Top Interesting Angular Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2023]

Angular Projects in Github

Before getting started with the Angular Github projects, let’s take a basic grasp of Angular and its details. You are bound to achieve success if your basics are deeply understood and working on Angular projects with source code Github.

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What is Angular?

One of the top JavaScript frameworks created by Google is Angular. Based on TypeScript, Angular can produce fantastic web applications with excellent web page performance.

It is also completely expandable and compatible with other libraries. Additionally, each feature can be changed or replaced based on your requirements for features and the development procedure.

With regular upgrades, Angular has solidified its position among the top web development frameworks. You might need some admin templates when working on angular projects; in this situation, Angular Admin Template Free can be of assistance. You can find some of the best free Angular projects Github.

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The following features are provided by Angular:

  • Structure for modular development.
  • Maintaining ease.
  • Injection of dependencies.
  • TypeScript-based (superset of JavaScript).
  • For Single Page Hefty Apps, high performance.
  • provides a lot of versatility.

Angular has allowed software engineers to build great-performing and highly scalable applications. The foundation of Angular was laid down with typescript in 2013 by the engineers working at Google. You can use Github angular projects to create some compelling applications. 

It is brim filled with things and features that come in real handy when trying to create something profitable and powerful. Moreover, one added benefit of using Github Angular projects is that it allows programmers and developers to automate most of the boring stuff at the same time it also helps to improve the quality of the end product which the developers, coder, or programmer (whichever one you are) present their end-user with.

You also can ensure that whatever you have developed for one screen size would automatically work with any screen size. Meaning you will not have to write additional code to ensure that your code runs seamlessly on all the screen sizes. You have to optimize it once, and the rest Angular will take care of.

Angular is one of the top in-demand tech skills for any professional to have in these times, mostly if you have decided to work as a full-stack software developer. No matter if you are starting out in the world of Angular or you have a lot of experience, making a project is a great way to work on your skillset and bolster your resume.

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This is what we had in mind, and to help you get on with Angular as soon as possible, we went ahead and created this list of top angular projects in Github. We choose GitHub projects because all of them are open-source, meaning you can quickly reproduce the same code without having to pay any money to anyone.

You also get access to the entire source code, meaning if you have to see how they implement a particular thing, you can do that. However, the best part has to be that with GitHub, you have the opportunity to contribute to opensource. Meaning you can get a feel as to what it is like to code for a huge organization and how it feels when the entire community comes together to solve a particular problem.

There are also many perks for contributing to the open source, all of which you might be able to avail of by solving the issues on any repo that we are about to feature in this list.

But before we go on and list out the best angular projects in GitHub that we were able to find, you have to know that this list is in no particular order. Meaning, we have not sorted the project on any basis. 

Which Projects Should Utilize Angular?

Angular is a great choice if you’re working on a complicated online project that calls for many asynchronous network calls, front-end business logic, and a consistent user interface. Look out for Angular Projects with source code GitHub to learn more about the concepts. 

Here are some concrete examples of Angular Project Github:

  • Business Web Applications: According to the Angular Github projects team, Angular provides all the features required to create large-scale projects.
  • Dynamic Content Apps: For websites where information needs to alter dynamically based on user behavior and preferences, Angular is the ideal technology. For instance, when a business decides to use more expert B2B content marketing, it is largely integrated. Dependency injections make guarantee that if one component is altered, all associated components will also be altered automatically.
  • Progressive web applications: PWA support is already incorporated into Angular.

Advantages of The Component-based Architecture of Angular

  • Reusability: Similar components are neatly encapsulated. In other terms, independent. They can be reused by developers in many application components.
  • The platform-neutral viewpoint: Angular was created with the idea of designing for mobile first. The goal is to integrate web, iOS, and Android applications using the same codebase and, ultimately, engineering expertise.
  • Unified Angular: A service called Angular Universal makes it possible to render application views on a server as opposed to client browsers.
  • Long-Term Support for Google: Some software developers view Angular’s sponsorship by Google as a key benefit of the technology, making it one of the major pros for angular Github projects.

So, without any further ado, let us jump into the best angular projects in GitHub that we were able to find: 

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Top Angular Projects in GitHub


StoryBook has to be one of the best open-source Angular Projects which are out there. It is used to design UI or user Interfaces much faster. It also has the support for React native, meaning you will be able to create cross-platform applications very quickly.

The development environment actually is outside of the application, which means that you would easily refactor the code you have written. You also would not have to worry about any particular dependency, not to work or is missing if you plan to make use of this tool.

Since you do not have to worry about dependencies anymore, you will not have to waste your precious time getting it to work; instead, you can directly jump into creating your application and thus save a lot of time in the process. You also would get a lot of time to test out the application and making sure that there are no bugs that might have crept into your application.

Many top MNCs are using this tool to build out their software suite like Coursera, Uber react-vis, Buffer components, etc., which means that this platform has already been tried and tested for you to use in your existing project. If you take a look at their GitHub page, you will notice that there are about 64 repos under their name.

But, if we are to talk about this project, only you will see that there are about 739 issues currently opened, meaning there is a lot of scope for improvement. It also implies that you have a chance if you feel like contributing to this project. You can pick up any one of these seven hundred and thirty-nine issues and solve them to have your name forever in this project.

If you were to visit their GitHub page, you will find a guide that should help you get started in both using this framework and contributing to this framework. You will have to follow the community guidelines and write clean code, which is a must if you want to be a successful software engineer. 

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Angular CLI

 Angular CLI or command-line interface is built on top of Angular DevKit. It is made to give users a platform to build, test, and manage their Angular Applications. It was created specifically for the people who like the command-line Interface to build out their applications.

It also has many libraries, which you can use for the deployment of code and analysis of the code. You can use Angular CLI to develop software from scratch or even use it to maintain the projects you have already made and test out some of the applications you are creating.

If we take a look at their GitHub page, we see about three hundred and seventy-three issues present on the page. You can, as always, pick up any of these issues and start working on these to get your name on the contribution list. There are also about thirty-six pull requests which have been made to this repo, meaning there has been a significant amount of work that is already done.

However, taking a look at the ratio of the pull request to issues, we see that a lot of work still remains to be done. 

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The team created it at Akveo, ngx admin is a template structure for a web dashboard. It also has a component-based structure. It is available free of charge as it is opensource. It is based on Angular 8+ and bootstrap 4+. It also has the support for Eva Design System. This helps the developers and designers to build out applications at a much faster rate.

Considering today’s day and age, it is one of the most famous angular projects on Github. You also get the functionality of tables, charts, maps, forms, editors, and all of this, and you would be getting over a responsive layout. You also get access to about six different visual themes.

You will see that ngx-admin has about two different dashboards, which serve two very different purposes. One dashboard is used for IoT based applications and the other one for e-commerce applications. If you want to use this application, you can save about 35,000 United States Dollars and 500 hours in the application development time.

You also will see that there are about three hundred and thirty-six issues that are opened on this repo. Meaning there is a lot of scopes for you to contribute to this project. There are also about forty-seven pull requests, meaning there have been many contributions already made to this project.

If you are looking to contribute to this project, however, you would have to take a look at their community guidelines. There you will find all the things which you will need in order to make all the required contributions. You also find a lot of guides, which you can use to get this project working.

If you like the work which they do, you can check out various other repos by the same company. You will find something which you like about the repos which they have to offer. 

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Angular Material

One of the most well-liked Angular Github projects is this one. Teams may create genuinely exceptional products with the help of Angular Material, which offers UI professionals a choice of design components.

Designers may quickly and easily reuse these components across several applications, including Angular Project Github, which speeds up the development process. The documentation for Angular Material is comprehensive and appropriate for building cross-platform solutions.

A real-time Database for JavaScript Applications

One of the most prominent free Angular projects Github is this Reactive Database (RxDB). It can be summed up as a NoSQL database for JS-based applications, including webpages, PWAs (progressive web apps), hybrid software, Electron applications, etc.

In addition to speeding up software development, RxDB’s encryption module enables developers to secure huge amounts of user and client data. In the event that a digital product is breached, private data won’t be accessible. Additionally, RxDB enables real-time replication with any endpoint that complies with CouchDB, allowing engineers to boost speed.


So, level up your coding skills with the above Angular project ideas and develop impressive applications with confidence! If you wish to improve your angular skills, you need to get your hands on these Angular projects. Now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our angular project ideas guide to build your very own angular projects!

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How is Angular different from ReactJS?

Angular and ReactJS are both frontend frameworks for website development. Angular is a component-based architecture and is considered a bit complex. ReactJS is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and is considered more simplified. ReactJS is written in the Javascript language, whereas Angular is written in the Typescript language, which is the superset of Javascript. Angular supports bidirectional data binding, whereas ReactJS only supports unidirectional data binding. In Angular, we cannot add a Javascript library to the source code, whereas in ReactJS, it is possible. A single tool is required to test a complete application in Angular, whereas, in ReactJS, we need multiple tools.

How is Angular different from AngularJS?

AngularJS was based on Javascript and was discontinued by Google after stable version 1.7.7. Angular is based on Typescript. The controllers were replaced with components that are nothing but directives with a predefined template. Angular performs better than AngularJS while developing larger applications. AngularJS does not support mobile devices, whereas all popular mobile browsers support angular. Maintaining the code was very tedious in the case of AngularJS, whereas Angular provides a better structure to maintain the code. AngularJS does not support dependency injection, whereas Angular does. In AngularJS, the developer needs to remember the right ng-directive for event binding, whereas Angular uses the () attribute.

What are the different directive types in Angular?

A directive is a class in Angular. It is declared using a @Directive decorator. It has its behavior and can be imported to multiple project components. It eliminates the tedious task of adding the functionality individually to all the required components. There are three types of directives: Structural, Component, and Attribute directives. Component directives form the main class in directives, which is declared by the @Component directive. They have a stylesheet, view, and selector property. Structural directives usually are used to manipulate DOM elements on the webpage. These directives start with a * sign. Attribute directives are used to change a DOM element's aesthetic and working.

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