Best Business Analyst Courses & Certifications in 2024

As a seasoned professional in the field, I can attest that Business Analysts are professionals who meticulously engineer processes and re-engineer business plans for higher returns. Whether you’re starting your career or aiming for growth, the best business analyst courses and certifications in India are essential. 

Numerous certifications and free online courses in business analytics equip you with the necessary skills, from data analysis to problem-solving and business process mapping. Choosing the right business analyst course in India is crucial for your career path, considering the varying fees. Fortunately, online platforms now offer the best business analyst course certification in India for free, allowing candidates to learn without financial constraints. 

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Business Analyst: What does the role entail? 

Going to enroll in the business analytics free online courses but don’t know what the exact job role entails?

The role of business analysts in any company deals with bridging the gap between tech and the company’s business aspects using data. As the analyst works through consistent data flow to assess, cleanse and determine the essential, insightful data, they also use visualization tools to create value out of it with reliable implementation. 

The entire process demands thorough proficiency in technical and soft skills, though this is just a glance of what a business analyst works through. Here are various other responsibilities a business analyst manages under their job role. 

  • Data analysis, cleansing, evaluation, and compilation through analytics tools.
  • Knowledge of business operations and processes to find inconsistencies meant to improve.
  • Testing business processes and blueprints towards stable implementation. 
  • Data visualization skills to present retrieved data in a consumable form.
  • Knowledge of both technical and business skills to maintain a balance. 

Ensure you have the required skill set before applying for a job. Various online education portals can also help learn business analytics online free of charge, so make use of it!

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Eligibility Criteria

There are no definitive demands for accomplishing the business analyst course curriculum. It is available for study both offline and online. Aspirants must be fluent in English. Business analysts aid in problem-solving and assist businesses in making better decisions. If a candidate appears to be curious, the best business analyst training will be extremely beneficial to their career.

An aspiring business analyst may or may not have a tech background, but the required skills are necessary to fill in for the position. Certifications can help many such people to attain their dream roles, and a business analyst certification course from any reputed institute can enhance your value in the job market even more. Fortunately, many online platforms now offer a business analytics free course to help candidates learn business analytics free of charge!

Platforms like upGrad offer extensive business analytics free course, equipped with essential details to deliver basics and advanced concepts of the subject within a limited time. 

Reasons to become a Certified Business Analyst

Obtaining certification with a business analyst certification course, particularly at the professional level, widens your outlook. It’s because, while preparing for this certification, you will need to study several different initiatives in order to deal with a specific question or scenario.

Learning various problem-solving methodologies will force you to think outside the box and will prep you to be outstanding once you hit the real world. So, you must enroll in the best business analyst courses developed by upGrad.

You must comprehend that acquiring a certificate of completion, particularly one with broad consequences, has never been easy. As much as business analyst courses in India are not a cakewalk as it tests you on multiple levels, the obtained rewards are entirely worth the effort. Preparatory work necessitates a significant amount of effort and perseverance.

As a result, when you finally obtain this certification, the industry recognizes and applauds your notable initiatives. Recruitment agencies will never misunderstand you for a customary expert with an ordinary Business Analyst Certification if you choose the right organization to master it.

According to a recent release from the IIBA organization, the Business Analyst Certification results in 10% more financial advantages, especially compared to other sector accreditations. Aside from that, professionals who become certified have a better chance of securing improved and more remunerative tasks than their peers in related businesses. The business analyst course in India is recognized to add significant value to a specialist’s CV.

Thus, the points mentioned above appear to be quite persuasive when it comes to becoming certified in the domain of business analysis. That’s why many practitioners nowadays seek training from virtual academic institutions such as upGrad, which offer to assist you in obtaining the best business analyst certification. Enroll in the best business analyst course in India and be a professional with upGrad.

One in different paths

If it’s the former case, you can choose to get a proper Degree and complete the modules and programs to get the certification (in Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma Courses). But if you are from an altogether different background and are planning to step into the industry specifics, then it is necessary to get a Certification by completing a certified course and clearing the exams to prove your mettle. 

Another case is if you’re already in the field and have decided to switch paths. Then your profile will be the deciding factor for the second scenario mentioned earlier. A business analyst is a demanding job, and your potential employer needs to be rest assured that you have what it takes to fill the position.

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Best Certifications for Business Analysts

Whichever path you’re in, upGrad has specialised courses which will help you get the required certification for your career plan. Let’s talk about the best business analyst course in india

The best Business Analyst Certifications are:

  • Business Analytics Certification Program
  • MBA (Executive) with Specialisation in Business Analytics

Business Analytics Certification Program

Course Summary:

  1. Advanced curriculum sketched by management specialists
  2. Complete and Meticulous course with projects
  3. A committed student’s aid policy to solve your queries
  4. Vast networking with field experts

Highlights of the Program:

  1. Plan for Analytics Applicants
  2. 100+ hrs of Training
  3. 3+ Sample Studies & Projects
  4. Realistic hands-on Seminars
  5. Suitable Problem Solving Procedure
  6. Dedicated Mentor for Candidates
  7. Continuous Mentoring

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Fresh Graduates with A Bachelor’s or Diploma Degree
  2. Professionals- Executives or Managers
  • Industry Projects Offered:
  1. On-field industry-sponsored Business Analytics Projects
  2. Priceless direct knowledge
  • Program Advantage- Influential training with dedicated assistance to train you on the skills required
  • Program Fee- ₹20,000 + GST

MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics Course Summary  

  • Combines traditional business knowledge and advanced analytics.  
  • It extensively spans topics like Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, Strategic Leadership, and Operations. 
  • Data Science, Big Data Data analysis, Machine Learning, and Data Representation are specialized courses offered. 
  • One of the best business analyst course certifications you can pursue to stay relevant to the current market trends. 

Highlights of the Program   

  • It was created for working professionals. 
  • 300+ Hours of Training 
  • 8+ Case Studies and Tasks. 
  • Course Completion Certificate from LIBA 
  • 100+ hours of real-time discussions. 
  • Opportunity to select from three practical hands-on final tasks 
  • Interact with colleagues, academics, and industry experts to broaden your professional connections. 

Eligibility Criteria  

 A Bachelor’s Degree (in any field) with a 50% aggregate score at graduation. 

Program Fee  

 INR 1,50,000 (inclusive of taxes) 


Course Summary  

  • Being one of the top business analyst certifications, it strengthens the foundational understanding of business analysis among learners. 
  • The process includes identifying needs, collecting specifications, and evaluating solutions. 
  • Follows BABOK® Guide principles for business analysis, covering essential concepts, organizing, tracking, and collection, criteria life cycle management, strategy evaluation, and assessing solutions. 

Highlights of the Program  

  • Comprehensive preparation for the world-renowned ECBA certification from IIBA. 
  • 21 PDUs, 21 CDUs 
  • Complete the curriculum in a downloaded format 
  • Full test preparation and experiential learning program. 
  • Certification offers entry-level business analysis positions. 
  • Improves resume for prospective employers. 

Eligibility Criteria   

  • Candidates must have completed at least 21 hours of Professional Development (PD) training in business analysis during the last four years.  
  • This training can be obtained via ECBA training programs given by a number of companies. 
  • Agreement to the ECBA Code of Conduct.

Program Fee   




Corporate Member 

ECBA Exam Fee 

USD 195 

USD 350  

USD 150  


Course Summary   

  • This is best business analysis certification includes intermediate to advanced business analysis knowledge.  
  • Based on BABOK® Guide. 
  • Six knowledge domains include business analysis organizing, collection, standards life cycle leadership, strategy evaluation, requirements examination and design definition, and solution assessment. 
  • Improves proficiency with business analyst toolbox. 
  • Offers hands-on training for the practical use of business analysis concepts. 
  • Promotes ongoing enhancement of processes. 

 Highlights of the Program   

  • Get 21 PDs and 21 CDUs from IIBA® Certification.  
  • Examination preparation for passing the CCBA exam  
  • 24 hours of live, guided by instructors’ lessons. 
  • Access selected, IIBA® approved instructional materials. 
  • Comprehensive CCBA® assessment tests  
  • 180-Day Free Access to Live Training Courses  

Eligibility Criteria  

 To be qualified for the CCBA exam and become certified, you need to: 

 Work Experience:

  • Possesses at least 3750 hours of business analysis work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the last 7 years. 
  • Possess a minimum of 900 hours of work experience in two of the six areas of expertise outlined in the BABOK Guide or 500 hours in four skill domains.  
  • This work experience can count towards the 3750 hours of business analysis expertise.  

 Professional Development: Completing at least 21 hours of Professional Development (PD) training course in the past four years. 

 References: Two references from a career manager, client, or Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) recipient. 

 Agreement: Agreement with the CCBA Code of Conduct and terms and conditions. 

Program Fee   

CCBA  Member   Non-Member  Corporate Member 
CCBA Application Fee  USD 145  USD 145  USD 145 
CCBA  Exam Fee  USD 250  USD 405  USD 205 


Course Summary   

  • Offers excellent business analytical skills. 
  • Instructs on best practices for achieving desired business goals. 
  • Teaches fundamental Business Analysis principles. 
  • Consistent with the most recent Handbook to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) version 3. 
  • Provides expert accreditation to persons with considerable BA experience. 
  • Completing the CBAP course exam shows expertise.

Highlights of the Program   

  • 35 hours of live instructor-guided online instruction.  
  • 86+ hours of upon-request self-paced education.  
  • Case Studies, Examinations, and Quizzes. 
  • Get 35 PD hours, 35 CDUs, and 35 PDUs.  
  • Complete Exam Support   
  • 180-Day Free Pass to Live Classes 
  • Best business analyst course with placement 

Eligibility Criteria  

 While there are no requirements to obtain the CBAP certification online, prior expertise in business analysis and particular areas is strongly suggested. 

 To obtain the CBAP certification, candidates must complete the following list of requirements:  

Work Experience: 

  • In the previous ten years, you must have completed at least 7500 hours of BA job experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide. 
  • A required minimum of 900 hours of work experience in four of the six areas of expertise of the BABOK Guide v3, totaling at least 3600 hours out of the needed 7500 hours.  
  • The work experience requires major contributions to the entire course of projects, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of business analysis techniques. 

Professional Development:  

  • Completing at least 35 hours of Professional Development (PD) in the last four years.  
  • The hours gained should be useful for business analysis and can be obtained through various training courses, seminars, or meetings. 

References: Submit two references from a career supervisor, client, or Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) holder to demonstrate your experience and achievements as a business analyst. 

Agreement to the CBAP® Code of Conduct: Applicants must agree to follow the IIBA’s professional norms and ethical guidelines. 

Program Fee   

CBAP  Member   Non-Member  Corporate Member 
CBAP Application Fee  USD 145  USD 145  USD 145 
CBAP Exam Fee  USD 195  USD 350   USD 150  

Learn more about the program here.

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Benefits of Business Analyst Certifications

Various benefits of getting a Business Analyst Certification include:

1. Networking Opportunities

Getting certified business analyst certifications will have a high impact on your career growth. The networking possibilities are plentiful when it comes to profoundly planned and structured course maps from one of the best institutes the country has.

The strong alumni network, as well as the faculty reach, is widespread to serve you in its completeness. 

2. Adding agility to your career growth

Your resume will reflect brightly with a certified online course that you’ll be building on. It will add credentials to the existing profile and provide credibility to your learned skills and expertise.

3. Acquiring your dream job profile

You may be required to collaborate with various teams and individuals within the company. Many business analysts appreciate that there is no such thing as a typical day on the job. Every day, a business analyst faces obstacles to rectify, making it an ideal job for someone who values a challenging and creative working atmosphere and constantly wants to improve their problem-solving and critical reasoning skills. The right business analyst courses in India prepare you to take over the role smoothly.

With all the training in learning and skills that you’ve received, you will then provide yourself to the job that you have always dreamt of. The job profile you’re aiming for is highly demanding of skills and know-how of the industry. Needless to worry, because nothing better than a certified course to prepare you for it. Learn more about the career options in business analytics.

4. Visualizing better change to the existing career

The career change plan which you are expecting is very well reflected with the job opportunities you will be exposed to at the end of these certified courses. You can select the course as per your domain and then move ahead with the plan on your mind. 

Why stop envisioning a better future with the vast scope of possibilities lying ahead. All you need is the right track to your idea that is nurturing in the bud. 

5. Skill Development

The certified courses are so meticulously structured with the program syllabus divided into terms and assignments. These then include on-field exercises and exposures in seminar and training. The plan also consists of an all-round career approach to strengthening your resume. A designated highly-qualified mentor to guide you in the path ahead comes with the program.

All of it only equips with all the skills required to put the knowledge into practice.

6. Multiple Industry Exposure

With the highly experienced instructor’s support and program layout and the wide-network of alumni base, you will be exposed to different facets of the industry’s outlook.

7. Learning the Drill

The renowned faculties provide a high-level training exercise that will drill you with the basics of the business analytics program. This will further help you to be an adept knowledge possessor in the industry. The course also offers extensive exposure to on-field exercise, which will prepare you for the job ahead.

Learn business analytics free at upGrad

How to Prepare for Business Analyst Certifications  

 There are numerous ways to prepare for Business Analyst certifications based on what kind of credentials you want and your existing experience. This is an overview guide:

1.Select your target certification:

The most common choices include the ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis), CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional), and CCBA. All of these are the best business analysis certification courses. Each has unique criteria that concentrate on varying levels of skill. Understand their distinctions and select the one that best matches your career goals and present experience.

2.Know the exam content:

Acquire a certified exam subject outline or curriculum from the certification authority. This will outline the exact knowledge topics the test addresses, allowing you to focus your efforts.

3.Collect study materials.

Official materials: Many certification organizations provide official manuals of study, practice tests, and online educational resources. Consider these since they have been modified to the particular exam. 

 Books and courses: Numerous third-party publications provide preparation materials and online courses. Search for credible sources that reference the most recent BABOK Guide. 

 Online community & forums: Interact with fellow ambitious Business Analysts online to express your experiences, ask queries, and discover new resources. 

 4.Enhance your knowledge and skills:

 Read Related Books and Articles: Emphasize core Business Analysis ideas, techniques, and tools provided in the exam content overview. 

 Practice with Sample Topics: Use accessible practice examinations and examples to acquaint yourself with the structure and assess your grasp of it. 

 Engage in Hands-on Projects: If attainable, obtain practical experience via internships or individual endeavors where you may use your academic knowledge. 

 5.Evaluate career growth: 

  • Joining seminars, meetings, or webinars on Business Analysis can help you expand your expertise and network with specialists. 
  • Acquiring additional certifications related to the field of specialization can help you improve your professional profile and expertise. 

Is Business Analyst Certification Worth It?  

 Choosing to seek the best business analysis certification is a thoughtful choice that will enormously affect your professional path. Here are important elements to consider while determining the value of acquiring your choice of best certification in business analytics. 

 Your professional goals : 

 Entry-level: If you’re unfamiliar with the topic, an ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) can help you verify your knowledge of fundamental topics and improve your professional profile. 

Mid-career: CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) displays greater competence and dedication, potentially leading to more senior positions. 

 Specialization: You might gain an edge over the competition by choosing specialized topics such as Agile or Data Analysis and obtaining extra qualifications. 

Your existing experience: 

 Limited experience: Certifications might compensate for a lack of formal expertise, particularly in entry-level jobs. 

 Extensive experience: Certifications may be less important if you have an excellent record and demonstrated expertise. 

Your Job Market: 

 High demand: In locations where BAs are in high demand, accreditation may not be required. However, they remain capable of helping you stand out, particularly in demanding professions. 

 Lower demand: Certifications may be more beneficial in places with fewer BA possibilities, showcasing your dedication and expertise. 

 Your Financial Resources and Time Commitments: 

 Cost and time: Consider the expense of tests, instructional materials, and training programs. Consider the time needed as well for planning, which can be substantial. 

 Alternatives: Consider other types of professional growth, such as connections, volunteering, or taking online classes, which may provide comparable benefits at a lesser cost. 


We hope you liked our article about the best business analytics courses in India. If you are keen on upgrading your career with an Executive MBA course in Business Analytics, upGrad is offering the MBA(Executive) program in collaboration with the NMIMS Global Access School. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus Executive MBA programs across the globe.

If not MBA you can also check out certification in business analytics from IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s and is always excelled in giving highly industry-relevant courses, Now IIT Delhi has partnered with upGrad to get these top IIT Delhi courses online. They have a variety of other programs like Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics etc

If you want to learn business analytics for free, I suggest to check out our business analytics free online courses to upskill yourself.

How to start a career in Business Analytics?

To kick-start a Career in Business Analytics you must be proficient at problem-solving, Analytics, Data Visualization. Analytics as an industry is going to experience exponential growth. As data is the new oil, data-based decision-making is also increasing. There are two ways in which one can start a career in Business Analytics. The first is to get hired by a company where you can receive on-the-job training and the Second is to get certificates related to business analytics.

What is the future scope of a career in Business Analytics?

Business Analysts bridge the gap between an organization’s IT capabilities and the operations and business domains and contribute actively to its profitability and sustainability. A Business Analytics certificate adds agility to your career. Business analytics is one of the promising careers. Businesses, irrespective of the scale and size, are getting into the Big-data game. The average annual salary of a business analyst is Rs. 7,04,965 which is definitely going to face a paramount increase. To advance in your career check out upGrad’s certification and courses in Business Analytics

How much does the Business Analytics certificate cost?

The sale of business analytics courses is skyrocketing. Many professionals are opting for Business Analytics certification and courses to advance their careers. Business analytics certificates on average cost around Rs 25,000 and master courses cost around Rs 4,00,000. Harvard’s business analytics program costs $ 51500, IIM-A costs Rs 10L. upGrad has a wide range of certificate and online courses at pocket-friendly prices. There are various factors like university, duration which affect course fees.

What skills does a Business Analyst need to have?

A business analyst should have various skills, with a mix of both hard and soft skills. A business analyst must be able to think critically and analytically. They should also be able to familiarise themselves with the objectives of an organisation. It is important for them to possess good interpersonal skills. Communication plays a significant role in dealing with clients and all the stakeholders. A few other crucial skills are negotiation, decision-making, and performing a cost-benefit analysis. All of these require analysts to be spontaneous thinkers. Technical skills involve having hands-on knowledge of programming languages like R and Python.

What can I do after pursuing Business Analytics?

Having a good understanding and working knowledge of programming languages is in high demand today. All the big corporations need people who can effectively use available data to solve complex problems. Therefore, developing a combination of business intelligence and technical skills will attract more demand from prospective employers. Your job will be primarily office-based, but you might need to travel for client meetings. You can pursue jobs including being a Data Scientist, Management Analyst, Market Research Analyst, and so on. If you do not wish to work right away, you can further your education by specializing in a particular field of business or any other areas you are interested in.

What are some real world applications of Business Analytics?

Business analytics informs several industries. For instance, agriculture, finance, stock marketing, and healthcare make use of business analytics. Business analytics within agriculture entails analysing the effect of climate change, wind direction, soil parameters, etc., and predicting these changes for better risk management and also for improving crop yields. Within finance, a business analyst works to reduce issues related to finance such as detecting fraud, mitigating risks, optimising market campaigns, forecasting, and so on. A business analyst working with stocks helps to improve the organisation’s performance with respect to profit and business processes by analysing the market’s variance and trends.

Business Analysts are professionals

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