7 Ways Digital Marketing Certification Will Benefit Your Career

In the last decade, the world has changed a lot right before our eyes, and so have our way of doing things. One of the most notable changes is the advent and emergence of Digital Marketing. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of technological innovations and the adoption of digital platforms across all corners of the world, businesses of all shapes and sizes are inclining towards Digital Marketing certification to solidify their hold in the marketing world.

No wonder why Digital Marketing Certifications are among the most trending professional certifications today! As an increasing number of people are spending time on digital domains and online platforms, enterprises can no longer ignore the importance of the “online” presence. There are multiple reasons why the future scope of Digital Marketing looks bright in India.

As of 2019, the average Internet user has a minimum of 7 social media accounts, and nearly 22% of the global population is on Facebook. Not just that, 30% of netizens on social media mention brands while referring to significant instances in their lives.

Social media has given the modern-day customer freedom like never before — we can now voice our opinions, call out and reach out to brands on social media channels, get a personalized experience, and so much more. In light of this scenario, where the customers are becoming increasingly active in virtual domains, companies that aren’t striving to make their presence known to customers, are missing out on an ocean of opportunities. 

The bottom line is — Digital Marketing is the truth you cannot ignore anymore! 

Apart from extending your brand reach to a vast majority of the internet audience and beyond, Digital Marketing promises a much better ROI than conventional marketing methods. 

Who is a Digital Marketer?

Essentially, a Digital Marketer is a marketing professional who is into boosting brand awareness and increasing lead generation across all digital channels, including both free and paid channels leveraged by the company. The digital channels include the official company website & blog, social media, search engine rankings, email, and display advertising. 

Digital Marketers perform a host of diverse activities as part of a company’s Digital Marketing strategy. Some of their primary duties include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, measuring the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel, boosting search engine rankings, collaborating with like-minded influencers for influencer/affiliate marketing, and improved performance of marketing campaigns, among other things. 

The role of a Digital Marketer can be segmented into many smaller but crucial roles such as Content Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Copywriter, SEM Specialist, Inbound Marketing Manager, Marketing Automation Coordinator, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, to name a few.

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The Benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications

As more businesses enter the Digital Marketing field, they will further escalate the demand for skilled and talented Digital Marketing professionals who can add value to their business. The best part about Digital Marketing is that there aren’t any rigid prerequisites for entering the field. However, you must possess knowledge of specific Digital Marketing concepts and also have the requisite digital marketing skills to steer a company’s Digital Marketing efforts in the right direction.

The best way to gain both is to enroll in a Digital Marketing Certification course. Digital Marketing Certification programs are explicitly designed with Digital Marketing concepts in mind. Naturally, they offer the best ground to break the ice in the field. Also, you get hands-on training from instructors while working on real-world industry projects and assignments. 

To help you get a clearer picture of the Digital Marketing career, here are the top seven benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications!

1. Explore a Wide Range of Career Options

Perhaps the best aspect of Digital Marketing is that it isn’t restricted to one single field. Businesses in any and every sector of the industry can leverage the perks of Digital Marketing for expanding their business. Hence, with a Digital Marketing Certificate at hand, you can find job opportunities in almost every sector.

From large corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, to small startups and companies – you can find plenty of employment prospects in this line.

Moreover, Digital Marketing job profiles are highly diversified, so you can choose a profile that best suits your inclinations and skill set.

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

2. Increase Your Market Value

According to a 2018 report – 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends – there’s a growing demand for Digital Marketing skills. The report maintained that in 2018, 69% of companies decided to hire more marketers in 2018, with the highest demand being in digital advertising (45%), content creation and curation (42%), and content strategy (39%). However, the report also states that despite the high demand for Digital Marketing professionals, there’s a massive gap between demand and supply in this field – while the demand for Digital Marketing talent stood at 59%, the supply was at 19%.

In such a situation, anyone who has a Digital Marketing Certification will certainly be highly valued by companies who are looking to hire. This makes commanding high salaries much easier!

3. Receive High-end Salary Packages

Since Digital Marketing is an emerging domain and there’s a severe shortage of adequate Digital Marketing talent, companies are ready to offer high compensation to deserving candidates. The average salary of a fresher in Digital Marketing ranges from Rs. 1.5 – 3.5 LPA, but with experience, it can scale as high as Rs. 15 – 20 LPA and more. 

Usually, professionals having Digital Marketing Certifications have more advanced skill sets, and hence, they are in a position to demand higher salaries in exchange for offering their skills. Read more: Digital Marketer Salary in India.

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

4. Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Another perk of Digital Marketing jobs is that most of them have flexible work timings. Since the entire domain revolves around the Internet and Internet-based marketing concepts, physical location hardly matters. Digital Marketing professionals can brainstorm and perform their duties from anywhere, provided they have a good Internet connection. 

This imparts greater flexibility to you as a Digital Marketing professional. You can be at any location and still be able to do your job efficiently – something that’s missing in the traditional marketing approach.

5. Enhance Your Skills and Creativity

Digital Marketing is an emerging field, which means it is still evolving. When you enroll in a Digital Marketing Certification program, you are taught and trained to learn all the relevant industry concepts and skills. It puts you in the learning mindset, and as you learn, you become more and more interested in exploring the field. This offers an excellent opportunity to expand your skillset and gain new skills. 

By the time your Digital Marketing Certification course is over, you have the requisite knowledge, skills, and practical experience to help enhance the marketing strategies of a company. And since the domain is growing, you will find plenty of chances to showcase your creativity in different fields of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Free courses to Learn

6. Digital Marketing Certifications Have Become the Industry Standard

With the rapid growth of Digital Marketing and the rising demand for Digital Marketing professionals, companies are recognizing the value of Digital Marketing Certifications. In fact, many companies are even partnering up with educational institutions to design Digital Marketing Certification programs and courses for aspirants. By doing so, companies are seeking to reduce the gap between the demand and supply of Digital Marketing talent in the industry.

Thus, Digital Marketing Certifications have become a gold standard in the modern industry. So, if you have one, you’re golden too!


7. They are Cost-Efficient and Time-Savvy

From an individual prospect, Digital Marketing Certifications are the best way to acquire Digital Marketing skills in a cost-efficient manner. Since numerous institutes are offering Digital Marketing Certifications online at competitive prices, you can choose the option that best suits you. You can learn without spending a ton of money!

Online courses allow you to learn at your preferred pace and convenience. You can learn from the comfort of your home, without having to spend time traveling to colleges/universities to study. Hence, it is a time-savvy option both for students and professionals alike. 

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To conclude, a Digital Marketing Certification is proof of your commitment and dedication to take initiatives to upskill yourself. While job hunting, this works in your favor — companies are likely to hire candidates who have advanced industry certifications than those who don’t (even if they have the same educational qualifications). Needless to say, a Digital Marketing Certification makes you a competent candidate in the field of Digital Marketing. 

The career opportunities in digital marketing are plenty; you get to choose what you want to become. If you are curious to get into the world of digital marketing, check out upGrad & MICA’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication.

You can also check out Certification in Digital Marketing from IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s and is always excelled in giving highly industry-relevant courses, Now IIT Delhi has partnered with upGrad to get these top IIT Delhi courses online. They have a variety of other programs like Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics etc.

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Is a digital marketing certification useful?

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing verticals today and businesses of all sizes are implementing these techniques in some form or the other. There is an indication of employment generation in this segment too.

If your aim is to achieve specific career goals in a short period of time, then pursuing a professional certification in digital marketing is a great idea. Digital marketing courses have been designed with industry demands in mind.

The majority of digital marketing courses give you a general overview of all digital verticals. Plus, the domain itself is so dynamic that you pretty much learn something new every day.

Are digital marketing courses recognised?

Digital marketing courses that you do from recognised and credible institutions carry a lot of weight. Several multinational companies are hiring such professionals who have taken the pains to get a qualification in the field of digital marketing.

Unquestionably there is a huge gap in the supply of such qualified digital marketers in terms of the current demand figures. Therefore, with a certification under your belt, your skills are bound to be more widely accepted and recognised.

How can working professionals take up a digital marketing certification course?

Most digital marketing courses delivered online offer a flexible schedule to their students. Not only do you get the flexibility of time, but also of location and device. All for the price of a good internet connection.

These classes are usually pre-recorded sessions that are delivered by trained professionals, university bog-wigs and industry experts.

This makes it ideal for working professionals who wish to get qualified without having to leave their present employment.

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