7 Technologies That Changed The World


Is Technology a boon or bane? This has been a controversial theme for decades. While some argue that technology is negatively impacting society, we cannot entirely negate the positive outcomes of technology. Even though technology has brought about adverse effects like violence, behavioural issues, climate change, etc., it has also significantly transformed our lives. For instance, if it was not for technology, you wouldn’t even be reading this article online. This blog discusses various technologies that have made a positive impact on society.

How Has Technology Changed The World?

In the last two decades, technological advancement has benefited almost every sector. However, there have been remarkable changes in some fields like Media and communication, climate, and healthcare.

In Media and Communication, the rise of social media platforms has had far-reaching effects. It has allowed people to stay connected with each other through phone calls and video calls. Technical tools enable companies to interact with their customers, understand consumer behaviour and provide better products and services.

With every passing year, the climate change struggle is becoming more real. Therefore, the majority of the world’s companies are taking action for sustainable development goals. Companies invest billions of dollars in infrastructure projects and new technologies that will help to slow down climate change. Many startups are focusing on carbon capture technology that aims to reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the air.

The integration of technology in the health sector like X-ray machines, monitors and surgical equipment helps in the timely and efficient treatment of fatal diseases. It has reduced the mortality rate.

Technologies That Have Changed The World

The Interplay of Science and Technology has a deep-rooted impact on society. Almost everything around us, including home appliances, infrastructure, automotive, health equipment, educational tools, all are made available to us through technological means. Here are some remarkable technologies that have played a crucial role in changing the world for the better.

1. Internet of Things:-

IoT is an integration of sensors, software and other technical tools. It facilitates communication, connectivity and data exchange across different servers. In simple terms, things connected to the Internet are called IoT. The best examples of IoT devices are smartwatches, home security systems, wi-fi, smart fire extinguishers, automatic cars and AI home appliances, all of which have made our lives easier.

2. Artificial Intelligence:- 

AI machines understand human behaviour and actions and perform similar tasks in the same situations. It includes chatbots, self-driving cars, maps, facial recognition apps, and autocorrect features. AI technology has made everyday tasks quicker and easier. This technology also helps differently-abled to perform daily tasks with ease.

3. Drones:- 

During wars and natural calamities, rescue teams use drones to deliver essential items like food and water supplies to the victims. Farmers use drones to monitor their crops and agricultural lands remotely. They also are handy tools for geo-mapping, surveying land, and monitoring forest reserves for wildlife preservation. Many eCommerce businesses across the world are also using drones to deliver customer packages.

4. Videoconferencing:- 

Our lives have drastically changed after the introduction of videoconferencing technology. We can connect with anyone at any place in the world. It has made communication easy, especially during the pandemic where video calling was the only option that allowed us to connect with people. 

5. Virtual Reality:- 

Another technology that has a significant impact on society is virtual reality. In the business sector, virtual reality tools help customers view goods from a 360-degree angle and make better choices. Also, many ed-tech startups are using virtual reality technology to explain practical concepts to children. It helps children to understand better.

6. Data Science:- 

As they say, data is the new oil. It has become an integral part of our lives. Organisations use various technologies and methods to filter relevant data and analyse the data to prepare relevant statistics. This is known as data science. All statistics and figures that we can read today are because of data science. At a large scale, data science helps countries monitor their growth and development, allows the authorities to take necessary measures in a particular sector, and allows countries to compare their growth.

7. Cloud Services:- 

Data Breach is a grave concern for the world economy. Every year companies lose billions in data breach incidents. Cloud services help mitigate such losses. These platforms have several high-security levels that protect data. Cloud computing services are beneficial for both companies and individuals. It enables people to securely store tons of data on a single server and access it across different platforms. Cloud computing services are also efficient and cost-friendly. It saves businesses from loads of paperwork by providing all data at a single and secured platform.

How Can You Build A Career In The Technology Sector?

The technological sector is evolving each day. There is an increasing need for skilled individuals to perform various functions like Blockchain development, data analytics, software development, programming, and more. At present, it is one of the most rewarding fields. If you are interested in coding languages, data, machine learning, and related things, you must consider pursuing a career in the technological sector.

It is necessary to plan every step while building your career in any field. If you are planning to join the technology sector, the first step is learning. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering. However, if you are a working professional, the best option is to enroll in comprehensive online technical certificate or degree courses that offer an in-depth understanding of technical subjects.

The next and the most crucial step is the practical applicability of all the learning you have gained. Working on real projects would help you acquire skills. The more projects or assignments you take up, the more you learn.

Additionally, you can also connect with IT professionals, data scientists, engineers, developers so that you gain industry learning from their experiences.

If you are looking for online degree courses that can help you acquire skills and add value to your CV, you can read more about upGrad online courses.

For tech-enthusiasts, the three best courses on upGrad are – 

  1. The Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science:- This course is in association with IIIT Bangalore. It will help you learn basic programming languages and tools such as python programming, MySQL, Machine Learning algorithms, Statistics, and more.
  2. The Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics:- This course helps you learn core management skills that can be applied in the supply chain, operations, HR, finance, marketing, and economics. After completing this program, you will get an AICTE Approved MBA (Executive) Degree from NMIMS Global Access. Even if you want to pursue your career in the technological field, this course will help you learn the intricacies of business management and analytics that are crucial for every sector.
  3. The Master of Science in Computer Science Programme:- This program is offered in association with Liverpool John Moores University and IIIT Bangalore. It will help you gain in-depth knowledge of software development with Java and Python. After completing this course, you can apply for various positions in IT like Full-stack Software Developer, IoT, Data Engineer, and Blockchain Developer.

With all these courses, upGrad offers mentorship sessions with industry experts, boot camps, complimentary programs, and 360-degree career support. You also get a chance to work on plenty of practical projects that will enhance your skills and help you secure jobs.


The fourth industrial revolution is already impacting the world on a large scale. There will be a tremendous rise in the demand for engineers, software developers, data scientists, data analysts, and people performing similar roles in a few years.

Therefore, to adapt to the changing times and secure your career in the future, it is best to pursue courses that will help you learn relevant technical skills desired by most companies.

What is the fourth industrial revolution?

The fourth industrial revolution is an integration of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and other advanced technologies. It has a significant impact on nearly all life processes.

Will artificial intelligence and other technologies replace human jobs?

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence automate processes, are efficient, and deliver more accurate results. It is expected that some technologies may replace human jobs. However, it will not wipe out such jobs that are impossible to perform without human intervention. The advancement of technology will also create several job opportunities.

What are the crucial technical skills that one must acquire?

Some relevant technical skills you can acquire are computer programming, data analysis and management, research and compilation, project management, web analytics, AI, and several others.

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