Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become some of the most sought-after skills recently. They enable businesses to create intelligent solutions for various problems and optimize their performance. 

Best Machine Learning and AI Courses Online

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday lives as well. From smartphones to search engines, AI-based solutions are nearly everywhere.

A career in artificial intelligence can be highly lucrative. While the demand for AI professionals is increasing as we speak, there’s a shortage of skilled individuals in this field. In 2019, the number of Indian companies working on AI-based technologies risen from 1000 to 2500, and the revenue of the Indian AI sector was a whopping $415 million. 

This is the perfect time to pursue a career in artificial intelligence. However, to start your pursuit, you’d need a certification. The following article will help you there as we’ll discuss the best courses for artificial intelligence. You’ll learn about their eligibility criteria, the subjects they cover, and how you can enrol in them. 

In-demand Machine Learning Skills

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Top Artificial Intelligence Courses Online 

Following are our top artificial intelligence courses online. While each of the following programs has its peculiar highlights, they all give you access to our exclusive career services. When you join one of the following AI programs, you’ll receive one-on-one industry mentorship, just in time interviews, career coaching, and access to our dedicated job portal. 

You’ll get unlimited mock interviews so you can easily crack the interview at your preferred company. Similarly, we have over 300 hiring partners at our job portal, where you can apply for your desired roles after completing the relevant program. 

You’ll have a dedicated career mentor who will help you track your weekly job application targets and coach you on your profile so you can transition into the AI industry easily. 

1. Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI

Our Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI is a 12-month long course we offer with IIIT-B. The program focuses on helping you transition into the AI sector easily. You’ll receive 25+ expert sessions and 40+ live sessions wherein you can get your doubts cleared while enjoying a personalised learning experience. 

Apart from live and expert sessions, the program also provides you with six capstone projects and 14 assignments. Working on real-world projects will help you learn the practical applications of AI technologies. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

We have designed this program for working professionals who want to pick up skills in advanced concepts such as graphical models, reinforcement learning, deep learning, NLP, and a strong foundation of statistics. 

Some of the subjects you’ll learn during this program are statistics, exploratory data analytics, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms & their applications, etc. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

The program requires you to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks with a mathematical or statistical background. You’ll also need one year of professional work experience in programming or analytics roles to be eligible for this program. 

2. Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI

Our Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI is India’s best-selling program with a 4.5-star rating. It equips you with the necessary AI skills for pursuing senior roles in the industry. You’ll be learning from industry experts from various reputed organisations such as Gramener and Flipkart. 

You’ll work on 11 coding assignments and 12 projects. After the completion of this course, you’ll get LJMU and IIIT Bangalore alumni status. The course offers 450+ hours of study material, 35+ live sessions, and ten capstone projects to choose from. 

We offer this program with Liverpool John Moores University. This program is currently the only MSc in AI and ML for working professionals. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

This course focuses on preparing you for senior AI roles such as AI engineer and data scientist. Hence, it focuses on familiarising you with the basics of AI with its related technologies. It includes top programming languages, Machine Learning libraries and Machine Learning tools like TensorFlow, AWS, Python, Keras, Flask, and MySQL. 

This program teaches you advanced data science concepts, including natural language processing, reinforcement learning, statistics, logistic regression, Naive Bayes, tree models, regression, and other relevant concepts. 

Minimum eligibility requirements:

You must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks, preferably in a statistical or mathematical background. It is recommended to have one year of professional experience in analytics or programming. The program is ideal for data, IT, or software professionals and engineers. 

3. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning

Offered by one of best public universities in India, IIT Delhi that is ranked #3 in Management by NIRF rankings 2020, this course spans 7 months but supports self-paced learning. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

This IIT Delhi program teaches you to develop ML and data mining models and implement ML algorithms to solve real life problems and make data-oriented decisions. It is designed for both freshers and industry professionals so they can leverage ML capabilities through in-depth understanding of mathematics, optimization techniques, and ML evaluation metrics. 

Minimum eligibility eequirements:

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Science or Commerce with a minimum 50% passing marks is eligible to apply for the course. It requires aspirants to possess competent programming and mathematical skills which are evaluated through a 40 minute entrance test comprising 18 questions. Your test score determines whether your application will be shortlisted.

4. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Our Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & Deep Learning will help you future-proof your career by learning these in-demand skills. We offer this program with IIIT-Bangalore. It’s a 6-month online course that you can continue without taking a break from your professional commitments.

This course offers 1:1 personalised mentorship from ML industry experts, 240+ hours of learning, and 5+ industry projects, assignments, and case studies. There will also be 15+ group (1:8) sessions with experts during this program. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

Deep learning is the field of developing programs that mimic the functions of the human brain. This program will make you familiar with the basic and advanced concepts of deep learning. Some of the top skills you’ll learn in this AI course are unsupervised learning, exploratory data analysis, neural networks, regression analysis, Naive Bayes, model selection, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and gesture recognition. 

Plus, you will get acquainted with the latest technologies of the machine learning and deep learning industry, such as Excel, NumPy, Python, Matplotlib, Keras, PANDAS, OpenCV, MySQL, and Scikit learn. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

You only need to have a bachelor’s degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks to be eligible for this program. 

5. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP

Our Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP course is a 6-month program we offer in association with IIIT-B. It includes 250+ hours of content, 24+ live sessions, 11 tools, libraries, and languages, 5+ case studies and projects. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

This course will introduce you to Matplotlib, NLTK, Python, Excel, PANDAS, NumPy, and other ML and NLP technologies. Some of the important subjects you’ll learn in this program are statistics, Naive Bayes, statistics, exploratory data analytics, logistic regression vs linear regression, tree models, SVM, and clustering and its types

The course’s different industry projects such as Investment Analysis, Build a Chat-bot, Telecom Churn Analysis, and Lending Club Project will help you use the theoretical concepts in real-life scenarios. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks only to be eligible for this program. 

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Technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain are becoming increasingly popular. Pursuing a career in AI will help you get lucrative salaries and help you have better job security. 

Do check out these AI courses and select the one that best aligns with your career goals. 

What is preferred to be learnt first: artificial intelligence or machine learning?

Any machine with intelligence is referred to as AI. Machine learning is a sort of artificial intelligence that learns on its own by experimenting and then making trends. Artificial intelligence is basically a part or application of machine learning. It is not mandatory to learn machine learning first, but knowing the concepts of ML will definitely help you understand the concepts of AI. Thus, you can start to learn about whatever you are interested in.

What kinds of jobs can I get by learning artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a rich area with above-average job growth, but it is a competitive industry. Roles in this field are extremely specialized, requiring a strong technical background as well as substantial hands-on experience. Machine learning is basically a wider field of artificial intelligence. You can work as a machine learning engineer, data scientist, data engineer, or data developer if you understand the principles of ML and AI. When combined with AI expertise, NLP and computer vision can help you gain better career possibilities.

Does AI guarantee a high-paying job?

In recent years, the area of artificial intelligence has bloomed more than ever. Students from all over the world are flocking to study AI and related technologies such as data mining and machine learning, as educational institutions around the world have introduced new degree programs in AI. While data scientists and machine learning engineers are two of the highest-paying technology careers in India, conventional technology jobs remain among the highest-paid in the United States. However, learning AI alone does not guarantee you a high-paying job. Your pay is determined by your experience, talents, team, and even job location.

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