Average Animator Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced in 2024

Animation has revolutionised storytelling in the entertainment industry, leading to remarkable growth and competition. The dynamic blend of animation and VFX has immense potential for the Indian economy, with projections indicating the creation of 75,000 to 125,000 direct and indirect jobs in the sector by 2025. 

Aspiring animators and enthusiasts can now ride this wave of opportunity, unleashing their creativity and exploring new horizons while contributing to developing commercially successful products.

This article will uncover India’s promising career prospects and animation salary across diverse animation roles. But before diving into animation career salary, let us take a look at what a career as an animator entails. 

Who is An Animator, and What Do They Do?

Animators are skilled artists who bring life to images by creating multiple frames that, when displayed rapidly, create the illusion of movement known as animation. Animators find their place in industries like film, television, and video games, where they tackle challenging projects with often tight timelines.

These talented professionals use computer software and hand-drawn techniques to craft their animations, creating captivating 2D or 3D animations for diverse applications. The vast animation industry offers opportunities to design computer-generated characters for movies, work on TV show special effects, build video game environments, or even create eye-catching stop-motion animations for advertising agencies.

Being an animator is a fulfilling journey that combines creativity, technical prowess, and collaboration to bring captivating stories and characters to life through the mesmerising art of animation. 

Animator Salary in India

In India, the average annual animator salary is approximately INR 3,61,068. On top of this base salary, Animators often receive additional cash compensation, averaging around ₹76,068, ranging from ₹26,930 to ₹4,01,495. 

On the other hand, extended animation roles like 3d Animation and VFX have also gained prominence across media platforms, leading to better pay for skilled professionals. In India, the average annual 3D Animator salary is INR 4,53,990, while the VFX Designer salary stands at INR 3,88,454.

In order to offer you a deeper insight into the potential benefits of a career as an animator, let us take you through the animation job salary, offered across India depending on diverse factors. 

Animator Salary Based on Location:

Location Average Annual Salary
Pune INR 1,83,126
Kolkata INR 2,14,884
Hyderabad INR 3,07,226
Chennai INR 3,60,000
New Delhi INR 4,00,000
Mumbai INR 4,50,000
Bangalore INR 4,60,000

Animator Salary Based on Companies

Company Average Annual Salary
Tag Heuer INR 7.3 LPA
HMX Media INR 7.5 LPA
Technicolor INR 6 LPA
Tag Worldwide INR 5.9 LPA
Embibe INR 3.5 LPA
Peech Studio INR 5.7 LPA

Animator Salary Based on Experience:

Experience Average Annual Salary
Early Career INR 305,209
Mid Career INR 5,00,000
Experienced INR 8,50,000

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Animator Job Roles

Here are the role and responsibilities of a character animator in film and games:

  • “Breathing life” into 3D rigged character models by creating realistic and expressive movements that make the characters come alive on screen.
  • Research visual styles, genres, and technologies relevant to each project to ensure the animations align with the project’s artistic vision and technical requirements.
  • Utilising motion capture technology to enhance performances, capturing real-life movements and applying them to the animated characters for added authenticity.
  • Identifying key scenes and sequences in the script or storyboard that require animation and planning the character movements to convey emotions and actions effectively.
  • Updating procedures documentation to ensure the animation team follows standardised practices and can easily collaborate on the project.
  • Integrating sound and syncing dialogue with the character animations to achieve seamless lip-syncing and emotive expressions, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

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Key Reasons to Learn Animation 

Here are some reasons why learning animation can be a valuable and exciting career choice:

  • Creativity: Unlike many other professions, animation offers complete freedom of creativity. You can fully explore your imagination with no restrictions or hard rules. Your creativity knows no bounds, and you get paid for unleashing your imaginative ideas.
  • Career Opportunities: The demand for animators proliferates in various industries, including IT, digital marketing, and education. Besides entertainment, the expansion of businesses across digital platforms has led to significant growth of animation jobs in India.
  • Wide Knowledge Spectrum: An animation course teaches you the technical skills and tools and provides comprehensive insights into the entire animation industry. You receive practical training and a thorough understanding of the field, ensuring you are well-equipped for diverse animation projects.
  • Freelancing Opportunities: Animation is a field where freelancing is highly viable. With the world moving online and globalisation, remote work opportunities abound, providing flexibility in your work location.

Factors Affecting Animator Salary in India 

Besides experience, individuals must possess these essential skills and techniques that affect their animation salary:

  • Creative thinking is crucial, enabling animators to develop innovative ideas and produce original, aesthetically pleasing designs. 
  • An eye for detail is vital, as even minor mistakes can impact the final result significantly. 
  • Strong technical abilities, including drawing skills, are a must. Understanding how characters move and adhering to animation principles is essential, and proficiency in animation software like Maya, Flash, and After Effects is necessary. 
  • Drawing skills are vital, particularly in storyboarding and 2D animation. 
  • Knowledge of colour theory is crucial to effectively convey emotions and create meaningful scenes that capture viewers’ attention. 

Mastering these skills empowers animators to breathe life into their creations and succeed in this dynamic field with high-paying jobs. 

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Future Scope of Animation in India 

The animation field has grown significantly in recent years, creating numerous rewarding job opportunities. The private and public sectors offer ample employment opportunities for animators with animation degrees. Over the last decade, job opportunities in animation have tripled, and according to experts, the potential of the animation industry to further experience a 10% to 20-25% growth further ascertains the optimistic career for animation aspirants.

Completing a degree in animation opens doors to various job profiles, including Modeller, Background Artist, Layout Artist, Storyboard Artist, Character Animator, and Special Effects Animator. With diverse possibilities, animators can find their niche and embark on a fulfilling and dynamic career in this exciting field.

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How To Become An Animator?

Follow these steps to kickstart your journey towards becoming an animator and launching your career in this exciting field:

  • Get the Right Education: Obtain a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate diploma in animation or related subjects. Many universities and colleges offer various courses, such as a BA in animation and multimedia, a Bachelor of visual arts (animation), a Bachelor of graphic design, a BA in digital filmmaking and animation, and a BSc in animation and VFX.
  • Acquire Basic Skills: If you’re considering a career switch to animation or want to explore the field before committing to a full degree, consider enrolling in online or offline animation courses and certifications. These courses are flexible and allow you to learn at your own pace.
  • Gain Practical Experience: Seek professional experience by interning at animation studios or volunteering for non-profit organisations. Practical exposure will enhance your skills and give you an advantage when applying for jobs.
  • Build a Striking Portfolio: Create an online portfolio to showcase your abilities and versatility. Include your best work at the beginning and ensure it is easily accessible for recruiters to view.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Thoroughly research the companies you’re applying to and prepare for interviews by honing your technical knowledge and working style. Be ready for potential skill evaluations or tests to demonstrate your animation expertise.

With an impactful skillset and a strong resume, you are ready to take over the world of animation with your creative flair. A strong candidature is sure to bring your lucrative opportunities across myriads of domains, leading to an exceptional animation career salary.

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How does the salary of a fresher animator in India differ from an experienced animator?

The average annual salary for animators in India ranges from INR 0.3 Lakhs to INR 7.3 Lakhs for animators with 1-9 of experience. Experience adds fluency as well as analytical skills to your candidature, helping experienced candidates gain a better salary package than the ones just getting started.

What skills and qualifications are important for determining an animator's salary?

Employers typically require a bachelor's degree and seek workers with a good portfolio of work and strong technical skills. Animators and special effects artists typically have a bachelor's degree in fine art, computer graphics, animation, or a related field

Are there any perks or benefits that animators in India commonly receive along with their salary?

Perks and benefits for animators in India may include health insurance, paid leave, flexible work hours, professional development opportunities, and access to industry-specific software/tools.

How can animators negotiate for a better salary package in India?

To negotiate a better salary package as an animator in India, it is crucial to research industry standards, highlight your skills and experience, emphasise your unique value proposition, and showcase a track record of successful projects.

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