10 best leadership courses of 2024

Every managerial role available in today’s world requires leadership capabilities. No organization would want to hire unskilled leaders in senior-level management and supervisory positions. 

It is of paramount importance that you pursue the best leadership course available in the market today if you want to secure such a high level and we’ll paying job in any company.

Presently, online courses have taken over traditional modes of education, and there are many well-curated leadership courses associated with top global universities.

The top online ten leadership courses for 2024

This Professional Certificate in Effective Management and Leadership is a global degree and a well-known online course offered by Michigan State University. This university has been ranked as the 32nd best among the leading Management universities in the USA by the world and News Report of 2021.

The syllabus of this Global and Professional Certificate in Effective management and Leadership is made in a way that helps in enlightening the students and learners with management skills, advanced management theories, analytical skills, and much more. It combines the best-crafted content by industry experts with live sessions and instructive videos delivered by top instructors.

  1. MBA in Leadership and Strategy (Liverpool Business School, John Moores University)  

This master’s degree in management strategy and leadership is another global certification. It is spread over 20 months online and is curated specially for working people. This leadership program is for working professionals, entrepreneurs, or small business owners who don’t have the time to attend tedious and lengthy classes. This course is an ideal match for anyone who does not want to leave their work and still wants to increase their advanced Management and leadership knowledge.

This course has a unique syllabus dealing with the specialization in leader’s strategy. They have the best-in-class course content, which industry experts and top faculty prepare. Masters in this industry prepare and upload lectures for students to help them gain expertise. This course includes more than ten capstone projects based on Harvard Case Studies and other study materials. It includes a week-long immersion program that allows students to visit the university campus too!  

The Illinois State University provides this global certificate program under the Urbana-Champaign program, an integral part of their popular iMBA degree program. This program teaches all the practical strategies that help students become effective institutional leaders. Students also get to learn all the business fundamentals that, in turn, effectively allow them to lead people teams and help them in managing organizations. They are taught to use organizational designs and operate analyzing tools that analyze business competition and complex situations and devise and formulate implementable strategies within a business and across different companies’ portfolios.

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There are seven specializations provided in this course. Each of these specializations covers human resource fundamentals, strategic building, and organizational foundations to create and encapture value for sustainable and a competitive advantage for the business. The following are the seven specializations:

This is another Masters in Business Leadership that is a global program offered by the University of Queensland. This is an intelligently crafted course to bridge the gap in knowledge tha exists between academic higher education and the practices in the workplace. This course is well designed and prepares well-trained emerging and experienced leaders who can face the challenges and complexities of modern business surroundings. This program propels all the learners to an upper level, allowing them to understand their inbuilt leadership temperaments and empowering them with the skill and knowledge to act as influential leaders.

  1. Online Leadership courses at Harvard:

This is an excellent choice for developing an aspirant’s leadership skills. Offered by the famous Harvard University on the Harvard Business online School website or even on the Harvard Extension school’s official website, this course provides a plethora of leadership and management courses that help emerging leaders and mid-level managers become better leaders in their respective organizations. 

Ideally crafted for C-suite managers, mid-level executives, and business owners, this popular online leadership degree focuses on improving an aspirant’s marketing, finance, and leadership knowledge to help them manage their business better. Joining this course helps improve a manager’s leadership and communication skills, strategy and decision-making, and practical problem-solving skills. This course speeds up to all the latest and the best industry insights. Students learn about different managerial and accounting topics, such as cash flows, balance sheets, income statements, valuation of money, and cost accounting. This course is imparted through live online classes that include direct interaction with faculty. 

This course is crafted by experienced faculty from Oxford University. This comprehensive certification focuses on training you in all the leadership techniques to help you lead your organization better. The course covers many learning modules on effective leadership, dealing with power and influence, etc. Professor Tim Morris, a leading international management expert, has designed this course. 

This course helps you develop data-driven and customer-centric leadership strategies. It shapes you into a manager who’ll help your organization to thrive in the competitive market. This comprehensive course prepares you to catalyze business developments, adapt to modern business analytics, and create exceptional client experiences. 

In this age of business breakdown, here’s a fantastic leadership course curated and crafted by none other than the CEO of Disney itself. This world-famous entrepreneur named Bob Iger teaches learners to become great leaders and be an asset to their employer companies. This stalwart has led Walt Disney to the absolute peak of success and turned it into a world-class brand that started getting admiration worldwide. He spent more than 45 years in the media industry, and when it comes to an understanding of what is required to find the leader in oneself, there’s no better instructor than Bob! His course efficiently teaches aspirants to put their leadership skills into their organization’s favor. His lessons exemplify how he helped Disney acquire Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas films, making it one of the most successful entertainment and media-based companies. In this fantastic course, he has honestly shared all his experiences and learnings that are perfect for helping you in becoming great leaders.

If you are keen to build upon your leadership skills at every angle while ensuring stable growth for your current employer organization, this certificate course can provide the much-needed impetus to your career. On pursuing this course, you’ll learn about the core business competencies like marketing, finance, change management, and systems thinking. It is perfect for management professionals and executives aspiring to deepen their organizational and leadership skills. 

Apart from these courses, upGrad’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Liverpool Business School is a fantastic choice for professionals seeking to upskill and heighten their career prospects. This course gives you a specialization in leadership techniques and managerial skills. Curated by industry experts, it is a total game-changer concerning its syllabus, quizzes, and study material.

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upGrad is a platform that consists of a giant global learner base with 40,000+ subscribers. It is spread across approximately 90 countries. Every learner gets 360-degree assistance with career prospects and dedicated support throughout the course. In addition, there are engaging and live interaction sessions delivered by skilled mentors. Students also indulge in peer learning opportunities that expose them to new ideas and opportunities.

Why are leadership courses necessary?

Traditional management courses may be insufficient to tap your true leadership potential. Pursuing a specific leadership course helps you become more efficient as a manager or an executive in your company.

Are online leadership courses expensive?

The fees of online leadership courses depend on the curriculum and sponsoring University. You can always avail scholarships based on your merit to meet the course expenses.

Are online leadership courses better than traditional offline ones?

The main benefit of any online course over a traditionally imparted offline period is the time and space convenience. Online courses are more accommodative for working professionals who can't leave their jobs. There is no need to travel or physically shift to a location to pursue online leadership courses.

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