10 Best Business Management Tools to use in 2024

What are Business Management Tools?

Regardless of your business structure, handling multiple business processes simultaneously is always cumbersome. Moreover, sometimes, they even take full control over your sane mind. Situations like these need appropriate solutions, and the only way to get rid of such unwieldy operations is through business management software. 

Depending on the criteria of organizational requirements, one can choose the most competent business process management (BPM) tool for his/her firm that regulates business operations. However, the failure to use the tool for its designated purpose could prove wary. Therefore, you must understand the needful aspect of the BPM software that you put into practice.

Today, business management tools are a necessity for every business. These tools effectively calculate risks, implement efficiency, and get things done on time. The road that these tools have traversed has indeed been long enough, and therefore, it is making prospects better for growing businesses.

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Top 10 Business Management Tools to use in 2022

With the advent of new technology, the IT industry has seen significant growth in business opportunities. As a result of this, the need for BPM tools has increased tremendously. For easy navigation through the endless business management software, we have curated the list of best tools to use in 2022.

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1. Business Recruitment Tool – BambooHR

HR is the backbone of any company, and with every minute, the need for new talent continues to rise. Therefore, there is a constant need for accurate software that assists in recruiting employees and retaining them. BambooHR is the go-to all-rounder tool for HRs seeking professional talents.


  • You can manage employee data through Cloud DB.
  • You can track employees’ day-to-day tasks and activities.

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2. Project Management Tool – nTask

The nTask fulfills the demand for a project management tool solely dedicated to regulating projects efficiently. It checks off all the boxes of a perfect project management tool with its collaboration, planning, tracking, and managing features that never leave any business unfinished.


  • It uses the Gantt chart and timesheets to track and monitor business projects.
  • It provides access to accumulate feedback on various tasks.

3. Financial Management Tool – FreshBooks

29% of workers admit that accountability meddles with a project’s success. Managing invoices and accounts could sometimes be equivalent to raining hammer handles. FreshBooks proves to be the best financial management tool out there for controlling expenses and creating invoices.


  • It provides you with the feature of creating accounting reports.
  • It allows you to customize team permissions.

4. Business Team Collaboration Tool – Slack

Over 55% confirm that business objectives are quite often unclear to them. With an effective collaboration app like Slack, miscommunications can be thrown out through the backdoor. Slack makes conversation and communication easy and constructive. In any organization, information can slip through and is a very common mishap. Slack keeps you away from such horrors.


  • Its integration with third-party applications helps manage calendars and task-lists.
  • It has various communication channels for teams, personal chat, and project discussions.

5. Email Service & Marketing Tool – Gmail

Every strong and sturdy business management system has a fully-functional email service. Professional or personal, Gmail is the go-to BPM software for businesses and individuals.


  • It keeps you away from spam messages by frequently filtering them.
  • It offers different categories to segregate your regular emails.
  • It takes care of your Drive, Calendar, and Meeting link requirements.

6. Customer Support Tool – Intercom

Business functions thrive on numerous operations, and customer support is a crucial one of them. With tools like Intercom, providing customer support becomes a hassle-free process. Intercom is a blend of artificial intelligence with user metrics. The automation-driven software goes through customer profiles and goes to the extent of sending personalized messages.


  • It offers you live user data.
  • It supports integration with third-party applications.

7. Document Management Tool – PaperTracer

Documents are an integral part of any business. In addition to being the foremost source of information, documents hold the foothold that makes storing and organizing them a stress-free process. That’s why it is important to have the best document management tool for your business. PaperTracer, as the name says, assists in storing and retrieving needful data and information. 62% of companies with remarkable performance use real-time documenting tools and features.


  • It comes with the easy drag-and-drop feature.
  • You can keep track of all edits made in the documents.

8. Customer Relationship Tool – Bitrix24

Your search for a reliable CRM tool ends here with Bitrix24. Losing customers and gaining them back is a delicate process requiring undivided attention and time. Bitrix24 aims to provide document and task management solutions, team collaboration, and much more. Mid-sized to small-sized businesses can use this BPM tool for free and recommend clients with feasible outcomes.


  • It tracks team performance by scrutinizing their sales reports.
  • It has numerous available channels that allow making connections with customers.

9. Website Monitoring Tool – Google Analytics

Any business flourishes based on a majority of components; their professional website is the door to all of them. Creating a website specifically for a business needs time, devotion, and investment. However, it is crucial to determine its influence on the traffic, i.e., how much traction it is gaining over a certain time. Google Analytics monitors and gives you a descriptive analysis of your website’s performance. Based on the results, you can make improvements to driving more traffic.


  • It collects results from sources and tells you about organic traffic, referrals, etc.
  • The eCommerce tracking conversion helps improve your website’s fundamentals.

10. Cloud Storage Tool – Dropbox

Dropbox should be the first consideration for any business when trying to fulfill storage requirements. Safe storage needs are the preliminary requirements of any business regardless of any external factors. Dropbox is regarded as the most popular cloud storage tool that you will find in the market today. Plus, there is no better way to safeguard your sensitive data other than this cloud storage tool.


  • File sharing and organizing with Dropbox are quick.
  • You can restrict access to people who you wish to keep away from your business.

The competition in today’s market is intense. Every business is putting its best foot forward to make it to the top of the progressive ladder. The right business management software will contribute to increasing efficiency and will bring rock-solid results for your ever-growing business. Moreover, you can install these tools on your mobile device to facilitate tasks.


Factors like the overall size of your business, the operational industry, budget, and location should play a significant role in deciding the right BPM tools for your business. 

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What is the difference between ERP and Business Management Tool?

Compared to ERP, business management software/tools are a robust alternative. Their processes help in streamlining business mechanisms and collaborating with multiple organizations at the same time. In terms of scalability, BMS is a considerable choice. Also, over ERP, implementing and maintaining BMS is more pocket-friendly.

What is BPM software?

A BPM or a Business Process Management Software is a process automation tool that aims to address your daily tasks. It also lends a helping hand in getting rid of bottlenecks, managing business costs, and efficiently handling day-to-day activities. The four principles that BPM tools function on are modeling, managing, optimization, and automation.

What are some of the benefits of using business management software?

Though there are several reasons on how a business management software makes your task structured, some of the key benefits of using them are that the tools guarantee visibility between various departments, enhance productivity which in turn increases revenue, and automate most otherwise-manual tasks to bring about accuracy.

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