How to Add Two Numbers in Java?

Given below is the flowchart depicting the addition of two numbers. The process is very simple. We are supposed to input two numbers and add them up. Save the answer in Sum and display the result.

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Now we will take the next jump and see two programs for the addition of two numbers in Java. In the first example, we assign a value of the two numbers within the code. The second program takes the two numbers passed by the user and displays the sum.

How To Add Two Numbers In Java?

In Java, adding two numbers requires adding two integers and printing the result. Adding two numbers in the Java programming language is straightforward; let’s look at the algorithm.


Below mentioned is the most basic algorithm for the addition of two numbers in Java :

  • Introduce two variables.
  • Set some values as initial values for the variables.
  • Set up a second variable to hold the total of the numbers.
  • Add two values together using the plus (+) operator in mathematics, then save the outcome.

Sum Of Two Numbers Using Method

Here are two methods to add two numbers in Java:

  • Using sum() method
  • Using User-defined method

sum() method

sum() is a function available in the integer class. Given below is a simple Java program to add two numbers using the sum() method.

Example code:

class AddTwoNumbers


    public static void main(String args[])   


        int m = 1, m = 2, x = 3, y = 4, reqsum1, req_sum2;    

        reqsum1=Integer.sum(m, n);  

        System.out.println(“Given sum of m and n is: ” +req_sum1);    

       reqsum2=Integer.sum(x, y);  

        System.out.println(“Given sum of x and y is: ” +req_sum2);  




Given sum of m and n is: 3

Given sum of x and y is: 7

User-defined method

The user can read input in Java and enter two numbers. Next, they will send it to the user-defined method sum().

The Java program to add two numbers using a user-defined method is implemented below.

Class AddTwoNumbers


    public static void main(String args[])  


        int a, b, req_sum;  

        Scanner sc = new Scanner(;  

        a = sc.nextInt();  

        b = sc.nextInt(); 

        req_sum = final_sum(a, b);  

        System.out.println(“Sum of numbers ” + a + ” and ” + b + ” is: ” +reqsum );  


    public static int final_sum(int m, int n)  


        int final_sum = m + n;  

        return final_sum;  



Sum Of 3 Numbers

The sole difference between the sum of three numbers and the sum of two numbers is that there are three variables in this case.

Sum Of N Numbers 

This method of figuring out the sum of ‘N’ numbers is more inclusive. Below is the general algorithm to find the sum of ‘N’ numbers in Java.

  • The number of integers to be added, N, should be initialised.
  • The loop will repeat N times and prompt the user for input, or it may not, depending on how the loop is initialised.
  • Put the sum of each input’s values into a variable.
  • Once all iterations have been completed, print the sum value.

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Example 1: Finding the sum of two numbers


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If we observe in the above-given program, we’ll find out that the values of the numbers are specified in the program.

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Example 2: Use of Scanner to compute the sum of two numbers

What is a scanner?

The scanner helps us to capture the input given by the user so that the values of the two numbers can be obtained from the user. Then, the program computes the sum and shows it as output.

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If we see in the above program, we’ll find that at the end of the program, both the numbers are required to be furnished by the user and then the sum is calculated and displayed at the end.

Third Example: Sum of two numbers Using command line arguments 

The aforementioned method is not the only way to add two numbers. You can add two number using command line arguments as well. Check out the program given below to learn and understand how to add two numbers with command line arguments:

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Output :

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If you want to learn how to add two numbers in Java, you can use the aforementioned methods. There are other methods as well that you can use to do the same, like Using Buffered Reader, Using Method, Without Using Addition+ Operator, & Using Classes and Objects.

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