6 Benefits & Challenges of Online Education in 2023

It is a story of an employee severely let down by their boss. The boss remarked that they didn’t have any certificate validating her skills. They didn’t dissolve in the grief but took it up as a challenge to furnish a certificate and win the responsibility. After scouring the Internet, they were overwhelmed to find hundreds of e-learning programs. Now they were unsure about the program to sign up for. Or you are looking for online programs with a high salary

So, here you are amidst scores of online educational and professional programs that have made knowledge both accessible and affordable. Name a subject, an area of curiosity, an opportunity to develop your skills, you have all of it online. From serious degree programs to short professional certificate programs, you have myriad options to select from to embellish your resume to attract the right job. Read more about the practical advantages of online education.

Now that we are aware of e-learning, can we introspect both benefits and challenges? Let’s do it.

Benefits & Challenges of Online Education

1. Variety of Courses

From nursing to neuroscience to certification as a life coach, e-learning has democratized education. This accessibility has dwindled the reason for attending a traditional college/university. Students from anywhere can study from anywhere at a fraction of cost at their convenience. What’s the catch then?

Well, if you have anything to lose, it would be the experience of traffic that consumes both your energy and finance. Some may argue the lack of in-person interaction with peers and professors but can one deny such communication not being facilitated over the Internet? Webinars, real-time classroom interaction, and group discussions through live platforms is the best noise reduction.

2. Value for Money

In India, it is a fact that many professors lack accountability. While they are scheduled for a class somewhere, they will be busy attending a family part or engage in a tiff with a staff-room member. Dear, does it hurt if you don’t get to realize the value for money you invested?

In contrast to that, an online program doesn’t require you to run after a professor for correcting the papers or clarifying doubts. The loss could also be not having a good fight with a fellow learner who avails exclusive tuition from the designated professor biased toward you since you can’t afford extra fees.

3. Faculty Feedback

Think how easy it has become to report on an educator’s credibility when you have signed up for an online program. E-learning businesses are very competitive in this matter as they have to safeguard their businesses. They ensure stricter quality control measure. You can anonymously report an educator who can’t deliver to your requirement.

When offline, you have no room to comment on your professor’s efficiency. While many universities in the US and the UK encourage feedback for their faculty, in India, it is still very conservative. Here, feedback hardly remains transactional and escalates into a bitter experience. 

4. Room for All

Of all things, you bet that e-learning is very accommodating. Whether you have to take care of your ageing parents or your toddler or pets, you can do things simultaneously. If you are already in a profession and can’t afford time for an on-campus program, e-learning simulates the world for you.

Any cons? Well, this is subjective. While most people are adept at multi-tasking, some are unable to. For some, not being in a classroom is disorienting. Can this be overcome? If you believe, you can convert this drawback into a skill, you go winner!

5. Age no Bar

In many American and British universities, age is not a concern at all. Matter of fact, people roll into academics post 50. Isn’t that incredible? It helps them engage with the younger generation while feeding personal curiosity for knowledge. This is the case with e-learning as well; no one questions your age.

Con? Well, if your classmate is older to you, their experience of life could be intimidating in solving classroom lessons. Imagine being a fresher solving the same problem also answered by an experienced individual. But yes, this con is not strong enough if you are open to learning and learn without any biases. Your interaction with the senior classmates will fetch you lessons that could otherwise never afford.

6. World Classroom

At any given point of time, diversity on an e-learning platform is a steal deal. We at upGrad, take immense pride when our students write to us thanking for their experience of learning with a fellow student who is already a CEO or an angel investor. 

This certainly has a con. You will never know how you’d lose your shy personality and emerge as a more confident individual who wouldn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade and demand respect at par experienced workplace professionals. Your subject confidence could also intimidate many colleagues, and the victory could be a lonesome start off. Did you say, “That’s fine”? Well, yes, that should be fine. After all, every venture starts alone gathering the crowd only when it has reached the summit.

Wrapping Up

Confused about where to get started? Check our range of incredible online courses that’ll rebrand you as an industry thought leader. Feel free to contact us to help you select your career path. 

Do employers accept online degrees?

We all know that new learning innovations are regarded with mistrust, but resistance fades when approaches become more widespread to benefit the learning audience. This is the situation with online education. Nowadays, many people opt for online courses, whether they are employers who are learning to enhance their careers for freshers. Since many employers are familiar with the fact that online degrees hold equal weightage with traditional degrees, the chances of online degree holders getting hired are better than ever before. Most of the institutions, including most public, non-profit, and renowned universities, now offer online degrees. As more firms invest in web-based employee training and development programs, online learning is becoming more common in the workplace.

What is the major drawback of online learning?

Every student who engages in online learning has real-life concerns or challenges that may hinder them from completing their education. Because online learning attracts students of all ages and occupations, these students may be under a lot of stress at work or at home. This might give individuals difficulties when learning online. The idea is for learners to overcome these obstacles without being too intrusive by having a flexible timetable and a number of various ways to study. Furthermore, the course or degree should be designed so that learners can easily fit online learning into their daily routine without feeling burdened.

Why prefer online learning?

There are many benefits of online learning. Firstly, many students prefer to engage in meaningful discussions to be online rather than offline mode. Online learning is very suitable for deaf or hard-of-hearing people. It is also suitable for people who speak many languages or for those who suffer from extreme social anxiety. Secondly, not every student learns in the same manner. In online learning, instructors can present the same knowledge using diverse media, and students can study when they're most focused and interested. This is all because online classrooms provide 24x7 access to materials and lectures. Online programs can cut overtime, distance, and other impediments to higher education. Those who work full-time, live in remote areas, or serve in the military may find this useful.

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