Top Fascinating Android Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2023]

Android Projects in Github

There is a famous saying which goes around in the developer world, and that is if you want to become a better programmer, you would need to read more code. It does not get much difficult than that.

You can choose any medium to be it books, blogs, forums, or even platforms. They all are good, but none of them is great. Why? Because none of the things mentioned above can actually compete with real and fully working code. There really is no better learning than seeing an entire app opened right in front of you, and all you have to do is look and see how each part functions.

All we would need from you is to grab a cup of tea or coffee or any hot beverage of our choice and read some really good written code if you want to be a successful developer. 

We have in this article listed out some of the best open-source projects through which we would be able to see and then learn. Since Android apps come in various capacity, it would be prudent for us to mention all sorts of an app which we can find.

We have done just that. We have tried to list some of the best android projects in GitHub, which should help you in your overall development. 

Some of the apps on our list are actually fully functional apps, which you can find directly listed on the play store. You can find these apps on the play store, and to have a feel of what the end and the finished product looks like, you can download and play around with them.

We have mentioned the difficulty level is associated with each project alongside the project itself, so before picking up the project, you should be the judge whether the project is a good fit for you or not.

So, without wasting any more time, let us jump into the best android projects in GitHub, which we were able to find. 

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Top 10 Android Projects in GitHub

1. LeafPic

The gallery app is at the heart of any and every smartphone experience. Hence it is by far the most common app which you will find on any android system. If you are one of the curious ones and would like to know how these apps are made, LeafPic would prove to be the perfect entry point for you.

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The app’s code is very easy, and we believe that almost anyone would be able to understand how they are made. One cool feature of this app is that they have used a feature which is known as dynamic theming. This is something that even the more experienced android developers struggle with whenever they are asked to implement dynamic theming. 

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2. Simple Calendar

If you are looking for a calendar app that is entirely written in Kotlin, then a simple calendar might be for you. A simple calendar could be the best starting point for you if you are trying to learn what Kotlin is and how you would go about programming in Kotlin.

The main reason why this app exists is to help you get the knowledge of a completely new programming language by getting your hands dirty. Another very nice thing about this app would be that you would also get to learn how to make widgets for Android.

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3. Amaze File Manager

Now we come to a tricky application. Creating a file manager is difficult than creating any other thing which we have mentioned so far in the list. File managers also are a crucial part of the whole smartphone world.

There is no modern-day smartphone that does not have a functional file management system in place. However, for a successful file manager app, there are many things that you should keep in mind. You can learn almost all of them by taking a look at the code for this app. We do not suggest that you learn this code because the way they have written the code does not fall under the best practices of writing code.

There are many good things about this application, too, like you would be able to learn how to handle the SD card properly. We suggest you give this code a read because this android project in Github is only suited for the one who already has some experience, and with that, you would be able to tell the acceptable practices from the bad ones.

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4. Easy Sound Recorder

The easy sound recorder has to be the simplest and the cleanest app, which we can find on this list. If you are in the mood to learn about how audio is handled by android and how you would manipulate audio and do other things with audio and android, this project would then suit your alley.

If you are beginning android, then this is a lovely project. In this project, you just have to follow your own action (or activity), and the code is also written in an amicable manner, which improves the readability significantly. You will also be able to learn a lot about the new material UI theme which android has going at this time.

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5. ML Manager

The name of this app might be misleading to many. No, the ML in the name does not imply machine learning because if it had been, we would not characterize this project under the easy category. ML Manager is the app that you would be using to manage all the apps which you have installed on your device.

If you are the person who is looking for a way in which you would be able to get information which is very highly detailed and shows you the data about all the apps which you have installed in your phone then this project would be perfect for you.

The code which the developers have used to write this code is perfect, and you should be using this standard only. The code should be giving you a feel of how to make and design clean apps, which also follow the material design guidelines.

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6. PhotoAffix

Suppose you want to create an app that does only two things. It can either take two photos and combine them vertically, or it can take those photos and combine them horizontally. The project is straightforward and could even be followed by the ones who are complete beginners.

If you would like to learn about how to code well, then as well this project should serve you well because they have used written some of the best code which we have seen in a long time. You also would be able to lay a solid foundation of custom views, which you can easily build upon later when you make more complex apps.

7. Movie Guide

The main motive of the app seems relatively simple on paper. List all the movies which are popular and add all the reviews and trailers for the film. However, it is not the motive of the app, which makes it very interesting. Instead, the reason this app is even on our list is that the way that has been implemented.

You will see some really cool things like MVP, The clean Archi of Uncle Bob, and the dependencies interjection from Dagger 2. The app is straightforward, yet you should take a look at the source code because that is what makes it very special.

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8. An Explorer

This is another one of the file explorer apps. It is designed to fit any and every screen size (meaning both mobiles and tablets). If you take a look at the source code of this app, you would learn a lot of essential things like root management, loader, custom views, etc.

The code is very well written and deems a read through once. If you have a fair amount of experience, then you would be able to replicate these android projects in GitHub very easily.

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9. Minimal ToDo

For those who are just starting the field of android development, this project should be the best to start. With the help of this very basic project, you would be able to master many fundamental things in android development.

The design of the app is superior and would be a lovely starting point, but the way in which the code is written should be avoided at all costs because the code is not at all nicely written.

10. Timber

If you have a good amount of android development experience then only we recommend that you do this project. Timber is a very nicely built and designed music player which should be able to play any music that you want. The project is really massive in size and hence it is best suited for the ones who are not beginners in android development.

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Wrapping up

So, these are a few interesting Android project ideas that you can explore. In this article, we have covered top android projects. As you build your own Android projects, you will gain mastery over the platform and improve your real-world development skills.

Only by working with tools and practise can you understand how infrastructures work in reality. Now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our android projects guide to build your very own android projects!

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What is dynamic theming and how is it implemented?

Dynamic theming refers to the application of themes like light mode, dark mode, etc. to the Android app dynamically. First, create a project in Android Studio and give it a name. Then, choose the type of activity for development. Then, create themes you wish to apply. It can be done by editing the styles.xml file. Then, add an activity that has to be loaded by default. Then, create a button that allows the user to change the theme. Methods like setTheme() and switchTheme() can be used. Hook it up to the main activity and test it out.

What is the lifecycle of an Android activity?

Activity lifecycle involves the invocation of methods like onCreate(), onStart(), onResume(), onPause(), onstop(), onRestart() and onDestroy(). onCreate() is used to create and launch the activity. onStart() is used to display the activity to the user when the app is opened. onResume() ensures that the app is interactive. If any user switches to another application midway without closing it, onPause() is called. If the application is closed, the activity is terminated and onStop() is called. onRestart() is called when the app has not been destroyed and it has all the necessary states stored in it to resume interaction. onDestroy() is called during reconfiguration of settings and when the activity has to be recreated for further use.

What are the various tools and technologies used to develop Android apps?

The development of Android apps requires one to install dependencies, babble scripts, etc. Android app development tools provide an interface that manages these dependencies, provides a code editor, displays the design and code view, and helps to run the application. Some of the programming languages used to develop applications are Java, Kotlin, and Dart. The tools used for development are Eclipse, Android Studio, AVD Manager, Unity 3D, Android SDK, etc. Eclipse is an IDE used to develop apps in Java in a scalable codebase environment. Android Studio allows the development and testing of apps. AVD Manager is used to develop features like text messaging. Unity 3D is used to develop 2D and 3D games.

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