measure the ad's performance.

What is the difference between digital marketing and digital advertising?

These two terms are often used interchangeably but are different. Digital marketing focuses on the entire brand's development and growth and focuses more on the customers' requirements. On the other hand, digital advertising is related to showing a brand's identity and is more brand-centric.

What is called a good ad in digital marketing?

A good ad in digital marketing is the one that receives maximum consumer engagement and helps generate leads for the business. However, the most critical factor is that a good ad in digital marketing accomplishes the goals of a business. Therefore, it is essential to keep the company's objectives in mind before planning digital marketing campaigns or strategies.

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