AWS Solution Architect Salary in US

The onset of cloud computing has revolutionized the tech market to seek out better ways to serve customers with high-end services. It’s not just an option but a necessity now for thousands of businesses to establish their lead processes on the web. Services like storage, security, networking, and remote computing are meant to be accessible. Therefore, the need to find the right candidate to handle such complex roles is growing too. 

An AWS Solution Architect is the one who monitors this domain with tech expertise and adds fluency in cloud computing services such as AWS. AWS Solution Architect serves as an exceptionally lucrative career with growing industry demand that will grow in the coming years. According to the Cloud Security Alliance, around 41.5% of the total cloud computing market is held by AWS. However, the market is failing to fulfill the need for AWS-certified professionals. 

Let’s dive in to know more about career opportunities as an AWS Solution Architect and what it offers to candidates looking to leverage a successful career in the IT industry.

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a broadly adopted cloud computing platform extended by Amazon. The service is extended on a pay-as-you-go format, allowing users to access the convenience of remote computing, data storage, and content delivery services. It follows an easy, one of its kind pay-to-use model which is easily accessible by individuals for personal endeavors, companies to set up their diverse processes without hardware investments, and governments to help them keep up with the IT modernization. 

Amazon Web Services offers certificate courses in diverse IT domains relevant to cloud computing. It allows candidates to equip themselves with technical cloud skills to help businesses set up their company models over the web, from storage to security essentials. The platform provides everything, and AWS-certified candidates offer businesses insights into leveraging these features for growth. The certification can be obtained following a three to six months long course concluded by an exam to gain certification.

Who is an AWS Solution Architect?

An AWS Solution Architect is an IT professional with AWS certification. They are technical experts who form the base of any company for cloud computing. AWS Solutions Architect plans out the architecture of a brand’s cloud resources and aligns it accurately with their cloud strategy towards smooth implementation. Solution Architects usually analyze the business requirements of any brand and help them acquire software or infrastructure aid for improvement. Similarly, AWS certified Solution Architects follow the same pattern but prepare companies for web presence and cloud computing strategies. AWS Solutions Architect is one of the most sought-after careers worldwide.

Career as an AWS Solutions Architect in the US

The US sees a brighter future for AWS Solutions Architect over the upcoming years with the expansion of cloud computing worldwide. In a report by Global Knowledge on IT Skills and Salary, the average salary of an AWS certified IT professional turned out to be 30% more than the average salary of an average IT certified expert. With AWS capturing around 41.5% of the cloud computing market, companies are seeking out candidates with AWS certification rather than its competitor brands such as Azure or Google.

Cloud computing is emerging as the backbone of companies, and the promising market trends are attracting more candidates to apply for AWS certifications for a brighter career opportunity. In addition, not only in the US but Globally, AWS setting up cluster data centers has led people to look into various AWS certifications as it draws greater chances for recruiters to consider their profiles over non-certified IT professionals. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary across the US

AWS is one of the leading figures of the cloud computing market. It delivers great benefits to its certification holders, which is probably why the highest salary for an AWS Solutions Architect is $170K+ per annum. The base salary for an entry-level AWS Solutions Architect lies near $77K a year. Overall, the average salary for an AWS Solutions Architect in the US goes up to $120K a year. The ranging salary numbers increase and decrease according to the skills and experience a candidate brings along with their candidature. 

The salary range is subject to change on a few other factors, including features like degree, work experience, designation, employer brands, and other job profiles in the same domain. However, among all of these factors, the job location is one of the most significant features directly affecting the salary range. 

Work location plays a vital role in defining the salary an AWS Solutions Architect is offered and the amount they are likely to increase in the coming years. Here are some of the regions and their varying annual wages in the US. 

Salary expectations for an entry-level AWS Solutions Architect to experienced ones vary greatly from place to place. The best way to bag an attractive offer at your dream place is to hold the right credentials and certifications. One can even bag a salary hike while working and getting certification at the same time to add value to their resume.  

Essential Skills to Become an AWS Solutions Architect

Being of the top in-demand skills makes AWS Solutions Architect a competitive field, as thought by many, though the lack of candidates with the proper certifications and ample experience makes it hard for recruiters to screen qualified candidates. Fortunately, you can seek a great career opportunity out of this growing market by performing well on eligibility criteria.

Besides holding a bachelor’s degree in a relevant IT domain, there are various other skills an AWS Solutions Architect must have to get through the screening process. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Proficiency in multiple programming languages
  • Understanding of networking services
  • Fundamentals of data storage
  • Official AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification
  • Cloud-specific infrastructure and patterns
  • Relevant soft skills


These are some of the key factors an AWS Solutions Architect must have to be eligible for the post. Of course, if you think your resume needs more certifications to bag better opportunities, we have your back!

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AWS Solution Architect is a globally sought-after career offering dynamic working solutions and an ever-growing environment to keep up with the market trends. As long as you hold the right set of practical skills with a strong resume, nothing is stopping you from seeking out an exceptionally well-paid position in the market!

Is a career as an AWS Solution Architect worth it?

The growing market of cloud computing and AWS’s role in the same is increasing demand for candidates eligible to manage the position as AWS Solution Architect. It is a lucrative career for people looking for more opportunities than simply having an average IT professional job. The future awaits a bright career for Solution Architects as the growth of cloud computing is nowhere going down.

Can AWS certification increase your salary?

Following basic eligibility criteria, an IT degree, and ample professional experience, the added benefit of an AWS certification can offer any skilled candidate an upper hand over their competitors. As Forbes claims, an AWS certification with your degree can increase your salary by up to $12K a year. It is one of the most in-demand certifications in the market.

Which AWS certification is better in today’s time?

The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate is the most in-demand and popular IT certification in the AWS. The reason behind its prominence is the growing cloud computing market. Businesses leverage experts in the field to manage cloud management, right from planning to implementation. An AWS Solutions Architect works effectively to achieve the same and offers great value to the brand with its skills, which is essentially why the wage is exceptionally higher for the position at the same time.

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