6 Advantages of Getting an Online MBA from an International University


Our globe is progressing online. With the quality and widespread growth of higher education, people are choosing management courses to have an upscale professional growth.

The choices for the courses have also increased manifold. Students and professionals alike are opting for management courses because of various reasons. Some plan to get the industry insights on building a knowledge foundation, while some professionals are looking for a change from their passive life.

The variations of student profiles at-hand, made universities begin online education programs. Some recent report findings depict that there has been an increase in the number of online MBA courses that have been opted in the last few years. 

Getting Online MBA degree 

Pursuing an international management program will give you a competitive edge from other candidates in the sector.

You could be a student looking forward to getting a higher degree, or a professional looking for a change. Reasons, benefits and the merits vary from one student’s profile to another.

Online courses administered internationally grant a combination of very collaborative online classes, interactive coursework, and active networking opportunities.

Choice of University

With infinite established institutions getting into offering online MBA programs, you can look for certified university courses. 

The fully-online MBA degrees from universities receive accreditations from internationally affiliated bodies. These grants further create a reputation from the employer’s perspective.

Variations in Student’s Profile 

Online MBAs serve to attract a more adult, experienced cadre of professionals who earn more and are less likely to experience the salary jump of an early-career professional.

The prospective student class is further divided into four categories: one is the class of the Budding Careerist, the second is the Revitalizers, the third is the Climbers, and the fourth is the Innovators.

  1. Budding Careerists are those students who want to excel in a specific, chosen field of interest in industry. Juggling work with financial constraints; they plan on getting an online MBA to meet the career demands. 
  2. Revitalizers are the group who are not happy with their passive role in an organization and are searching for different career options. For which an online MBA program will help them get into the insight and knowledge required to excel in a field.
  3. Climbers are experienced executives who already belong to an organization. To climb up the hierarchical designation ladder, they opt for the MBA program to learn what the next position necessitates.
  4. Innovators belong to the entrepreneurship class of people who constitute the equal percentage (as the other three categories) of the one sitting online MBA programs.

What they look for?

To get connected internationally, what is a more diverse a platform, than the internet. The global computer network allows students to communicate with fellow students, peers, and mentors. Read: Advantages of Online Education.

Interactive sittings from professors with networking resources, provide the same platform as any other full-time students situated regionally.

The reasons to opt for an online MBA program include:

1. The affordability factor is minimized here. Opportunity cost gets reduced when it comes to an online MBA course. 

Online students can study while they are working, and this is an excellent opportunity for students looking to gain knowledge. 

2. Online MBA programs offer time-flexibility. You can study anywhere and at any time. 

What people search for is a program that would fit well with their hectic work schedule, family commitments, and other responsibilities. The online MBA program ticks the checklist here. 

3. Individually, professionally and financially rewarding subject programs that fit well with their time and monetary restrictions.

Advantages of Merit Points

The advantages of an online MBA course are parallel to a full-time direction.

  • A recent Princeton Review reports that at more than 75 B-schools, about 34% of the students received a promotion while earning their online MBA. These programs offer an open path to senior positions in an organization’s hierarchical structures. 
  • Report from the 2018 Financial Times Online MBA rankings also structured a salary hike for an average 32% Online MBA graduates post degree.
  • Evident changes when compared with previously offered courses which lacked interaction and were more self inclusive. With the  technological advances they make the course more interactive and engaging than ever before.

Getting an online MBA from an international university has all the benefits which one can perceive. 

More than academics, a development in knowledge, network and quality of the industry is evident from international courses.

Benefits of the Online MBA Program

If for an entrepreneurial motivation with broad ways of business skill or acumen for career growth, the course has the structure. Combining knowledge and skills, the MBA course with whatever your requirement.

  1. Learning distantly will help you prioritize work and education without eliminating one or overshadowing the other. You won’t have to leave one or juggle between your family and their work or the hectic schedule of office hours to fit in the timing offered by a full-time course.
  2. An online course will provide you with assignments to get involved in class discussions and individual assessment on every course that the program offers.
  3. It helps you get a more in-depth insight into different aspects of international business. You will acquire knowledge covering the general principles of business administration at the comfort of your schedule.
  4. The global aspect of your career path will rise by projecting a bigger picture on knowledge perspective. Different perspectives on various matters will shape fruitful responses in matters of administration.
  5. The international aspect of the management policies in an organization and the principles of industries will add substance to your resume.
  6. Certain criticism is associated with limited networking advantages in online programs that are offered. This is getting eliminated with the introduction of sophisticated programs from institutions worldwide.


The flexible and remote working culture online is considered to be the future of the workplace, and an online study is a perfect boost to support this culture.

The rising industrial standards are motivating employers to look for more disciplined and organized professionals a range of skill sets that they can apply in their day-to-day work. 

If you are keen on upgrading your career with an Executive MBA course, upGrad is offering MBA from Liverpool Business School. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus Executive MBA programs across the globe.

Learn MBA Courses from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

How does an online MBA from an international university operate?

An online MBA from an international university combines a package of benefits. It provides online classes, interactive coursework, and networking opportunities. An online MBA covers a curriculum that is delivered through live classes or recorded classes. You can choose your specialisation. You can be physically present in any part of the world. You have to make your submissions online. You can also have access to industry experts online. Networking across cultures is an opportunity for students. You will also get opportunities to partake in class discussions from time to time.

What are the main advantages of completing your online MBA from an international university?

One of the main advantages of an online MBA is that you can continue working and reduce your opportunity cost. You can use this excellent opportunity of gaining knowledge at your convenience of time. You can suit your schedule, create your own time management, and complete the requirements laid out by your institute. The global aspect of your journey rises immediately with such an experience. This also elevates the weightage on your resume thereby opening doors to global career opportunities and higher salaries in the long run.

Which online course can I look at?

There are many online MBA courses from international universities. You have to carefully make your selection. Firstly, you should short-list the country of your preference. You can also consider upGrad institute that offers a powerful MBA course from Australia based Deakin Business School. It also offers an MBA from the UK based Liverpool Business School. You can make your selection as per your preference. You can finalise your global MBA program, fill up the application form, and register for the course.

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