How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing?

It was just a matter of a few years ago when people were sceptical about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But now, the use of AI has become a part of our everyday life. With the help of smart devices, self-driving cars, driverless trains, etc., AI has a massive impact on our life. 

The main cause of using AI in digital marketing is for it to become more user-friendly and enhance customer experience. But the significant part is that it saves time and money. 

With every sector resorting to AI, marketing and advertising are no different. The use of AI in business and marketing strategies has become prevalent. It changes the way a company engages with its audience. It is more accurate and causes a few errors, which increases the efficiency of work. 

What is Artificial Intelligence:

In today’s world, where everything is becoming digitized, it is very difficult to find a device that does not have any traits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate a human’s skill, for example, decision-making, problem-solving, responding to people, driving a car, driving cars, vacuuming the floors, etc. Almost all the brands or applications that we use in our daily lives, AI is a big part of it. 

Before, when people used to talk about AI, the famous image that used to pop up in our heads used to be that of a robot, but in reality, Artificial Intelligence is much more than just a robot doing work. It has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Brands are also resorting to Artificial Intelligence as a form of marketing strategy to save resources and time. 

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How does Artificial Intelligence affect digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence is modifying industries such as tech and finance. For digital marketers, it is changing the way brands connect to their audience. When AI was first launched, many brands were reluctant to use it, but now every brand has embraced AI and uses it as a powerful marketing strategy.

An example of the use of AI in digital marketing could be if a user is browsing a website that currently has a sale going on. With the help of AI, their preferences and spending patterns are recorded and tracked. Later on, when the same website or brand similar to what the customer had searched for has a discount going on, AI uses the information to market similar products keeping in mind the user’s interest. This is one of the examples of how Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing can be a helping hand as it reduces the cost of advertising and promotion as well as increases revenue and production. 

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Companies are using AI in Digital Marketing to satisfy customers.

Email Marketing automation:

Nowadays, wherever you go, let it be restaurants or retail stores or shopping malls, people ask for your email. Id. Its because email marketing is a major feature that brands have adopted. With the help of AI, email marketing can be personalized based on the preferences of the customer. With the use of this technology, time, energy, as well as labour is saved because it saves a person from the hassle of copy-pasting the same email hundreds of times. 

AI can even analyze how many times an email should be sent to a person, at what time it should be sent and helps generate catchy subjects that interest the customer to open the email.  It is good at carrying out routine tasks. 


Reaching out to customers personally can be hectic and tiresome as someone has to constantly be available to sit in front of a screen and reply to them. Companies are now using AI Chatbots that are available 24×7. These chatbots are made built to cater to a customer’s requests. They interact with customers, answer their frequently asked questions and most importantly, try to solve their problems. As all the answers have been installed beforehand, it provides immediate responses to queries and quick solutions. 

Chatbots reduce the stress and workload of the customer service department as it leaves them to deal with people or problems that need personal help or attention. 


AI enables a customer to have a personalized experience. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing analyzes a customer’s search history, previous purchases and preferences. The AI then uses this information to come up with possible recommendations for the customer.

For example, Amazon uses the AI-powered recommendation for its customers. By knowing a customer’s buying habits, it comes up with marketing strategies that help promote products of similar interest. 

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Making and managing content:

AI makes life easy for the marketing team as it comes up with possible marketing strategies by analyzing online content. It quickly gathers data from different social platforms and websites. In just a matter of a few minutes, it comes up with new articles and reports. 

Digital Promotions:

Digital promotions have opened up a whole new world for marketing. The AI software will come up with different marketing strategies based on the brand and its use. It will automatically find the correct time to promote and post a new marketing strategy. But this technique usually means that there is no personal touch to these promotions as it eliminates the process of manually choosing the best options. 

Image recognition technology:

It is AI software that is used to improve a customer’s experience. For example, when your friend uploads a photo of you on Facebook, you immediately get a notification about it. Similarly, when you upload a group photo, your friends are automatically tagged in it. This technique helps the customer get a personalized experience. 

New websites have been launched where the customer needs to upload a picture of an item to find something similar on that website.

An upgraded shopping trial:

AI in Digital Marketing is changing the way people shop. Clothing retail shops are now using AI technology to create a virtual fitting room. All that a customer needs to do is find a suitable piece of clothing and stand in front of a screen to check out how it looks on them. The furniture brand IKEA is launching an app through which customers will be able to visualize IKEA products in their house. All they have to do is write down the room’s dimensions, and a list of products with different designs will appear. Once they choose their preferred product, they will be able to see how it looks in their home. 

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Advantages of AI in digital marketing:

Understanding the audience:

Artificial Intelligence technology helps marketers to understand their customers better. It analyses the data and predicts the behaviour of the customers and the items they purchase. It also improves user experience and provides them with what they need.

Increase in productivity:

 Using AI software for carrying out repetitive tasks helps increase productivity. Joe McKendrick from Forbes said that many decision-makers have admitted that AI helps in cost reduction. As it helps businesses save money but at the same time helps increase profit.

Effective marketing : 

AI proves to be an effective marketing strategy as it connects with the audience and comes up with a plan perfect for the company.

The future of digital marketing is here!

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing bridges the communication gap between a brand and its customers. Based on the customer’s likes and dislikes, it provides a much more personalized form of brand promotion. It prepares a much more planned form of brand formation. AI gives accurate information when it comes to predicting sales and progress.

It caters to various marketing needs. Brands like Google ads and Facebook ads use AI to find potential customers. With the help of advanced search engines, it accesses the time, location and previous search history of a user to come up with a list of possible results that the user might be searching for.

AI is the future of digital marketing. It is slowly but steadily taking over. There is still a lot more to happen in this area. Since it is still in the process of growing, it is important for digital marketers to keep up with the progress of AI in digital marketing. This field of technology will bring about a new and effective approach to digital marketing. AI in Digital Marketing could be beneficial as it helps brands to come up with a strategic plan for marketing. By choosing AI-powered software, brands and marketers are saving on a lot of resources and labour. There is no need for someone to sit in front of a machine and answer all the queries. The customers’ questions are responded to appropriately by the click of a button. Artificial Intelligence software helps brands and their manufacturers to connect to their customers digitally and come up with personalized marketing strategies. It allows marketers to achieve their goal skillfully. Even though AI is at the early stages of developments, it is still managing to take over the world.

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