Applications of Big Data in Real World – A Complete Guide

Our lives are heavily influenced by technology today. The rapid adoption and penetration of digital devices and technologies have led to a continuous data flow, making it a valuable resource for companies. With the rising demand and high production of datasets, traditional data analysis tools are no longer viable for data processing. However, thanks to big data solutions, we’ve overcome these challenges. 

With time, business organisations from various sectors have solely banked on the myriad benefits of big data applications for business development and growth. 

In this article, we will focus extensively on the various fields where the application of Big data has impacted significantly.

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Big Data in Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry generates vast amounts of data daily. Big data tools are instrumental for managing this data. For instance, big data has significantly reduced treatment costs as there are fewer chances of conducting diagnoses that aren’t necessary. It has helped predict outbreaks of deadly diseases and decide what preventive measures to take to minimise the effects. Patients have also been prescribed evidence-based medicine by researching past medical results.

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Big Data in Education Industry

The education industry is highly dependent on vast amounts of data related to faculty, students, courses, etc. Implementing the proper analysis of big data in this industry has provided valuable insights for improving the effective functioning of operations and the overall working of educational institutes. 

Here are some educational sectors where Big Data has made a considerable impact:

  • Dynamic and customised learning programs: Big data analytics applications can help student results overall by collecting and analysing the data based on the learning history of each student individually.
  • Grading: Grading systems in educational institutes have become much more accurate because of big data analytics applications in this field. 
  • Career prediction: As per the data related to analysing students’ records individually, it becomes easy to predict a suitable future career for students by assessing and understanding their progress, weaknesses, strengths, and interests.

Big Data in Government Sector

The application of Big data also helps governments harness the power of data. Typically, government agencies and organisations collect crucial data that requires thorough analysis regularly for tracking multiple records and databases related to various things like energy resources, geographical surveys, etc. 

Proper study and analysis of this data aid governments in the following ways:

  • Welfare Schemes: Big data applications have helped in making various political decisions. It also helps to keep an eye on agricultural fields where existing land and livestock are maintained. Big data analysis also enables government agencies to overcome national threats like terrorism, unemployment, energy resources exploration, etc.
  • Cyber Security: Big data analysis is used for identifying breaches in security systems, predicting potential threats, tracking unauthorised access, and much more.

Big Data Applications in Weather Patterns

A massive amount of data related to the weather is collected from the weather sensors and satellites that have been deployed around the earth. This data is highly crucial because it helps monitor the environmental and daily weather conditions. Data collected from the satellites and sensors can be used in various ways such as:

  • Forecasting weather 
  • Studying and keeping tabs on global warming
  • Predicting and understanding patterns of natural disasters
  • Making necessary arrangements to tackle catastrophic crises
  • Predicting the availability of usable water worldwide

Big Data Applications in Media and Entertainment Industry

A large portion of the world possesses gadgets that contribute to a large portion of big data in the media and entertainment industry. This includes social media platforms where a large chunk of data is generated. It has become a very integral part of the media and entertainment industry. 

Here are a few ways how big data had in the media and entertainment industry: 

  • Predicting what is currently trending amongst the audiences and their interests. 
  • Promoting on-demand scheduling of media streams and optimising them in digital media distribution platforms.
  • Getting valuable feedback through the reviews of customers.
  • Targeting advertisements with ease and effectiveness.

Big Data in Banking Sector

The banking sector has to handle and analyse overwhelmingly large datasets every single day. Properly studying and analysing this data is mainly used for the prevention of illegal activities such as – 

  • Venturing the treatment of credit hazard 
  • Misusing credit or debit cards
  • Clarity of business 
  • Alteration of customer statistics 
  • Money laundering
  • Mitigation of risks

Big Data in Transportation Industry

With Big Data applications being implemented in most industries and various sectors, it has greatly helped in the Transportation Industry as well.

  • Planning of routes: Big data analytics applications are majorly utilised for understanding and estimating users’ needs for different routes and the available modes of transportation that helps reduce their wait time. 
  • Manage congestion and traffic control: In the transportation industry, big data is extensively used for the real-time estimation of traffic patterns and congestion, which is often a major problem for travelers. 
  • The level of traffic: Big data analytics applications have also been used for identifying accident-prone areas for potentially reducing accidents and increasing the traffic safety levels.

Big Data in Business Insights

Generating business insights is one of the most resourceful benefits of Big data in most industries and has helped businesses grow significantly. More than 50% of the total data collected by multiple social media websites and enterprises is unstructured. With the right big data tools, companies can solve many real-world challenges while ensuring steady business growth. 

Big Data in Marketing

Big data applications in marketing are instrumental for brand development and expanding the market reach. From survey-based traditional marketing techniques to digitalising ads optimised according to customer preferences that has been extracted using big data tools, the marketing sector sure has come a long way. With the help of Big Data, companies collect huge amounts of data to know the customers’ interests and needs. Business analysts analyse this data for helping marketers run campaigns, put advertisements relevant to the people, increase click-through rates, cover nuances to reach the target goal, etc. 

Big Data in Space Sector

Space agencies around the world also collect a large amount of data every single day through the observation of outer space and also from information gathered from satellites orbiting the earth. Petabytes of data are analysed and used to help simulate flight paths before the actual payload is in space. Big data also helps run complex simulations before launching rockets. 

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To conclude, big data is an integral part of modern life. Over the past few years, big data roles have skyrocketed across all industries. Hence, it is a lucrative career option for those aspiring to enter tech roles. 

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What is Big Data?

Big Data is the set of complex data that are beyond the management capacity. Big Data consists of structured data and unstructured sets like photos, videos, audio, multimedia content, etc.

How do businesses collect data?

Businesses collect the data they need in several ways, like:- Email tracking, Internet cookies, Smartphones, Online transaction forms, Smartwatches, Transaction histories, Social media posts. Website interactions

What are the 5Vs of Big data?

The five Vs of Big data are as follows:- Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Value

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