BBA Scope in India & Abroad in 2023 [Future of BBA Degree Holder]

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most coveted bachelor’s programs for students who completed their higher secondary schooling. This course aims to provide students with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to build a solid career in management. The best and most inviting aspect of a BBA degree is that students from any stream in their 12th can enrol for a BBA course. 

If you fancy business techniques and wish to learn the nuances of managing a business, the BBA course is just for you. The course will familiarise you with key concepts like economics, economic control, accountancy ideas, marketing, organisational management, and more through your course journey. So, if you feel you have a mind that can churn out business strategies or work on optimising business processes, the BBA course will set you up for a successful future of your choice. 

Besides educating the students with the nuances of management, a BBA degree is highly valued both in India and abroad. This is one of the few degrees which allows students to get high-paying management jobs right after bachelor’s – if the students have a knack for management. Further, since more and more companies are being formed every day, and all companies can’t hire MBA graduates, these companies allow BBA graduates to work in management roles and earn much-needed experience.

In most cases, the eligibility criteria for BBA programs are as follows: 

  • The candidate must have cleared the XII exam from a recognised university or board. 
  • The age should be between 17-25 years. 
  • Usually, the candidate should have 50% or more marks in board exams. However, this requirement might differ depending on colleges. 

This article will walk you through all the scope of a BBA degree in India and abroad. But before that, let’s look at some overarching benefits of doing a BBA degree. 

Note: The career paths and job roles mentioned in this article are based on the assumption that you continue in the management field after BBA. Apart from that, you can opt for numerous non-mainstream options after BBA – like digital marketing, data science, blockchain development, and more! 

Benefits of doing a BBA degree

BBA degree is perfect for students with an aptitude for a career in management – both corporate or academic. Here are some benefits you will avail while being part of a Bachelor of Business Administration course. These benefits, undoubtedly, will play a crucial role in your management journey going forward! 

  • Acquire experience: With the BBA course, you will get a chance to work on all the necessary real-life skills to work in the management field. Further, you will get a chance to work in strategic roles for different management tasks upon completing the course. This learning journey will transform you into a smart decision-maker. You will also get a fair idea of how different businesses work.
  • Pick well-paying jobs: Once you have completed your BBA course and acquired the BBA certification, you can apply for high paying jobs. Later in this article, we will discuss the different industries that hire after BBA, the different job roles you can look at, and the different specialisations you must know about. All in all, the job scope after a BBA degree is extremely bright, especially if you are a skilled and motivated student.
  • Gain hands-on skills: Whatever course you opt for, your main aim should be to acquire the professional, practical skills required to carry out the tasks efficiently. This is especially true if you are taking a management course, like BBA. The BBA course helps you develop all the skills required to face the corporate world. Furthermore, if you go through internships during your BBA, that will add even more to your skills, knowledge, and overall academic experience. 
  • A step towards independence: One of the biggest advantages of the BBA degree is that you get a chance to start your professional life early. The curriculum of BBA courses is designed to allow dedicated students to prepare themselves for an early, successful career in management. That way, this course sets you up for complete financial freedom and stability.

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BBA Scope in India and Abroad

BBA graduates can be employed for different sales, business development, and business management roles. Some companies also offer roles of production planner, supervisor, and administrator to BBA graduates. Many government agencies are also on a constant lookout for fresh, skilled BBA graduates. 

Here are some of the job profiles you can target after completing your BBA course, both in India and abroad: 

  • Business administration researcher
  • Business consultant
  • Finance manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Research and development manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Information systems manager

Some business domains where you can look for the jobs mentioned above roles include: 

  • Banks and investment firms
  • Marketing companies
  • Business consultancies
  • Financial organisations
  • Educational institutes
  • MNCs
  • Export companies

Here are some top private companies that hire fresh BBA graduates at high salaries: 

  • Genpact
  • IBM
  • TCS
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • E&Y
  • HDFC

Likewise, here are some international companies that hire fresh BBA graduates at competitive salaries: 

  • Cisco Systems
  • American Express
  • FedEx Corporation
  • Marriott International
  • BMW
  • Hitachi Group
  • Textron
  • Microsoft
  • Goldman Sachs
  • McKinsey and Company

This discipline offers commendable starting packages to freshers, generally ranging between 4-7LPA. As you gain more experience, your annual compensation will only increase with time.  

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In Conclusion

As we mentioned throughout the article, the BBA degree helps you strengthen your management skills, leadership skills, statistical abilities, and even technical know-how. The job opportunities after completing BBA are ample and well paying in nature – in both India and abroad. Further, if you want to stay in academics and study more, you always have the option of pursuing an MBA program. 

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