How Much Agile Certification Cost in 2023? Is it Worth it?

IT professionals are pursuing different certifications to advance their careers. In recent times, professionals have been pretty keen on getting a SAFe agile certification. What is it, and how much does it cost? Delve deeper into this article to explore all the crucial details about agile certification cost and more.  

What is SAFe® Agile Certification?

The SAFe agilist certification is the Scaled Agile Framework certification. The scaled agile framework includes different organizational and workflow processes to help businesses scale their lean and agile practices. The certification program offered by SAFe offers professionals a valid and reliable method to analyze their knowledge, skills, and approaches. All certified SAFe professionals receive worldwide recognition because of their ability to help enterprises adopt lean-agile practices. 

Top in-demand SAFe Agile Certifications 

The top in-demand agile SAFe certification cost for different programs is as follows:


Exam Retake Fee

Renewal Fee

SAFe® Program Consultant



Agile Product and Solution Manager



Lean Portfolio Manager



SAFe® Architect



SAFe® Government Practitioner



SAFe® Agile Software Engineer



SAFe® Release Train Engineer



SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master



SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager



SAFe® Scrum Master



SAFe® Practitioner



SAFe® DevOps Practitioner



SAFe® Agilist



How much does SAFe Agile Certification cost?

Before learning the SAFe agile certification cost, you should know that individuals need to undergo an SAFe training course before getting the certification. The cost of the course will vary as per the date and location. You can visit the scaled agile INC website. Usually, people can avail a 10% to 20% discount on the PMI ACP certification cost.

Objectives for SAFe® Agilist Certification

Bearing the scaled agile framework certification cost will cover the following learning objectives:

  • Improving lean-agile leadership skills: The certification will help develop leadership qualities to promote a lean-agile mindset across the organization for better efficiency.
  • Allowing lean-agile transformation in an enterprise: A scaled agile certification will help you develop the skills for supporting organizational transformations. It will help uphold a culture of adaptability and agility. 
  • Empowering using a lean portfolio: The certification will offer a clear understanding of applying agile practices beyond IT delivery. You will learn how to manage and optimize the overall portfolio of an organization using lean principles. 
  • Coordinating the development of in-depth solutions: SAFe-certified professionals can promote collaboration and communication across projects. It helps in developing complex solutions with greater coordination and efficiency. 

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What is the renewal process for SAFe Agile Certification?

You need to keep your scaled agile certification updated by earning the required PDUs or paying a certification renewal fee. The number of PDUs required for renewal is 10, and the cost of renewal per term is $100 for most certifications. You need to follow these steps to complete the SAFe certification renewal process:

  • Proceed to the SAFe Community Platform and log in. 
  • Look for the renew button next to your certification.
  • Once you click the renewal button, you will enter the payment page.
  • Complete the transaction to continue your agile journey for another year.

Remember that you can renew your SAFe agile certification 90 days before the expiration date. The key reasons to renew your SAFe certification are as follows:

  • Authenticate your interest in improving the SAFe framework
  • Acquire a high-paying job
  • Set yourself apart from non-certified professionals
  • Get the advanced level SAFe certifications
  • Gain practical thoughts and experiences to share in the workspace

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Advantages of SAFe Agile Certification

Once you invest in the SAFe agilist certification cost, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better Career Opportunities

Obtaining a SAFe certification will enable you to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. A large number of organizations are now adopting agile principles and scaled agile frameworks. Therefore, the demand for SAFe-certified professionals is on the rise. 

A SAFe certification will highlight your knowledge and expertise in executing agile practices at an enterprise level. Therefore, you will stand out in the job market and remain a valuable asset to employers. 

  • Global Recognition

The ACP certification cost is worth it because it offers you global recognition. All SAFe-certified professionals gain visibility and credibility in the industry. Organizations all over the globe prioritize SAFe-certified professionals. 

Therefore, the certification will enable your ability to build a professional network. As a result, you will improve your professional reputation and get noticed for challenging roles and complex projects. 

  • In-Depth Agile Knowledge

After pursuing SAFe certifications, you will acquire in-depth knowledge about agile principles, practices, and frameworks. The certifications cover different concepts, including agile development, DevOps, lean thinking, and continuous delivery. You will also be able to acquire knowledge about practices like value streams, agile release trains, and portfolio management. This holistic knowledge will help you positively contribute to the lean-agile transformation of your enterprise. 

  • Continuous Learning and Professional Development

SAFe certifications are synonymous with continuous learning and professional development. Regular updates in the SAFe framework make it easier for it to accommodate all the best practices and industry trends. All SAFe-certified professionals have access to continuous training, practice communities, and resources. 

It ensures that you are able to remain aware of all the emerging tools and techniques related to the scaled agile development field. When you are committed to lifelong learning, you will remain relevant in the evolving industry. Therefore, you will be able to establish yourself as a trusted agile practitioner in the industry. 

  • The Ability to Facilitate Organizational Transformation

All SAFe-certified professionals become empowered to foster organizational transformations smoothly. You become familiar with leading, guiding, and teaching teams and stakeholders how to embrace agile principles and practices. Therefore, SAFe training enables professionals to facilitate change at the enterprise level.

Moreover, it allows certified professionals to align agile practices with business objectives. The certification also helps promote better collaboration and communication among different teams and departments. 

The ability to drive organizational transformation is valued by employers. A smooth organizational transformation with the help of scaled agile professionals improves business agility. Additionally, SAFe-certified professionals enable businesses to respond quickly to market changes. 

  • Standard Language and Practices

SAFe certification helps establish a standardized language and set of practices across organizations. It promotes an in-depth understanding of different agile terminologies and principles. Therefore, it supports improved collaboration and communication among teams working on complex, large-scale projects. 

With a shared language and approach, seamless integration and alignment of efforts are available. It helps in eliminating conflicts in the project. As a result, it contributes to improved coordination and faster decision-making. 

  • Enhanced Project Performance

SAFe-certified professionals can improve project and team performance. Once you implement SAFe principles and practices, organizations are able to enhance their productivity and efficiency. It leads to improved delivery value to customers. 

SAFe professionals are also familiar with effective program management. It helps in optimizing processes, reducing waste, and promoting the smooth execution of projects. Therefore, it contributes to better outcomes and increased customer satisfaction. 

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How long do SAFe Agile Certifications take?

Before paying your ACP exam fee, you should attend a proper course to gather the required knowledge. Once you sit for the exam, you will get either 90 or 120 minutes to answer all the questions. Check out the details of the specific SAFe, agile certification exam to understand how much time you will get. 

How much do the SAFe Agile Certification Exams Cost?

The PMI ACP cost will also include the exam fee. The re-examination cost is $50 per attempt. You will also have to bear a separate charge for certificate renewal. 

How worthy is SAFe Agile Certification?

Wondering whether the SAFe, agile certification, or PMI ACP exam fee is worth it? Find out the value of these certifications:

  • Lightweight Framework

The SAFe certification teaches professionals to implement lightweight frameworks for organizational structures. Therefore, these certified professionals can easily upgrade and downgrade as per requirements.

  • Managing Complex, Large-Scale Projects

A major benefit of bearing the agile course fees is you learn how to handle complex, large-scale projects. This training will enable teams of different sizes to work with great efficiency. 

  • Multiple Team Coordination

Knowing the SAFe processes and principles will allow several teams to work smoothly. The coordination between multiple teams becomes excellent by following an agile framework.

  • Fast Decision-Making

SAFe-certified professionals can make the right decisions in a more time-friendly manner. These professionals can also modify their decisions at different stages to meet business objectives. 

  • Successfully Achieving Business Objectives

The normal agile method follows the bottom-up approach, which often misleads developers and quality analysts. However, the scaled agile method follows a top-down approach to promote centralized decision-making. It ensures that business objectives can be fulfilled smoothly. 

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In the present workspace, professionals see challenges as opportunities for growth. Therefore, they look for financial rewards along with skills and knowledge to improve their career. IT professionals are focused on participating in training sessions, developing networks, and gaining access to knowledgeable resources. 

Scaled Agile understands the importance of personal growth in the corporate landscape. Therefore, it offers different role-based courses and certifications to promote individual and professional development. Individuals can explore the SAFe scrum master certification fees and other details to pick the right one for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Agile training cost?

Agile training cost ranges between $1500 to $2000.

What is the value of Agile certification?

Agile certifications allow employees to acquire skills necessary for pursuing higher-level roles. By bearing the agile scrum master certification cost, you will become capable of earning higher salaries. Therefore, the time and money invested in getting these certifications is completely worth it.

How much does it cost to get scaled agile certified?

The scaled agile certification cost will differ according to the specific exam you want to take. The renewal fee for each course is also different.

Is SAFe agile in demand?

The SAFe agilist exam certification is in high demand all over the globe. It can give a lot of weightage to your resume and make you noticeable among employees.

What is a pass score on SAFe Agilist?

The pass score on the SAFe agilist exam is 73%. Usually, candidates are required to correctly answer 22 questions out of 30.

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