Best Career Options After Graduation – Booming in 2022

India has an unemployment rate of 7.2% and given the current circumstances; we can all agree to the highly cut-throat competitive that has become essential for all career options after graduation in 2022. The rapidly changing society, lifestyle, and technology have impacted employment in the nation. While the millennials these days possess a wide array of skills and potential techniques that weren’t present a few decades back, the Indian job market hasn’t started well in 2018 and would continue to remain tight for the next times according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

In such times, coming across a well-paying, relevant and enjoyable job at the same time has become not only frustrating but also chaotic. We are surrounded by automation in everything and every day it is growing stronger; it is quite natural to feel the building panic to build a stable career in these terms. Many a time you may find yourself in a dilemma of searching answers to the questions: Is my field of a career going to stay relevant shortly? Am I staying ahead of the current trends in the current job setting?

While we would love to deliver you with a definitive response to your questions, we are also aware of something that you ought to remember throughout: Change is the only constant. To emerge as a winner and stay ahead of all the recent trends in the market, here are some of the best career options to sought after in 2019 that can help you take leaps by engaging in part-time/online projects prior settling down for your dream organization:

8) Financial Planning & Analysis

The Indian market is currently brimming with multiple financial products and services, right from loans to government schemes to help individuals to various funds. For the consumers to choose products and services best for themselves can be like a double-edged sword which needs the intervention and counsel of competent financial advisors.

With 81.7 million of active investors in the nation currently, the ordinary people are getting interested and involved in financial planning. This leads to a rise in the growth for CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professionals to assist them in wealth management, financial planning, asset management, etc. But, currently, there are only 1150 CFPCM certified professionals in the nation to serve a large population of 1.2 billion and more.

According to the trend predictions by eminent economists, India is soon going to be recognized as being one of the three most significant economies in the world in the next 20 years. This into the growing per capita income for the next two decades and would witness a constant need for highly skilled money managers making it one of the best career options after graduation with a scope of enormous growth potential in the coming times.

Qualification: Commerce Graduates, BCom / MCom / Postgraduates, MBA Finance, Chartered Accountant
Type of Jobs: Audit Manager, Credit Analyst, Investment Manager Insurance, Treasury Manager
Top Employers: Banks, Financial Institutions, FinTech
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 12 lacs (Graduates / MBA / CA) as per the highest qualification.

7) Product Management

Product managers mark as one of the 5 best career options in 2019 according to Glassdoor depending upon the hiring with more than 11,000 active job opportunities available across the world.

Not only this field of work is high paying but also with ample space for growth and development, thanks to the modern high-end technologies of Agile, Machine Learning and more. Unlike other job profiles, this position is a bit tricky as it requires the individual to take ownership of his work and be the ‘mini CEOs’ of the brand without being reported or getting acknowledged enough on the overall. Such brand men are responsible for the brand – from its sales, marketing to client relationships.

Because of such multi-dimensional scope of work for these individuals, the position of a product manager may be prone to subjectivity from one organization to another. Here are some of the core qualities and skills that you’d require to be a kickass product manager all along like Strategic thinking, Business mindset, Clear communication, Collaboration, Listening, Strong project management, UX background, Technical proficiency. And the best part of such a unique job profile is you can easily undergo a transition from other career paths into this at ease, especially if you have a knack for keeping up with the all-round development that takes place around a brand.

Qualification: Graduates, Engineering Students
Type of Jobs: Product Manager
Top Employers: Information Technology, Telecom
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 10 lacs (Engineers / B.Tech) as per the highest qualification.

6) Biotechnology

According to the recent reports by the Beyond Borders, the biotechnology industry has reached the profitability of $3.9 billion of net income in 2009 – the first time in history. While there has been more than many instances of heated debates of the industry’s inability to generate significant profits from itself, the fact that biotechnology is more critical than ever can’t be denied.

In current times, there has been a remarkable growth in the availability of several biotechnological products which can be life-saving now and unfeasible a few years back. The experts say that despite its flaws, the biotechnology industry will flourish as its products attract many willing financial markets which remain loyal to the industry since its inception. And as more biotechnology organizations mature, this industry would experience booming in its overall efficiency and profitability.

Qualification: B.Pharma, Medical, BAMS, BHMS
Type of Jobs: Medical Officer, Radiologist, Medical Reps
Top Employers: Pharma, Research & Development, Medical Institutions
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 6 lacs to 20 lacs (MBBS / B.Pharma / BDS) as per the highest qualification.

5) Computer Information Systems Management

If you have an epiphany about your career, then maybe it’s time for you to attain a science bachelor’s degree and work your way up to become a CIS manager. With about 5 years of experience, these professionals are known to be the rightful leaders in the organization with a considerable pay scale, and the current trends say that there will be a rapid growth of over 15 percent in the next 10 years creating more than 50,900 jobs by 2022.

Qualification: Computer Engineers / Electronics & Telecom Engineers / BE / Btech.
Type of Jobs: System Engineer / System Analyst
Top Employers: IT Companies like – Deloitte, IBM, Accenture
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 12 lacs as per the highest qualification.

4) Digital Marketing

In recent times, the world grows more and more digital with each passing moment and presents an enormous amount of work opportunities for people in the same industry. The digital economy keeps on rising to 10 times faster than that of the traditional economy and firms which get involved in the online trading are twice likely to be creating jobs than those that aren’t. While digital marketing continues to remain the buzzword even now, it has led to kickstarting the industry leaders come up with more qualitative work while small startups prove their worth by doing it smartly and budget friendly without compromising on the quality.

By 2022, more than 20 Lacs of people would be employed under the industry of digital marketing, and as it is a growing field, new opportunities and scope come and go, respectively. Since the skillset for carrying out digital marketing field of work requires a cluster of several skills, all different from another working together for the frequent target – the skillset is rare to find in an individual.

When the demand exceeds the supply, there’s a rise in the price. Companies, big or small, are willing to pay handsomely to such experienced, creative and certified professionals after a careful screening of skills on various projects.

Qualification: Graduates / Postgraduates / Management Professionals
Type of Jobs: Digital Marketing Manager / Performance Marketers / PPC Executive
Top Employers: Internet Companies, Agencies,
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 4 to 9 lacs depending on knowledge & qualification.

3) UX Designer

According to Indeed, this is one of the most popular job postings in 2019 in the USA with more importance on specialists in the field. With several businesses and organizations embracing the digital revolution, the need for valuable Graphic Designers shall keep on rising.

The UX experts are not only just the contributors but also are collaborators and discoverers on the global scale to the company’s brands and services. Therefore, there shall be a significant rise in the relevance of the digital design and UI/UX on the overall if you’re looking for a lucrative and exciting career path.

Qualification: Graduates / Engineers
Type of Jobs: UI / UX Designer
Top Employers: IT-Software / Internet / E-commerce Companies
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 9 lacs as per the highest qualification.

2) Software QA Engineering

To deliver high-end software products, the testing is required at the product’s development, release and acceptance stages. The scope of software testing is increasing according to market demand and also due to the latest revolutions in the IT sector.

Additionally, because of the existence of Big data, IOT, AI or cloud has made the software testing more meaningful and essential. But, the testing industry has now become too much competitive and evolved new paradigms at the same time. In the last decade, the profile of software tester has undergone a real transition, and the testing has become a show stopper for several product implementations. Businesses have realized the importance of the structured examination of applications before the release, and it pays well to the testers from one organization to another.

Qualification: Graduates / Engineers / Diploma Holders
Type of Jobs: QA Test Engineer, Testing & Implementation Engineer
Top Employers: IT-Software / Software Services
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 8 lacs as per the highest qualification.

1) Data Science

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One of the most in-demand jobs and is projected to grow over 15% in the coming years, that translates to nearly 364,000 new job postings by 2022. The fastest growing roles are Data scientists and advanced analysts that are projected to see the demands grow by 28%.

Qualification: Graduates, Postgraduates, Engineers
Type of Jobs: Audit Manager, Credit Analyst, Investment Manager Insurance, Treasury Manager
Top Employers: Banks, Financial Institutions, FinTech
Avg. Salary Range: Ranging from 3 lacs to 12 lacs (Graduates / MBA / CA) as per the highest qualification.

Upon choosing data science as a career option has a lot of scopes and would remain so shortly. The workforce requirements have changed from a new breed of professionals skilled in data, analytics, machine learning, and workforce development. In today’s times, data science jobs are known as hybrid jobs which require deep expertise in multiple functional roles and skills like SQL, Big Data, Predictive modeling, Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, R & Python programming along with hands-on experience in marketing, product management, and marketing strategy.

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